Best Fishing Spot In California 2022 – Top Selection By Expert Anglers

California is one of the best states for fishing. But just because a state is best for fishing that doesn’t mean every spot there will be good for fishing. You may go to a spot that is known to be a dead zone. When you come back you will curse everyone that said California is the best state for fishing.

A lot of places are surrounded by beautiful trees. Where some places will give you a mesmerizing view of the water. Whether you prefer dock, kayak or shore fishing, freshwater fish, or saltwater fish. There is a great place for every fisherman.

Doesn’t matter if you want to catch striped bass, catfish, or panfish. California is known to be famous for its lakes and rivers. There are plenty of valleys where you can go fishing.

Best Fishing Spot In California

Santa Monica Pier:

Santa Monica Pier is famous for tourists. It’s an excellent looking place that attracts a ton of tourists every year. The view there is beautiful and mesmerizing. To complement the place there is a beach too.

And Santa Monica Pier is also a great place for anglers.  At the pier, you can grab a seat and sit with other anglers. The place is never empty.You can find many different specifies of fishes. Such as mackerel, calico bass, and herring. But to get the best result you need to make sure that you get enough space. If you see the place is crowded don’t bother casting your reel.

That’s why expert anglers suggest going during the nighttime. At night the crowd is almost empty but the pier will be full of fishes. You don’t need any permission to fish at Santa Monica Pier. That’s why you can just take your gear and fish at any time you want. One of the best things about this spot if you ask me.

But there are some rules to fish there. There is a list of fishes that you shouldn’t eat due to them being endangered. Make sure to read that list.

McCloud River:

This is the best spot on the list if you want to go fly-fishing. This is also the place where you can find the famous rainbow trout. Of course, there are other places where you can find rainbow trout. But the river is the only place where you will find with McCloud strain. A lot of anglers from all around the country come here to fish. It’s a good practice for competitors. There is a bounty for the brown trout.

Many anglers come to the river just to catch McCloud’s native species. You can book a trip with a local guide. They may charge a little but worth the tour. The natural beauty of this place is amazing.

The Russian River:

The Russian River flows through the hills of Northern California. This is a great place for kayak fishing. You can take a tour of the river and fish at the same time. But make sure to wear safety gear as you are going on a kayak. The area gets super hot. But it comes with the perk of smallmouth bass. They prefer hot waters and you can find plenty of them here.

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When the thanksgiving approaches the river will be full of Steelhead trout. You don’t even need to go deep into the river to catch them. You can cast from the riverbank and you will end up catching some big Steelhead trouts.

Throughout the month of April and June, you can find Shad. California is blessed with fishing spots. What are you waiting for? Grab your gear and book a trip to California right now.

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