Are Simms Fishing Waders Worth the Money

If you have searched for waders online, then you have seen Simms waders. They are widely available on many online platforms. They are also one of the most expensive fishing waders on the market. That's why a lot of new anglers have this question in their mind, are simms fishing waders worth the money? Why are they so pricey?

Simms Wader:

Simms is fishing gear and equipment manufacturers. They have created a name for themselves among the anglers. They also raised a lot of eyebrows with their pricing. But a lot of people that understood the value they bought their products without thinking twice.

Let me tell you about my experience. I had the chance to try out their waders a few months ago. When you wear them for the first time, the moment you put your leg inside you can feel the difference. All of their products have multiple layers of coatings and materials. They are super comfortable to wear and the breathability is excellent.

When the breathability is too good, you may think that is the opening in the fiber that big? Will water get inside? No, water won't get inside. One thing if you didn't know, even though waders are supposed to be waterproof. They do face leaking issues. It's not unheard of.

But to prevent that, Simms waders have a micro-porous waterproof coating on top of the wader. They took leaking so seriously that, Simms provides a specific warranty for leakage alone.

If your wader shows any kind of leaks within the first year Simms will replace the wader for free. On top of that Simms also has a regular warranty for its product. Their service is top of the line. A lot of anglers including me can vouch for that.

The misconception:

There is a misconception among the new anglers that Simms overcharge you and they are not worth it. Well, if you haven't tried one yourself you don't have the right to say that. As harsh as I may sound but that's the reality.

There pricing is high and they provide high-end performance in return. They compliment that performance with their top of the line service. Talk with their service for once and you will what I am talking about.

I agree with you that Simms should provide something for the budget line. But Simms made a name for their top-end products, that's why they are putting more time behind that. 

Are Simms wader worth it?

Short answer, yes they are worth every penny. Long answer, depends on your context of worth it. For me, the product has to serve me for my purpose to make it worth it. Are you an irregular angler?

If the answer is yes then they are not for you. I can't justify a $300 purchase that you will use once or twice a year. But if you are anything like me that lives for fishing, trust me and get one of their products.

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