5 Best Basketball Inflatable Bouncers Reviews – 2022 Update

Kids love basketball, and that’s a straight-up fact. But is it safe for them to play basketball unattended? On a cemented floor, or even on the ground, there is a chance for them to fall and get injuries.

we’re bringing you some of the BEST Basketball Bouncers Available Today!

This is why a lot of parents prefer to buy the best basketball inflatable bouncers that help their kids make the most out of their summers by playing basketball outside.

In addition to this, our detailed and comprehensive reviews of 5 of the Best Basketball Bouncers will narrow down your choice to make your selection process easier, faster and more hassle-free.

5 Best Basketball Bouncers Reviews For 2022:

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1. Bounceland Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House with Slide Bouncer

Best Basketball Bouncers

Our top pick for the Best Basketball Bouncers is the Royal palace from Bounceland.

The colorful bounceland inflatable bounce house is a colorful kid-sized bouncy basketball castle for your little kings and queens. Not only does it include a gorgeous build and quality, it even has a super-fine structure— thanks to the pillars attached.

It also includes a comfortable cover to keep your little ones safe from the heat of the sun during summer. All of this makes this our number 1 choice for the best basketball inflatable bouncers.

Quality of Material

The elastic flooring material is created with the finest quality. It gives a great amount of bounce, and the right amount of support to avoid injuries as the bounce reverses back. The base is pretty secure.

It doesn’t allow the inflatable bouncers to burst, which is a great concern for parents for obvious reasons. The best part is an added feature of a basketball hoop that can help kids fall in love with basketball, and get a more sporty spirit for the times to come while playing it safe.


The bounceland royal palace inflatable bouncer has the sturdiest structure there is. It includes heavy-duty puncture proof materials and sturdy poles with double to quadruple stitches which ensures that the inflatable basketball castle remains strong and in its place.

It even includes a slide and extra sliding surface, removable sunroof and an inflatable basketball hoop.

Ease in Assembling

What can I say, the bounceland royal palace inflatable bouncer is truly the easiest basketball inflatable bouncer to set up. All you need to set it up is the inflatable basketball bouncer, an electric blower and ground stakes. An instruction and repair kit is already included in it, to help you guide your way through it.

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Capacity and Weight Limit Recommendation

Even though the size is huge, for the safe side it is always advised to keep a maximum of 5 kids inside the inflatable basketball bouncer. The total weight preference is 500 lbs max.


  • 13ft x 12ft x 9ft spacious area
  • Inflatable basketball hoop attached
  • Includes removable sunroof for added protection
  • Includes a 120V UL blower
  • Puncture-proof material
  • 10’ slide included
  • Super-easy to set up
  • Velcro opening


It doesn’t include an inflatable basketball so you’ll need to purchase the ball separately to play basketball.

2. Bounceland Pop Star Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer

Best Basketball Bouncers

The 2nd pick on our list of the Best Inflatable Basketball Bouncers is the bounceland pop star inflatable bounce house bouncer, and it has a very cool accessory on offer!

Give your kids a whole basketball stadium with the bounceland pop star inflatable bounce house bouncer. Not only does it have a design replicated as a basketball arena, but it also has a huge slide attached at the side.

Even though the arena makes your kid feel like they are in an actual stadium, the inflatable basketball bouncer allows the safety and security of your kid by keeping things bouncy! It is super-spacious, super-bouncy and is bound to make your kid feel like a superstar.

Quality of Material

Created with premium elastic material, the bounceland inflatable basketball bouncer is 100% puncture-proof. It is created with laminated Oxford Terylene commercial grade flooring which allows a bigger bounce but protects the back from getting hurt due to its elasticity and suppleness.

The slide is also created with the same material, however, the pattern of the slide doesn’t include bounce but rather a smooth cover to allow an easy and enjoyable sliding experience


When it comes to the structure, the inflatable basketball bouncer has got it strong. It has a Velcro opening for a relaxed entry and exit into the inflatable basketball arena. It has huge pillars for the sturdiest structure. The pillars provide strength and structure to the basketball bouncer.

The 9-inch stakes provide added security to fixate the bouncer into the ground. This doesn’t allow the bouncer to move even when your kids jump and bounce their hearts out.

Ease in Assembling

The inflatable basketball bouncer is extremely easy to assemble. It comes all joined and all you need to do is fill in air in the long fill tubes which are around 6 ft long. The package has a commercial 1 HP blower included with 25 ft power cord and GFCI plug. The 1 HP blower can easily fill up the tubes in 2 minutes and get it all ready for your kids to play in.

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Capacity and Weight Limit Recommendation

It can handle a maximum of 400 lbs weight at the moment. The bouncer can handle up to 4 kids at a time, ages 3 and up. The maximum individual height is 5ft, and the minimum is 4 ft. It is not advised to allow kids younger than 3 to play inside the inflatable basketball bouncer.


  • The spacious area of 15 ft x 13 ft x 8.3 ft
  • Inflatable basketball hoop
  • Commercial 1 HP blower included in the package
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Huge pillars fixated for well-made structure
  • Inflates quickly
  • Includes a Velcro opening
  • 10’ smooth slide included
  • 9” stakes incorporated to secure the bouncer
  • Has a repair kit with an instruction manual in the package


  • It is not preferable to allow bouncing inside for kids under the age of 3 for safety reasons

3. Bounceland Ultimate Combo Inflatable Bounce House

Best Basketball Inflatable BouncersThe ultimate combo inflatable bounce house is the newest addition in the bounceland family that will allow your kid to fulfill his desire of playing basketball while also instilling a passion in him for basketball. The basketball inflatable bouncer has a huge, one of its kind slide that comes as a unique plus point.

