Advanced Elements Advancedframe Kayak Review 2022

Welcome you all in our today’s Advanced Elements Advancedframe Kayak Review. You will get every detail about Advancedframe Sports Kayak by Advanced Elements.

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The AdvancedFrame Sports Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements is a lightweight and compact version of the favourite AdvancedFrame kayak (but except the ability to accept a spray skirt).

When the chambers are inflated, these ribs are pressed against the outer cover and form a super high-performance bow and stern that rival the tracking of a hard-shell day touring kayak yet still folds up compactly!

Advanced Elements Advancedframe Kayak Review

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The kayak Advanced Frame Sports Kayak by Advanced Elements is a lightweight and compact version of the favourite AdvancedFrame kayak. It “sports” a large cockpit opening for easy entry and exit options for you. The exactly proven aluminium ribs in the bow and stern provide increased paddling performance in this sporty new design!

The built-in ribs are nicely made of high-grade aluminium, it allows the bow to slice through the water like a knife. The stern acts as like a skeg, which increases the tracking performance. When the chambers are inflated, these ribs are pressed against the outer cover and form a super high-performance bow and stern which rival the tracking of a hard-shell day touring kayak yet still folds up compactly!

From our Advanced Elements Advancedframe Kayak Review, you will get to know that the AdvancedFrame kayak is nicely manufactured from incredibly durable materials and super high-end components. There is plenty of onboard storage space behind the seat and on the decks for you. Its installation few time and it is compact enough to take along for an adventure anywhere you like. The foldable kayak is nicely durable double-coated fabric, heavy-duty PVC material, and electronically welded seams can take bumps and scrapes as well as rough water.

advanced elements advanced frame kayak review-1

advanced elements advancedframe kayak review-1

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If you love the water but like to travel light, then this sleek compact foldable kayak will add a new dimension to your outdoor adventures. From lakes, or mild rivers, to bays and estuaries, it is highly delight to get on the water quickly; try to keep it deflated in the trunk of your car and the next time you’re driving along a river, lake or bay wherever you want, you can also be fishing or paddling in just minutes! This foldable kayak is the exact watercraft for campers, Rovers, travellers or for those who don’t want the hassle of roof racks! The duffle bag is included!

Features include according to advanced elements advancedframe kayak review:

Some of the excellent features of AdvancedFrame Sports Kayak by Advanced Elements are as follows::

  • The Rigid-formed Bow and its Stern w/Aluminum rib
  • This Includes hefty duffle carrying bag.
  • New & Adjustable, a higher-backed seat for more support and comfort for you.
  • New & Redesigned d-rings are really easier to use.
  • New & 1 PSI Pressure release valve that is built into floor bladder.
  • New & Velcro paddle holders for you.
  • The Tracking Fin
  • The military-style Air Valve (1) as well as Twistlok valves (3)
  • It is molded low-profile rubber handles
  • It has Durable double-coated PVC-coated nylon w/tarpaulin fabric
  • This contains Electronically Welded Seams
  • It includes Neoprene knuckle guards
  • This kayak got Bungee Deck Lacing to hold extra gear
  • Open cockpit design and dimension is 24×42 inches
  • Dimensions are Length 10.5 ft, width 32 inches
  • Interior seating area around 56 x 18 inches
  • Weight is 26 lbs, max load 250 lbs
  • Folded size is 30 x 17 x 8 inches
  • Advanced inflation including new TwistLok valves and a high flow Spring Valve! It Fits most standard pumps without an adaptor!
  • It has the facility of easy storage, portable, packs into convenient duffle bag easily
  • This is Durable, light in weight and compact and inflates in minutes!
  • This is designed to be used in flat water to salt water.
  • This comes with seat, carrying case, maintenance kit and instructions accordingly.
  • New w/manufacturer’s warranty is offered also.


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Important Assurance for You:

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there is a lot of excellent extra assurance that you should know by our advanced elements advanced frame kayak review. These are discussed below:

  • This is a kayak specially designed to perform in universal water conditions. It is Roomy, comfortable, and lightweight
  • This is proven aluminum bow and stern ribs provide extra increased paddling performance, it has easy movement & control facilities under all conditions
  • It has the quick set up time, this is fast to inflate and deflate, it is lightweight 26 lbs., this is designed for 1 person, maximum weight of up to 250 lbs
  • There is a large cockpit area for easy entry and exit. It has 4 air chambers
  • The Paddles are similar to a rigid hard shell kayak. This is Compact, no roof rack needed, packs in the trunk of your car easily.

Specifications in Brief:

This kayak is Inflatable for easy transport and storage to pull up to a put-in spot, roll it out then inflate it, and easy go Designed to endure the many obstacles of boating as it’s made of durable PVC Tarpaulin with 1000D polyester reinforcements for abrasion of defying durability;

The three layers for puncture resistance is Built-in aluminium ribs define the bow and stern and improve the tracking without weight penalties. You have to Make sure you’re comfortable so you can easily transfer power in the supportive as well as padded, and adjustable seat Keep snacks, a foot pump, and extra clothing as this boat boasts large storage capacity.

