Advanced Elements Expedition Kayak Review in 2022

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About Advanced Elements Expedition Kayak:

This kayak is designed in California, their goal at Advanced Elements is to develop new and unique paddlesports products which enhance their customers’ outdoor experience. Designing and manufacturing “Inflatable kayaks with cutting-edge technology” and providing excellent customer service is their aim.

The manufacturer is deep-rooted in product development with striving to develop inflatable kayaks, patented technology, iSUPs, and paddlesports accessories which accelerate in performance, quality portability, and quality as well.

If you are a lover of the water, but if you like to travel light, the inflatable Advanced Elements Expedition Elite kayak will surely add a new dimension for your outdoor adventures.

Starting From lakes, and bays mild rivers, and estuaries, it will be a delight for you so that you can get on the water quickly; you have to keep it deflated inside the trunk of your car and the next time when you’re driving along a river, bay or lake, you can also be fishing or paddling in just minutes!

For campers, Rivers, travellers or those that don’t want the hassle of roof racks The Advanced Elements Expedition Elite is the perfect watercraft! The duffle bag is also included!

For a weekend adventure, this kayak is compact enough, within a few minutes this high-pressure kayak sets up, and for extended trips, this kayak has enough of on-board storage! And you’re guaranteed with the comfortable rides during long excursions with the high-backed, rigid lumbar, and adjustable seat,!

This high-pressure kayak’s features including velcro paddle holders and an Ocean Blue diamond ripstop material with orange graphics, a rear integrated storage hatch with rolltop closure and updated d-rings, making it easier to attach and access gear.

Overview of the Kayak:

If you notice attentively, you will see that this kayak does not look like another average inflatable kayak in the market, and for a perfect number of reasons that happen. There is a hybrid mix between a foldable and an inflatable one in the expedition; this means you will get the best of both worlds.

If you want to take long trips and like to spend most of your day out on the water, surely you’re going to fall in love with Advanced Elements Expedition Elite Inflatable Kayak.

With plenty of storage space, this is a 13 feet long inflatable hybrid kayak; this kayak is so perfect for those particular times while you are opting to be away for such a long time. With a carrying capacity of 450 pounds, you will get plenty of room for you, and with all the gear you’ve ever imagined.

It contains an adjustable seat with lumbar support that means the place has a support system for your lower back; rubber handles are also included, mesh pockets, an adjustable foot brace and of course a carrying bag, you will be provided inflatable spray skirts so that it can protect you from the splashing water.

You’ll find a built-in aluminium frame inside the hull which helps to shape the bow and stern for tracking; it also includes a skeg so that it can make monitoring better than ever. You do not need to connect any poles so that they can shape the frame as each other are already connected, it is almost as simple as taking the kayak out of the bag and unfolding it. There is a low center of gravity that adds more stability for you to the vessel.

The high flow spring valves which are made for easy and quick set up takes only around 10 minutes to pump it up completely. Deflation of the kayak becomes faster and more comfortable because of these valves.

If you’re a tall person and looking to get a kayak which fits you or if you would love to have something which resembles a hard shell kayak, this will be sure your go-to choice. Because of its hybrid design and low centre of gravity this kayak is a unique and friendly kayak for the beginners. People say you’ll become into a spokesman for Advanced Elements when you are out paddling with the Expedition, and after trying it, we can see the reason.

Features to be Highlighted:

Hybrid design:

The Hybrid design allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Adjustable seat :

Adjustable seat options for you with the support for your lower back

Space for gear and other accessories :

There are Lots of space for your clothing and other accessories also

Repair kit :

The repair kit is also included for you.

Features in Brief:

Excellent stability and easy paddling  :

There is a Low center of gravity in the design that provides superior durability and easy paddling.

Additional buoyancy and unique kayak shape :

The Nine chambers provide extra resilience and unique kayak shape.

New Advanced inflation :

Simple setup time is allowed by the New Advanced increase with TwistLok valves and high-flow Spring valves. No other special adaptor is needed!

Comfort for hours of paddling :

comfort for hours of paddling is provided by the raised deck and adjustable high-backed, lumbar seat.

Improve tracking :

The bow and stern and improve monitoring is defined by the built-in aluminium ribs define.

High-pressure drop stitch floor :

You can inflate the High-pressure drop stitch floor up to 4-6 PSI

Foot Brace :

There is a Built-in foot brace

Spray skirt :

Inflatable coaming tubes let you use  a spray skirt

Aluminium deck lift:

There is a New aluminium deck lift

Ripstop material:

The material is Diamond ripstop

Folded size :

The Folded size is 31 x 16 x 10 inches.


This kayak Includes carrying maintenance kit, case, seat, instructions, brace.


This kayak is Designed to be used in flat water to salt water. This kayak is good for bays and coastal inland, lakes, rivers and white sea up to Class III.


