Best Infant Car Seat for Small Cars Review and Buying Guide

Every parent always wants the best for their parents, it does not matter if they are newborns or 18 years old.  In case you do have a small kid, there is a need to have the best infant car seat for small cars that will help in ensuring they are always comfortable whenever you are traveling with them.

Not only is an infant car seat for small cars safe but it also helps a parent to be in control of their child and get less distracted when driving.

In this guide, we will be looking at the benefits of installing infant car seats for small cars, reviews of the top five infant car seats and important things to consider when shopping for an infant car seat.

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Reasons why you should install the best infant car seat for small cars

Since you are always aware of the common types of infant car seats, it is now important that you be aware of the benefits you are set to get from buying an infant car seat. Below are some of the main reasons why you should consider buying the best infant car seat for small cars.

Easy to Install

The first benefit you are set to enjoy when you invest in these car seats is that they are easy to install and are very suitable when traveling with the kids.  So, it is appropriate that you do take your time and go through the list of products in the market and purchase the best infant car seat for small cars.

Fits well on all car seats

It does not matter if you will be using the seats on small cars or med segment cars, they can easily fit the infant car seat without any problems. However, the only thing that you will have to follow is the right procedure for installing the seats.

Perfect Design for the Kids

Infant car seats for small cars are specifically designed for kids and you can purchase the best infant car seats for your kids to ensure they are always comfortable and remain entertained throughout the journey. These car seats are also perfect if your kids do have extra sensitive skin or are prone to rashes.  Their perfect fabric and great design make these seats comfortable for long journeys.

Apart from the above benefits, there are several other benefits that will make the infant car seats for small cars an excellent purchase for any parent. So, in case you are interested in enjoying the above benefits, ensure you invest in the best infant car seat for small cars in the market.

Best 5 Infant Car Seats for Small Cars

After hours of tireless research in our quest of getting the best for your child, we did look through several sources and did take some time to hear from the parents before we came up with our final list of best infant car seats. In the article, we have layout a quick review of the best car seats currently available in the market together with the pros and cons of each product.

1. Graco SlimFit 3 in 1 Convertible Car Seat

Best Car Seat for Small Cars

Let’s Check Price on Amazon

The Graco SlimFit 3 in 1 Convertible Car Seat is a unique and complete nice infant car seat for the small cars. Its base is strapped down and the seat can easily be reclined into any of its four positions which can be rear-facing or forward-facing mode. The design will enable you to make the required adjustment without having to take the whole car seats out.  This convertible car seat is available in two different colors.

This car seat meets all the federal safety standards. It can withstand the double impact force needed. It has been tested for crash against the roughest conditions.  It has also been tested at extreme temperatures to ensure that it does react the way it is supposed. It has also been tested for side-impact that ensure your kids stay safe. It is built with a steel-reinforced frame and the car seat can last up to 10 years from its date of manufacture.

The car seat extras do make pares sigh with lots of relief. It does have two cup holders for drinks and snacks and features a completely easy to adjust headrest and harness. It comes with an easy to wash machine washable cover which makes the process of cleaning it a breeze.  It is easy to use, a safe seat that will always keep your kids comfortable. It is also a perfect choice for your child rides.


  • It is a perfect convertible seat that comes with three different modes
  • One can easily adjust its recline without having to do any uninstallation
  • It offers great safety and is machine washable making it easy to clean
  • Comes with two cup holders


  • It is a bit heavy car seat hence not easy to carry around

2. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, Orion

 Infant Car Seat for Small CarsLet’s Check Price on Amazon

The Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, Orion is among the most popular infant car seats currently available in the market. It comprises all the modern features and does require proper installation which will ensure the child’s safety. This car seat does have one of the easiest installation processes. One can easily install the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat with ride right bubble levels, spring-loaded leveling foot and super cinch LATCH tightened.

The Easy spring-loaded leveling does ensure a perfect base angle during the installation process while the easy to read level indicators do verify the accurate base angle together with the LATCH tightener which ensures a secure and tight fit.

You will never struggle to get this car seat out of the car. It does have a sturdy base that always stays inside whenever you move the carrier. Its base is the state of the art as it does have an enclosed bottom to help in minimizing the seat damage. It also allows for different options of installations incorporating the seat belts.

Its carrier further helps in ensuring all infants are comfortable as it contains a removable body and head support. It can help your entire body to get comfy positions whether the infant is a newborn or old enough to start looking around.

The baby is always kept safe by the foam of the carrier that absorbs the energy from any form of impact. The child will always be kept in place by the five-point harness.  The sun will also not hurt your child as there is a canopy as well. This car seat does come with a removable foamy head together with body support that helps in ensuring the right accommodation of the small infants.

It is possible to tight its five-point harness using your one hand to ensure your baby is always secure.  This infant car seat is also compatible with all the modern strollers.