Above and below the deck Advanced inflation valves are very easy to operate and keep air locked in that Comes with a carrying duffel bag, a set of repair kit, and owner’s manual Specifications: Weight is 26 pounds Length is 10 ft 5 in Width is 2 ft 8 in Maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds Folded dimensions are 30 x 17 x 8 inches Material is PVC Tarpaulin with 1000 Denier Polyester.


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Getting Started with the AdvancedFrame Sports Kayak:

The box as you will receive weighs 34.4 lbs, its measuring is 32 x 18 x 11 inches. Inside, the rugged carrying case measures are 30 x 18 x 10 inches and houses the kayak body, seat, repair kit and instructions manual. The kayak folded size is around 30 x17 x 10 inches.

The kayak body and seat in the case weigh exactly 28 lbs, while the kayak and seat alone are only 26 lbs. The case has enough room to include a small pump with a breakdown paddle (which is not included).

AirKayaks special note:

Take a deep good look at how the kayak is folded BEFORE setting up, this will help you during the breakdown. You will find the instructions in a small plastic pocket inside the carrying case.

AdvancedFrame Kayak Setup:

We have re-acquainted ourselves with the kayak by reading the given updated manual. This also has evolved over the years and offers natural explanations of inflation, usage, refolding, etc.

First of all, you have to unfold the kayak. The AdvancedFrame includes an “inner rib” in the bow and stern, that is a u-shaped aluminium rib, about a foot long and one-half inch wide.

This comes with “pre-assembled” meaning it arrives already have inserted into two sleeves inside the kayak cover. Until you remove the inner bladder, they will remain in position. When you pump up the kayak, the inner bladder with rib will press against the kayak cover – that, in conjunction with two bow and stern plastic sheets, give the kayak a sharp silhouette which works in slicing through the water.


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The kayak includes 7 inflation chambers having two military valves and 5 twist-looks. The military-style plunger valves are very simple to use you need to twist one way to inflate and the other to deflate.

The kayak that comes with a screw-on adaptor (you will find it in the repair kit in the mesh pocket behind the seat) which will fit with some pumps based on the hose fittings. Otherwise, a standard Boston valve adaptor will friction fit into the opening system.

You need to pump up the first chamber that is located on the top-rear of the kayak until it begins to fill out. Unlike many other brands, the AdvancedFrame series of kayaks includes an inner and outer chamber, with a floating “interior wall.” By pumping up the first chamber part, you can “center” the inner wall. In this case, we have pumped it up about 30 strokes with a double action hand pump.

After that Pump up the second chamber which is located inside the kayak behind the seat, until firm to touch (2 PSI) – this took us another 25 pumps more. At this point we noticed that the cover was not perfectly centered evenly, so we had to let some air back out, repositioned the main chamber, and pumped it back up. You should Screw on the black wingnut caps so the plungers aren’t accidentally twisted open later.

Next, you should pump up the floor. First, you have to make sure the floor is centered and flat. Using the same Boston valve adaptor (conical nozzle about ½ inch in diameter), you need to fit it OVER the twist lock valve on the floor cushion. Then Pump this up until firm (1 PSI) but there should be slight give when depressed. We have pumped it up about 10 to 12 strokes, at which point we heard a slight hissing sound; the pressure relief valve had kicked in. remember to Twist the valve shut.

Final steps, You have to insert the two plastic sheets into the bow and stern sleeves.

Let’s Watch the Video Review:


  • There is Advanced Elements AdvancedFame Sports kayak.
  • You will get a Carrying bag.
  • You can fold the seat Folding seat.
  • You will get a set of Repair kit.
  • Easy Manual instructions
  • The large cockpit opening is only 61cm x 107cm.
  • The XC design – Inner tube also covers add stiffness and abrasion protection.
  • The Rigid bow & stern –there is a built-in rigid panel define the bow and stern and improve tracking.
  • It is Durable & light –The Unique outer cover provides durability in a lightweight design.
  • It is Easy to set up –TheNew Twistlok valves and high flow Spring valves allow for quick setup time.
  • It is Comfortable –The High support seat provides you comfort for hours of paddling.
  • The Hull design –The Landing plate and tracking fin improve performance.
  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Very easy to transport.


  • You cannot use the bicycle pump to inflate it.
  • Better to use it on a sunny day then stormy one.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Question: Since there is no possibility of a sprayskirt, is there any problem with water coming in when it’s windy and there are lake waves?

Answer: Yes when there are waves it can splash in so be careful.

Question: is this the Best lightweight kayak for solo use on ocean bays and lakes?

Answer: It is light and highly portable for use anywhere on any body of water.

Question: Will this Kayak fit a 6’3″ person?

Answer: Yes, there is plenty of space for your leg.

Final thoughts: All round best inflatable kayak: All round the best choice for an inflatable kayak. This could be a Tip for first-time users, be sure enough to inflate properly, it should be fairly hard and not bend when standing up against a wall.
Also when correctly it is inflated it can be carried like normal yak rigid on the rooftop!
Be careful full cold water will cause under inflation, direct sun hot day can cause over inflation.
You should carry your pump.

So this was all for our today’s Advanced Elements Advancedframe Kayak Review. Hope you like it and we have satisfied you.

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