There are welded seams, neoprene knuckle guard, bungee deck lacing, skeg/tracking fin and D-ring tie downs,Molded rubber handles.


There is a Massive storage behind-the-seat.

Specification of this Kayak:


The kayak is 156 inches in length and 32 inches in width


The weight is 42 pounds

Carrying Capacity:

This kayak can carry up to 450 pounds


Heavy Duty PVC material is used to manufacture this kayak.

So, where should we start with this kayak? This kayak is one of the most fun inflatables we’ve paddled.

Slightly malfunctioning air valves with Hybrid design :

The folding design makes it easy for you so that you can unfold and assemble it. We have collected this kayak, and all kayaks are inflated within 10 minutes after taking it out of the carry bag. You will see that the air valves work right, what you need to do is push them down with your finger, and you will see they’re open.

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We had noticed that sometimes when one pumped too much air, the valves of the kayak would close on themselves; one should make it impossible so that one can inflate it. With a little bit of tinkering, we have figured out that opening the valve ever so slightly, rather than having them fully opened you should fix this issue.

Tracking has never been straighter:

You have to thank the aluminium frame and the skeg; these things make the tracking capabilities of this kayak are incredible. On calm lakes, We’ve been paddling mostly, and we have never encountered any problems while tracking.

For us, this kayak has followed as straight as like a hard shell one. When we have talked to people, who have had the complete opposite experience. One owner told us that whenever he went paddling with his Expedition, the kayak tracked differently, sometimes it would go straight and some other times it would do hard starboard’s all the time.

According to his experience, he would set it up the same way each time whenever he went to the lake, yet it would track different each time. We will never know whether he did original set it up in the right way or not, but the majority of the kayak owners do not have these kinds of issues, including us. This kayak is one of the best tracking inflatable kayaks we have ever tried.

Let’s Enjoy the Video Review:

Spacious enough for tall people:

A common problem tall people most often face with inflatable vessels is they try to fit themselves into them. Usually, there’s not enough room to move in, and you have to end up sitting awkwardly with your knees bent. We have found that this case is not accepted when you have Advanced Elements Expedition kayak.

After all, having plenty of room for storage, this kayak is 13 feet long. You can unzip the deck which makes it easy if you find that entry is a bit tight, even if you’re tall and large it won’t be a problem. This is why tall people praise this boat too much.

We find it easy to put two backpacks under the deck storage without compromising leg room, and also with the bungee cords, we have scope to pack more things onto the kayak if we wanted to.

More to be desired in the Carry bag leaves :

As this kayak comes with a carrying bag, the weight of everything that packed into this bag makes it a little bit uncomfortable to carry. There is just a one-hand suitcase styled handle. We’d love to see a shoulder strap or some backpack straps so that the straps can make it easier for one person to transport it. This is the one-hand handle which works great for short distance, as like getting the kayak starting from your car to the beach, but you won’t be going anywhere further than that unless you’re strongly built like the Hulk.

Advanced Elements Expedition Kayak

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Brief Advantage:

The Portability:

This is a 13-foot hybrid kayak which measures a scant 31″ x 16″ x 10″ when it is deflated and folded. The kayak, repair kit, and adjustable seat fit quickly into the provided duffel bag so that the Expedition can be easily transported from one place to the other.

The Tracking: 

For a single rider, many entry-level models are challenging to keep on track while paddling. There is a tendency to go off course while coasting. The Expedition nothing but has one fin, but the defined, rigid bow and stern improved tracking.

Very Easy set-up:

In a single person watercraft, the Ease of set-up is critical. The Expedition includes high flow Spring valves and twist-look, for quick set up under any conditions.

Very Well designed cockpit: 

Plenty of legroom and has built-in foot braces for improved paddling efficiency are featured in the cockpit features. To add your comfort the seat has lumbar adjustments. Additionally, the front desk can be unzipped to get your legs out of the elements.


You need a watercraft that does not take on water. If you encounter rough weather or choppy water. The Expedition will stay dry in any safe water conditions with the front deck zipped and the optional spray skirt.

Some Pros:

This kayak is a versatile kayak, and it can handle different types of water bodies, and you can use this kayak for different kinds of weather:

  • This kayak is easy to set up
  • This kayak is faster enough than most other inflatable kayaks
  • High-quality material is used in this kayak
  • This kayak has a look of a hard shell kayak
  • This kayak is very durable due to drop stitch material used
  • There is Lumbar support for the seat back
  • Available facility for adjustable foot braces


  • This kayak has less storage space that makes it difficult to accommodate everything for an expedition

Let’s another Video Review:

Final Thoughts:

In this Advanced Elements Expedition Kayak Review, we have provided every single detail for you. If you need any other information regarding the advanced elements expedition kayak review, please feel free to contact us. We are always there for you.

In this Advanced Elements Expedition Kayak Review you will get to know features, specifications, kayak overview, pros, cons, short features including every single detail you need to know.

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