Every parent knows that Graco is a recognizable and trustworthy brand that has designed all its products with safety in mind.

The Graco 4ever all in one and convertible car seats do feature some few models in its lineup. Graco did plan on bringing a product in the market that will serve parents right from the birth of their young ones through to their child transitioning into riding inside the car without a seat.

With that being said, let’s get rolling with our Graco 4ever Car Seat Review!

However, for some kids, this could take up to the age of ten. When your kid is moving from rear-facing infant to a forward-facing toddler and into an older child in the booster seat, these products will last them right from the start of the car seat need until the child outgrows the safety seat.

The car seats are not that expensive that they cannot be afforded by most of the families but for sure they do cost enough for one to be moved into carrying research before making any form of investment. Since each of the seats is from a similar line, they will be fairly similar with some minor and major differences and upgrades.

Our Top 5 Picks of Graco 4ever Car Seat

  • Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat
  • Graco 4Ever DLX Platinum 4-in-1 Car Seat
  • Graco 4ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat
  • Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit Platinum 4-in-1 Car Seat
  • Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

So, Let’s Read more about this review and get a better understanding of why you should get the Graco 4ever Car Seat. In this review, we’ve included various in-depth evaluations.

Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat

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Let’s start our Graco 4ever Car Seat Review with this baby car seat details.

The Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat is a Graco’s version of an all in one seat that features up to four-seat configurations that grow with your kid from birth forward. It does not have any extra legroom feature in these models and does come with a 10-position headrest and an easy to adjust harness and SimplySafe.

The Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat is not short of the extras on this seat as it comprises of dual cup holders, can recline into six different positions, uses a machine-washable fabric and has harness storage. The seat also comes with a Graco True shield Technology with side protection and advanced core.

The rear-facing configuration can allow kids who weigh up to 40 pounds while the forward-facing configuration does allow bigger and older kids to face forward safely.  It also comes with a high back booster configuration which can allow the older child to be safe and secure when they are buckled in the five-point harness.

Its backless booster configuration does allow any child who has outgrown the harness but does not meet the riding without safety standard to sit comfortable and secure in the booster.

Most of the parents and families alike are known to love this car seat since it is a one and done seat up. Its seat will be installed in your car and it cannot be removed unless when moving to another vehicle or when using a new configuration seat.

If these downsides aren’t critical for you though, then maybe this is the best Graco 4ever Car Seat for your needs!


  • One will only invest in a single seat right from the birth till the child turns into an adult
  • It is very easy to use as it uses simple technology for restraining in the vehicle
  • Comes with dual cup holders and storage space in the armrest


  • It has only been crashing tested with dual cup holders in place
  • It is not removable to use an infant carrier

Graco 4Ever DLX Platinum 4-in-1 Car Seat

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The Graco 4Ever DLX Platinum 4-in-1 Car Seat has been made with lots of precision in place to ensure the child’s safety. The foam which has been used in the car seat is certified and the best for young kids. The seat is also padded all round and does have a very elegant look. This amazing car seat is well made to fit into your luxury car ensuring it blends in well if not enhancing its look.

It also comes with an adjustable harness, conversion option and removable positions. This seats’ durability will never be wasted on your kids growing up. One can also use the forward-facing and rear-facing booster which makes this seat last for years even more than what you initially planned for.

The majority of the customers do found this convertible seat very promising especially when going for longer journeys. They can also carry their kids around using this car seat and even travel by plane when there are on long flights and the baby will always have a comfortable and peaceful sleep all the time.

The Graco 4Ever DLX Platinum 4-in-1 Car Seat is also known to be of A-grade when it comes to comfort. This car seat has been tested and certified of shock absorption from the sides and front. It does have a harness that snugs the small kids tightly keeping them safe during most of the misfortunate times.

By using a safe adjustable harness system, it is possible to adjust the car seat height to 10 positions. It means that safety has been made a priority and it is also customizable for all the kids no matter what their size is. It is also easy to install and can get fixed into the lace very well.

Its exclusive right latch attachment, however, is not that simple to use but does make a very audible sound so you are in a position of telling when you have securely tightened the child into the car seat and that you are now good to go.


