Top 5 Best Fish Finder For Kayak Under $100 [2022]

Floating on a Kayak and ride across the lake or a river feels great. But it will be more pleasant when you do it with fishing.

Fishing on a Kayak is a great way of fun and it will be a heavenly feeling when you return home with a great catch. And to make it easier, you must have the best fish finder.

But finding an affordable fish finder is not a simple task. You need to do a lot of market research to find the best one. But if you want to make your work easier, we are here for your help.

This article will help you choose the best fish finder for kayak under $100. We recommended five best-selling products here with a relevant buying guide.

Let’s read it!

5 Best Fish Finder For Kayak Under $100 Reviews

In this section, we are going to review our top 5 fish finders for kayaks under 100 dollars.

1. Lucky Portable Handheld Fish Finders

When you want to get a perfect fish finder under $100 for kayak fishing, LUCKY Portable can be a good choice for you. It is one of the best budget fish finder developed by Lucky.

This handheld fish finder comes with a crystal clear LCD color display that helps you to detect underwater contour and size of the fishes. Also, you can read the water temperature and measure the water depth very easily.

You can also adjust the brightness of the monitor. That’s why you can use it both in sunlight and in the darkness of night. You can operate it both in simulation and transducer mode. You can use all functions in Simulation mode and use Transducer mode for fishing time.

This model of Lucky can reach down to 328 feet of water depth, which is remarkable for any fish finder under $100. Along with a large water depth detection range, it has a 45-degree beam angle that is very effective for kayak fishing.

You will get at least 5 hours of battery backup if the battery is fully charged. Lucky portable handheld fish finder is rechargeable and you will get a simple USB cable with it. So, you can recharge it anywhere.


  • Multiple displays available for choose
  • Built-in bracket system to attach the transducer to kayak
  • Easy adjustment of depth alarm, depth range, fish icon, and fish alarm


  • Not the best for shore fishing

2. Lucky Portable Wireless Fish Finder

This model from Lucky is favorite to anglers for its convenient wireless setting and easy-to-use interface. The model comes with both wireless and simulation modes. You can run all functions in simulation mode and try fishing in wireless mode.

It has a 2.4 inch TFT screen LCD color display that gives you a clear view of underwater objects. Sonar ball of the wireless fish finder has 2 lamps to attract the fishes, so it makes it easier for you to find your catches. Its transparent replacement cover helps you to navigate the sensor location, even in the dark light.

You will get a large fishing range of 196 feet around your kayak from the sonar. Besides, its wireless sonar system allows you to reach a depth from 2.3 feet to 147 feet to find every object clearly under the water.

You can adjust the sensitivity of this model up to ten stages. This high sensitivity set up facility helps to get more detailed images.

Both the fish finder set and the sonar are rechargeable and you can charge it with a USB port. You can use the fish finder up to 4 hours and the sonar will give you 10 hours back up.


  • Comes with an antenna to find fishes easily
  • Mounting tabs to attach the adapter with kayak
  • Easy adjustment of dMultiple features settings available, like- fish alarm, depth alarm, fish icon, etc.epth alarm, depth range, fish icon, and fish alarm


  • The Sonar system is waterproof but the fish finder is not.

3. Venterior Portable Wireless Fish Finder

The Venterior is a great fish finder for Kayaks. Its portability allows you to operate it from a moving Kayak and the fisherman will get perfect control over it.

This model of Venterior is totally wireless and made with a TFT screen LCD color monitor. This bright color display helps you to read the data from the screen on a sunny day or at night.

Venterior Portable provides you the data of water depth, temperature, fish depth, and bottom contour of the water. Also, you will get an idea about the sizes of the fish.

This superb fish finder covers a range of 262 feet around your Kayak. And the depth range is 2.6 feet to 131 feet. So, this extensive coverage of underwater enhances the chances of some great catches.

The fish finder is castable and the wireless sensor comes with two holes. So, you don’t need to make holes in the hull to set the sensor and can easily tie the sensor with the fishing line with these holes. After casting the sonar into the water, it will work automatically.

But without the connection of the sensor, the battery indicator will show incorrect info. If you want to know the correct battery status, cast the sensor on the water and turn it on.


  • Rechargeable sonar and fish finder
  • Two background modes available – black and white
  • 105-degree sonar beam angle capacity
  • Castable fish finder


  • Might face problems when fishing in muddy water

4. Joylog Portable Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder

When you want to buy a perfect portable fish finder for your upcoming Kayak fishing tour, you must consider JOYLOG’s Portable Wireless Fish Finder.

