Hello I am Roland Martin, You are welcome to my Small Inflatables Master Blog. Here i am sharing my all of experience and some of product review. Let’s start a simple shistory that why i start to wright blog.

A Simple History 🙂

About 5 years ago I started my fishing journey. Besides I am an expert on Inflatables Manufacture. I have 3 years of experience on Inflatable, I am a paddleboard designer. Especially I feel comfortable designing inflatable paddleboard. Slowly I also start designed inflatable boat, kayak, float tubes, and so on. Than 5 years ago I left my job and started to fishing. Its my big hobby. summer to winter ocean, lakes and ice allover i tried to catch fish and still i am a professional fisherman.

Okay, Let’s know why i make this inflatables master blog?

When I started my fishing journey, I feel that i need every fishing gear to make me a professional fisherman. I started to collect continuously. But I could select proper and perfect gear for me which is made by inflatable manufacture because I know everything about it. But, I realized that huge people are disappointed to buy inflatable fishing products and other gears. Because they have to know idea.

For Example, Some Days Ago I was starting to finding fishing waders for me. First of all, I tried to search on local market but i found some fishing waders which is not perfect for surf fishing or lakes. than i start to collect different types of waders and when i could select proper waders than i made content about it. its a simple example. Still, I am trying to review all the fishing gears and outdoors gears which i am using with well researched.

So now I can build my inflatablesmaster.com and trying to share my all experience and review here. I hope you find it helpful and informative.  Stay tuned for something really great! 🙂 Check our blog and reviews!  Thanks for visiting 🙂!

Roland Martin

best wishes to you and your family

Roland Martin

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