About Us

My name is Ian. I’m a passionate boating and fishing enthusiast and as a retiree, a few years ago I decided to learn how to write a blog about my fishing adventures. I started small and really only had people in my local boat club taking any interest. Over time I became aware that most boaties didn’t know much about what they were buying and often would complain about product quality. Inflatables seemed to be the most talked about.

The word got around that I had some manufacturing experience in inflatables. To me, it was pretty simple what to look out for but for most, it wasn’t so I expanded my blog to include advice on inflatable products.

In 2017 I was approached by a friend of a friend who built websites and asked if I would like a dedicated website that provided advice on purchasing Inflatable Boats.  I wasn’t all that interested, to be frank, but after a while, I agreed to simply continue my blogging on this website and he would do all the technical stuff.

Given much of my career is centred around the manufacturing of inflatable products it was easy for me to assess manufacturer products for quality and value for money. So that’s why we haven’t just included boats but a range of inflatable products.

We now have a small dedicated and the very capable team constantly researching and reviewing inflatable products and creating articles. But I always take the time to discuss any findings and review any articles before they are published.

Well, there you have it. What started small has evolved into one of the most trusted independent Inflatable Product Review sites in the world. A satisfying achievement for me and knowing I’m helping readers with good advice is what it is all about.