Beginner’s Guide for Setting Up Your First Aquarium

Having Aquarium in your living room or at the workplace could be a great idea. It makes the place more interesting and attractive to the guest or visitors, especially children. Aquarium Professionals may charge you thousands of rupees for setting up an aquarium.

So why not do it yourself? It’s always been challenging to do things for the first time and the first attempt is not always successful. So before doing anything new you should be aware of some basic information to make your attempt successful. So this is the basic guide to set up your aquarium and save thousands for rupees for just simple work.

So aquarium is an artificial place for keeping fishes as a pet. You need to provide your fishes a healthy yet interesting place so they feel like home. The following are some tips and tricks to make your aquarium an interesting place for your pet fishes.

Where to place an Aquarium?

It’s real important to know where to place an aquarium. The aquarium should always be placed at flat and steady surfaces because aquarium would ultimately be filled with water which will make it heavy and slight motion could easily break the glass and make huge of a mess. It’s always been recommended by aquarium professionals to place a thermocol sheet under the aquarium to absorb unwanted motions made by fishes in an aquarium.

You need to make sure that the aquarium stand should be steady and does not contain any movement. Before placing the aquarium on the stand you need to check for the balance. If all seems good, place your aquarium and sigh! The first step is successfully done.

A carpet for your aquarium

Yes, you need some carpeting for your aquarium. A thoroughly washed gravel is the best carpet for your aquarium. A huge variety of gravel of different sizes and colors is available in the market. It will not cost you much but it will add beauty to your aquarium. It’s important to wash it at least three to four times before adding it to your aquarium. If gravel is not washed thoroughly it will make the aquarium water foggy which is not good for fishes.

For better results dip the gravel in a separate container full of water overnight and change the water several times till the water is crystal clear. Once the gravel is washed thoroughly now are ready to add the gravel in an aquarium and spread it evenly. Just cover the two to three inches to aquarium bottom with gravel not more than that. Congo! The second step is successfully done and you are good to go.

The decoration is important!

The decoration is important to make it look more interesting and cozy.   You can add artificial plants, shells, toys, stones, corals, Submergible lights, etc. to add beauty to your masterpiece. This will not only look interesting but it would also be interesting for fishes. They will like the aquarium and play around as if they have a new home with a perfect interior. Once it’s done you are not far from seeing your first self-setup of fish aquarium.

The most important thing to know!

Apart from decoration, some other things are also important such as water filter and air pump. The function of the filter is to keep the tank clean for a longer period and the pump will blow air bubbles in the water which is necessary for fishes to stay alive. No aquarium could be set up without these two instruments.

This is the core part of the aquarium. You can buy it from the market it’s easily available with a wide range. The filter should be placed before gravel and the pump should be submerged in water for better results. You need to connect the pump and light with electricity source so you might need an electric supply near your aquarium.


You need to add some medicines in aquarium water to keep your fishes healthy and free from diseases. You might get medicine from a fish shop such as ammonia, general cure, etc. this more kind of a precautionary step that should be taken in prudence. Also, you need to set up a thermometer to monitor the water temperature. If water seems cold than you need to install an aquarium heater to normalize the water temperature.

Once all the above steps are done now you are ready to fill paper into the tank but there also some requirements for water. Water should be clean pure odorless and room temperature. Don’t fill mineral water as is it not good for fishes. Water should be filled slowly and gradually with the help of the water pipe.

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If the water pressure is high it will disturb your aquarium setting. Once the water is filled now the most interesting part has arrived. Now it’s time to add fishes to your aquarium. But first, turn on the pump at least thirty minutes before adding the fishes to the tank. Once fishes are added now you are good to go! Your self-built aquarium is ready to slay.

Now you can enjoy sitting in front of the aquarium and watching your pet fishes for hours.

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