Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat Review [2022]

  • Are you a fishing enthusiast?
  • Do you love going boating with your friends and family?
  • Are your getaways or vacations planned near streams and lakes?

So The Airhead Angler Bay 6 Person Inflatable Boat is only for you. This light-weight, portable boat and super sturdy is easily deflated – inflated, ideal for slow moving streams and lakes and spacious enough so that it can accommodate your Friends & Family, and even your enthusiastic pet. Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat Review will give you all information in below.

Product Overview:

To give you all the components that you need to have for a great fishing adventure, Angler Bay Inflatable Boats are designed. There are multiple molded drink holders, 2-rod holders, a battery storage bag, four drain plugs, and a ditty bag. Boats like 6 people inflatable boat with motor mount, 8 person and 4 people are also available in the market.

This airhead angler bay inflatable boat is constructed of heavy duty vinyl with electronically welded seams. For quality assurance, this boat is factory tested. Comfort features include an adjustable seat and an inflatable floor for quick deflating and inflating Patented Speed Safety Valves.


⇒   a battery bag

⇒  a bunch of fancy trimming

⇒  cup holders

⇒  fishing pole holders

⇒  Paddle Holders

⇒  an inflatable floor

⇒  a movable seat and other stuff


How usable it is in the water is all that matters, and surely it’s just not useable. With hard seats like you’ve seen some people do if you built a hard bottom for it, then it will be smoothly useable. Because you’re adding considerable weight to it, you’re reducing how many people it can hold. Not to mention it require power tools and this takes time.

This weekend you can take this out to the lake, and as soon you will be in the water you will realize how, at best, this thing will be amazing, but more likely it will be helpful, and this will be sending your fishing gear to the lake bottom.


Here’s another thing you may learn about some of the inflatable boats — when you use it, it will probably be a hot summer day, but you will find that the water will be likely considerably colder than the air. Can you remember you left a basketball out in the hot sun when you were a kid?

It would seemingly become very stiff and bouncy and more inflated. If you take it inside, and it will cool off and go back to its feel less bloated and pre-heat stage. With the boat a similar thing happens — at the boat ramp you spend forever inflating it, and it gets adorable and boiling in the sun.

In the Water:

It feels firm and friendly and ready to go. You may try to push this boat into the water and hop in, but you will realize that within five minutes later you know it is getting soft. The water is cooling it down, and this is the reason so it will reduce the amount of air pressure in the boat, and you will surely be going with feeling okay about the air. Surely you must possess the air pump on you, but it’s a massive pain in the trying to maneuver to the air holes so that it can fill it up while you’re on the water.


As this fit, a small dog two short adults and a tall tween but you have to be careful about how much stuff you bring. It can get you full fast. In an odd spot, the oar holes are placed so to maneuver it’s a bit hard if it’s windy. In a med, your first trip will be a bit ambitious. In the very calm river, the second trip will be much more pleasant.

This will be our suggestion that a small backpack for supplies/fishing but no more. The rod holders are very nice. You will surely find it very quick to blow up and easy to stow away also. These are a step up from a pool toy and not made for rough water, and you must remember this.

Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat Review

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Features of Airhead Angler Bay Inflatable Boat:

Person Capacity 6-person
Ideal Boat slow moving streams and lakes
Flexibility Movable seat and inflatable floor
Rod Holders 2
Drink Holders multiple molded drink holders
Storage Bag a battery storage bag
Ditty Bag a ditty bag
Weight portable and lightweight
Speed For quick inflating and deflating there is speed safety valves
Including’s Wrap-around grab lines are included
Oarlocks built-in swiveling oar locks
Drain Plugs four drain plugs



Length 11 ft 8 in
Width 5 ft 6.5 in
gauge 32
Warranty 1-year limited warranty
Style AHIBF-06
Brand Airhead
Country of Origin Imported boat.

Let’s Discuss the pros & Cons

♥ Pros

Ø Cons

+ Easy to inflation  –  This is making for 6 people but you feel more comfortable with 4 people and you can hold pet and others.
+ 32-gauge heavy-duty vinyl
+  Swiveling oar locks and side mounted oar holders
+ Trolling motor transom mounts
+ 2-rod holders and multiple molded drink holders
+ 6-person capacity

Frequently Ask Questions:

  Questions: What is the weight of the boat?

♥ Answer:  The Angler Bay boat is roughly 28 lbs and shipping weight is about 30.5 lbs.

⇒  Questions: can this be pumped up with a foot/handpump?

♥ Answer:  Yes, it can.

⇒  Questions: What kind of motor this boat use?

♥ Answer:  We used a Minn Kota electric motor and a mounting bracket made for the boat,

⇒  Questions: does this come with 2 seats?

♥ Answer:  Two little seats without back support. The boat is rated for 6 people but only two adults will actually fit OK. Overall a good boat, I like it.

⇒  Questions: how small does it deflate to after use? Can I fit it in the basement of RV?

♥ Answer:  I would say about 3′ x 2′ x 18″

Final thought:

These above-mentioned boats are the best inflatable boat brand. So, Dear Audiences In this airhead angler bay inflatable boat review we have informed every single detail about this inflatable boat. you can check the price from Amazon by clicking the link below.

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