  • It is very safe to use
  • Have a number of adjustment options for harness
  • It is easy to wash and clean
  • It is travel-friendly
  • Has a four in one usage
  • Can be used for up to 10 years


  • It is somewhat pricy
  • Does take more space than the ordinary convertible car seats

Graco 4ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

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The Graco 4ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat was made to last your child from birth to when he or she no longer needs a safety seat. It is available in all color patterns and options, made using quality fabric and adjustability which makes it look nice. It is a very versatile car seat that can easily adapt to every stage of your kid’s lifestyle.

It comprises two cup holders that have solid bottoms ensuring the kids do have their drinks and snacks close while moving. This is one thing that can come in handy when your child starts growing up and you at times start hearing, “I am hungry”.  They also come with extra space for storing small toys and crayons.  You will never have any trouble or difficulty in removing them for cleaning.

A good number of parents do think that they are easy to remove. This car seat is machine washable and drip dry. It does have a solid cover hence one can remove only the part that requires cleaning the most. It does come with a removable head/body support cushion for the newborns. Just like the other types of convertibles, it is also washable and will not only serve as a portable infant car seat nor will it just fit on the strollers. It was made to stay inside the car at all times.

One good this about the Graco 4ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is that one does not have to remove the harness when they are switching to booster mode. All they have to do is tuck the harness in the in-built cubby despite it having a pretty small compartment. It is also very easy to convert to a backless booster.

The Graco 4ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is also a perfect option for overall safety including its ability to use Latch in the booster mode. It is also easy to install when it is in all the modes.  One might have little trouble when trouble fitting it into a sporty car that has bucket seats due to the width of its base. Its belt path has all been clearly labeled and is color-coded making it easy for one to figure out things without having to seek help all the time.


  • It is very easy to install
  • Has a three-part cover for easy washing and removal
  • The Latch is available for booster mode
  • Comes with twp removable cup holders


  • It is very heavy especially when in rear-facing mode
  • It is not that easy to remove the harness for easy cleaning

Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit Platinum 4-in-1 Car Seat

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The Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit Platinum 4-in-1 Car Seat is a pretty large seat when compared to other types of a seat in the market. It has enough space for a child as it measures 21.30 inches in length by 26.14 inches in height. However, fitting this car seat inside a car can be a bit difficult if one has more than one child.

Its five-point harness is one it’s the best inventions of this car seat. It has a strap over each shoulder, another on each side of the waist and one last in between the legs of the baby guaranteeing your baby will remain snuggly when inside the seat.

Another feature that comes with this car seat is that it has a simple safe adjust harness that adjusts the seat to the height of the headrest and harness for one quick motion. Its base does come with a level to help in ensuring it fits correctly for your car seat base and car.

The majority of the car seats do stay forever in one recline position although this car seat does have six other recline positions and a footrest that can extend out for an extra five inches when it is in the rear position.

The Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit Platinum 4-in-1 Car Seat does have sparse color options. One can either opt for the black and dark grey or light grey mixed with black. There is also not a lot of creativity with the patterns of this car seat. This car seat does not even provide a brown version of the tan interiors.


  • Have up to 6 recline positions
  • Rear-facing can hold up to 50 pounds
  • One can easily access the belt path
  • Comes with two cup holders
  • Has a washable cover


  • It is a stationary seat that just stays inside the car

Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

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The Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat is best suited for starting as it has been made with precision that will help in ensuring your kid’s safety. The type of foam used in this car seat has been certified and is one of the best for the young kids.

This car seat has also been padded all round and does have an elegant look.  This car seat also been made to fit into your luxury car and does blend in and enhances its look.

It has an adjustable harness, a conversion option, and a removable position. The durability of this seat will never go to waste as your little kid will grow with it. You can use both its forward-facing and rear-facing booster. It does come with 6 different recline positions that help in ensuring perfect comfort for both you and kid.

Most of the parents who opt for this car seat have been pleased with how promising it looks and the level of comfort it offers of long journeys. It is possible to move around with your child in this car seat.


  • It is very easy to clean and dries up quickly
  • It is very safe to use
  • Have a number of adjustment options for the harness
  • Capable of lasting for a pretty long time
  • It is travel-friendly


  • A bit expensive when compared to other car seats

Let’s Watch the Graco 4ever Car Seat Video Review:


There you have our Graco 4ever Car Seat Review!

Each of the above Graco 4ever car seats has been tested for a broad height and age range for infants, toddlers, and grown-up kids. They all come with great extras that any parent and child will enjoy using.

What about you? Has our Graco 4ever Convertible Car Seat Review helped you make a purchase decision?

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