  • It can easily absorb the impact of any form
  • It is very easy to install an infant car seat
  • It is a very affordable unit
  • It is useful for infants of different ages


  • Its sunshade is a bit small
  • It is too large for very smaller cars

3. Britax Infant Car Seat Base with SafeCenter LATCH

Best Infant Car Seat
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The Britax Infant Car Seat is considered by most parents as one of the best infant car seats in the market. Although it is not highly comfortable, it is an extremely safe car seat that has been designed with an impact stabilizing steel frame. The frame not only offers superior strength on the outside but it is also highly secure at the vehicle’s connection point.

This infant car seat is also in a position of shielding the child thereby offering protection thanks to its two side impact protection layers that if of great help in case of any collision. It also has a form lined headrest and an energy-absorbing shell.

The child is also capable of riding in comfort in this Brixat car seat since it comprises multiple recline positions which are highly adjustable. Apart from being great for comfort reasons, it is also a perfect car seat when it comes to selecting the best installation angle for the car as it has up to nine available positions. Its quick-adjust harness is also a highly sought out feature hence; one can easily adapt the seat to your every growing child.

It is also possible to have the Britax car seat grows together with your child thanks to its big kid easy transition. It is also possible for one to move from Harness to Booster by tucking away the straps and buckles right into the seat.  The child will also be in a position of riding in style and will never complain about thirst and hunger with snacks and cup holders available.


  • It is well secured by latch and tethered in booster mode making it extremely safe
  • Comes with a click tight feature for the harness to help booster modes
  • It comprises of unique features like latches that have hidden storage


  • It is a bit heavy in weight
  • Its straps can easily get twisted

4. Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

Best Infant Car Seat for Small Cars Let’s Check Price on Amazon

The Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is considered by most of its users as one of the safest currently available in the market. Its seats have been engineered using the latest safety technologies. It does have an impact-absorbing base, two exclusive side impact protection layers, foamy headrest for head protection and a steel frame for highest strength.

The harness for the baby is one design feature that could have been better. Its harness is perfectly safe although its textile is a bit stiff making it slightly challenging to tighten.

It is possible to adjust the harness using four different positions. However, it is not possible to adjust the harness when the child is seated since the straps have to be adjusted from the carrier’s backside.

This ​ Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is very safe and easy to install. One can use the SafeCenter Latch system for secure and fast installation. It is also possible for one to use the seat belt of the vehicle to install this car seat. It fast adjusts harness will grow and still be fit for your every growing infant.

It does have a removable newborn body pad that offers extra comfort. It is also possible to attach the seat with a baby stroller.  This car seat is favorite for parents who prefer its high quality and attractive design style.


  • It is a lightweight infant car seat carrier
  • Comes with four harness settings
  • It does have side protection with impact resistant foam
  • Comes with a one year warranty period
  • It has a pretty large canopy for sufficient sun protection


  • The larger kids might not be that comfortable in these car seats
  • It does not have a cup holder

5. Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat, Encore

Best Infant Car Seat for Small Cars Let’s Check Price on Amazon

The Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat, Encore is another excellent option from Chicco.  These booster car seats wills remain useful as your kid continues growing big.  The car seat does offer extended five-point harness security which will help in transitioning it into a belt-positioning booster.  Its four positions make it possible for one to adjust the headrest to a position that will suit your child’s physique and height.

It also offers the best recline so that your kid remains in a good posture throughout the ride and it is also capable of accommodating the child years of his or her growth.

It does have a duo guard side protection that offers two protection layers for the child’s safety. It’s EPS shock-absorbing foam and a rigid shell does surround the kid’s head and torso. It also has a steel frame structure that also helps in providing superior protection impact.

When in harness mode, it does offer a padded harness that can be tightened with a single pull. It is possible for one to hide the harness away when it is in the belt-positioning mode of your child. It does have a premium latch connector together with a lock sure belt system which makes the process of installation easy and offers a snug fit to the seat.

It also comes with a smooth underside that is in a position of protecting the cars eat from any form of damage. Its stylish zipper enables one to remove or install the cushion of the seat making it machine washable.

It comes with two cup holders that accommodate the child’s toys, drinks, and snacks. Its booster seat has been designed to always stay comfortable with your child on it for long hours. It does have a padded seat which is soft on touch as very spacious.

It is also possible for one to keep it in good condition by performing frequent cleaning and regular wipes.


  • It does have a comfortable recline position
  • It is made of a durable steel structure
  • It comes with cushion padded seats
  • It remains firm and tight even after long use


  • It is a bit expensive hence not all parents can afford it.


Here is a summary of our top three choices.

The Graco SlimFit 3 in 1 Convertible Car Seat is our Editors Choice for the best infant car seat for small cars. It is a pretty lightweight car seat and has a weight capacity of 120 lbs. Your child can grow with it and does come with a one year warranty period. It can be adjusted to a number of recline positions. It does have two layers of side impact protection and uses a tight and easy to use a buckle.

The Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, Orion is our take for the best booster car seat for the infant. Weighing only 24 lbs, it is an extremely lightweight car seat easy to move from one car to another. It is capable of holding up to 85 lbs of kid and does come with several great features. Just like the other car seats, it comes with a machine washable and removable seat pad, flips away buckle and an auto magnetic chest clip.

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