This white-colored fish finder is shaped like a ball and can adapt to different environments. At cold weather, in muddy waters, or in dark nights, this fish finder works equally well.

JOYLOG developed this fish finder with high-resolution digital sonar that helps you to get realistic images and allows you to find fishes from 0.6 to 40 meters deep. The speedy wireless connection provides signals within 50m of your fishing range.

It also has a feature of automatic starts and stops. When the fish finder is submerged into the water, it will start working automatically and will turn off after 30 seconds of leaving the water.

Another interesting feature of this model is that it can operate in 26 languages. Not that you will need them, just to mansion its acceptance around the world.

Summing up all of these features, we can say this is one of the best fish finders for kayak fishing in the market.


  • Comes with high-resolution sonar
  • USB charging system available
  • Castable and easy to use
  • Automatic start and stop function


  • Not the best thing for shallow waters

5. Lucky Sonar Sensor Wireless Fish Finder

Okay, we are going to review the 3rd product of Lucky in this article. This wireless fish finder is effective for both professionals and amateur anglers.

Its built-in 2.2-inch LCD widescreen provides liquid crystal images and shows water temperature, water depth, bottom contour very clearly. It also has LED backlights that helps you to operate it at night.

This fish finder allows a 394 feet fishing range around your Kayak and helps you to see from a depth of 2.3 feet to 147 feet without getting wet. Also, it has a 90-degree sonar angle that covers most of the top side of the water.

Like our previous reviewed Lucky model here, you can tether the sonar sensor with the fishing line by two holes. So, you can cast the sonar into the water as far as you need.

Also, it comes with both Celsius and Fahrenheit standards to measure the temperature and meters and feet to measure the depth. So, you can select any one as you want.


  • Portable and handheld
  • Clear LCD monitor
  • Suitable for Kayak fishing
  • Includes imperial and metric measurements


  • No battery is included with the package.

Thinks To Consider Before Buying

Reading reviews are indeed very useful when you want to buy the right fishing gear. Moreover, there are a few factors that may arise in your mind before you finally choose one.

So, here we will compile some of the crucial factors that you should consider when choosing a perfect fish finder for Kayaks. Let’s read them –


Always keep in mind that, when you go for Kayak fishing, you must choose lightweight and portable fishing gear. It’s also true for a fish finder. Fishing on a Kayak becomes more comfortable when you have a portable fish finder.

Because Kayaks contain very narrow space to keep all necessary fishing gears. So, a portable and easy to carry fish finder saves you from space hassle and make your fishing a lot easier.

Screen Size and Quality

Although a large screen fish finder is more user friendly than a small one. But for kayak fishing, large and heavyweight fish finders won’t be suitable.

But that doesn’t mean that you compromise with the quality. As Kayaks are tiny boats, you must choose a small fish finder that comes with a clear screen.

Generally from 2.2 to 4 inches screen size is enough for Kayak fishing. And we know, quality of the screen is measured by pixels. So, the more screen pixels you will choose, the more details you will get from the screen.

Waterproof Feature

A good fish finder must be water-resistant. Always choose a fish finder that has a waterproof feature.


If you tend to switch in different waters for fishing, you must look for a versatile fish finder. Choose a fish finder that works equally in freshwater, saltwater, or in shallow water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions from the kaya fishing fans-

Q: Is A Fish Finder Worth It On A Kayak?

Of course, it is. A fish finder is not only important for Kayak fishing but also it is equally necessary for every type of fishing. Because anglers can get advantages to find fishes and detect underwater objects more easily by using a fish finder.

Q: Where Do You Mount A Kayak Transducer?

There are four particular places where you can mount the transducer in a Kayak – through the hole of the scupper, on the hull, at the back of the rudder, or using a suction cup. Some like to hang the transducer over their side, but it’s not recommended.

Q: Is It Necessary To Choose A Wireless Fish Finder?

It depends on you. Definitely, a wireless fish finder is more comfortable to use than a regular fish finder. But it’s not necessary to focus on this factor too much.

End Quote

I can go on forever like this. But you wouldn’t have started to read if the scroll bar was so small. However, the information above is enough to find the best fish finder for kayak under 100 dollars.

Now it’s up to you to choose your way.

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