The three in one option to jump, take a slide or play bouncy basketball is perfectly incorporated in this basketball bounce house. What’s more is that the bouncer is incredibly huge, and has a lot of space inside. For parents who want the bounce house to be protected from all sides— this one’s definitely for you!

Quality of Material

Bounceland is known to create the bounce houses with nothing but the best quality elastic material to provide the bounciest bounce possible, but also provide ultimate protection against wear and tear— or worst. It provides fortification against puncture and it has double to quadruple stitches as well so the air would never leak unless you unplug it yourself.

You can bounce, slide, crawl, throw balls, climb up the slide and slide down while shooting— all in one. The material used is heavy-duty commercial grade for the bouncing floor, and it has strong 9″ stakes as well to provide security and safety amidst all the jumps. Your kids can play basketball or jump as high as they can because this one can handle it all.


The squared shaped basketball bouncer has a jumping area of 6 x 5.5 ft, with a ball pit and a secret tunnel and a super-huge slide. The best part, however, has to be the inflatable basketball hoop that encourages sporty vibes as it even has an indoor wall.

For added sturdiness, it has large pillars that provide support to the bouncer’s base. It even has a long fill tube, and a super-safe design keeping in view the kids’ safety and giving them a safe space to go crazy once in a while.

Ease in Assembling

It has fill tubes which are 9” long. You simply need a blower, which is already included in the package. The commercial 1HP blower with 25 ft power cord is perfect for filling the long fill tubes with air within a few minutes.

Ground stakes are also included so you can tie up one of the best basketball inflatable bouncers without any problem at all. It even includes 30 balls for the play-pit that you can use to dunk a basketball as well.

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Capacity and Weight Limit Recommendation

It is recommended that a max 400 lbs weight is put on it. The space near the basketball hoop can incorporate 3 kids at a time, and the slide can handle 1 kit at a time. However, there is a ball pit and a tunnel under the basketball bounce that can bear 5 kids.


  • PVC coated laminated oxford material
  • Includes a cover for summer sun
  • 12 x 10 x 8 ft spacious
  • 7-in-one play solutions
  • Heavy-duty puncture proof material
  • Halfway Velcro opening for easy entry
  • Includes a commercial blower
  • 30 colorful balls included
  • Carry bag included


  • Only kids under 4.5 ft can enjoy ball pit as it is leaner and has a lesser height

4. Bounceland Jump and Splash Adventure Bounce House

Summer is made more fun by having 3 in 1 options, bounce, throw and splash. The basketball inflatable bouncer is a combo of wet and dry bouncing experience

Let’s Watch the Video Review:

Quality of Material

The quality is nothing but the best, as it is made with heavy-duty commercial grade material. The Velcro attached surface slide and quadruple stitching are truly one of its kind.


It has high railings, strong mesh enclosure boundary walls and a steady base that helps your kids get the most out of it. As an additional measure, it includes long fill tubes and additional sliding surfaces. It even includes a large carrying bag to store it in if you decide to deflate it and store it for later use.

Ease of Assembling 

No need to assemble, just fill the long tubes in with a commercial blower and you’re good to go. It fills up within 2 minutes and has a water hose and basketball hoop as well.

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Capacity and Weight Limit Recommendation

It can handle 500 lbs weight at a time.

If these downsides aren’t critical for you though, then maybe this is the best basketball bouncers for your needs!


  • 5 x 9 x 6h space
  • 7 HP 4A blower included
  • Ground stakes pack included
  • Comes with a water hose
  • Has an extra slide for dry play


  • The price factor is a bit high

5. Island Hopper Fort All Sports Bounce House with Fort Area

 The island hopper is a basketball bouncer manufactured like a fort house. It allows you to slam dunk the basketball into the hoop or play twist and tangle— or maybe create your own jungle with a basketball.

Quality of Material

Created with the fine mesh material, it has a 13×10 useable surface and even includes a slide. It even includes a basketball. Even though the stuff used to manufacture the bouncer is light, it is sturdy and lasts a long time


The 4 step climbing wall provides the security, and the poles are designed to keep kids from falling off the bouncer. The high railings, strong mesh enclosure, and huge side-support columns allow steadiness against major falls. Velcro attached doors are placed to allow air to pass through and to help the kids move inside or go outside without any hassle.

Ease of Assembling

Simply plug in the 25ft cord of electric blower in GFCI plug and it gets inflated in minutes. To remove it, unplug the blower. You don’t need to fix pieces together with other than just fill it with air.

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Capacity and Weight Limit Recommendations

This basketball inflatable bouncer can handle 100lbs (individual person) at a time at max.


  • 7 sports activities: Soccer, Tangle, Climbing Wall, Basketball dunk, Jump Floor, Slide, Lookout Play Fort.
  • PVC Floor
  • 13×10 play area
  • 30-day free trial
  • Air flower included
  • Has a carry bag for storage
  • 1 softball included


Even though it is great for kids, if an adult stands on it, it bends down as it cant handle more than 100 lbs per person.

Final words: If you ask us, we’d tell you to go for the Bounceland Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House with Slide Bouncer.  One of the sturdiest and most cost-effective options. However, if you’re looking for a lot of variety then we’d advise you to purchase the Bounceland Ultimate Combo Inflatable Bounce House as it has got 7 options.

Your kids can jump, throw a basketball, play ball pit and take a slide, even roll under the tunnel. These features truly make it the best basketball inflatable bouncers.

What are the Best basketball bouncers?

  1. Royan Palace inflatable house bouncer
  2. Pop Star inflatable house bouncer
  3. Ultimate Combo
  4. Splash Adventure Bounce House
  5. Island Hopper Fort All Sports Bounce 

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