10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs Review in 2019

Are you looking for the best inflatable hot tub? This means two things about you if you’re searching for one. You want the luxury of a Jacuzzi right in your home that is the first one. The second is that for a premium hot tub right now you would rather not spend thousands of dollars.

Today we have brought to you best inflatable hot tub reviews. In this best inflatable hot tub review, we have listed ten best inflatable hot tubs. You will take decision easily if you read all of these given reviews. We have provided every single detail regarding these given best inflatable hot tubs reviews. There are inflatable hot tubs worth it which is your money. If you search inflatable hot tub near me by writing on google you will find various confusing sites. So don’t get confused.

So, without wasting any more time, let us begin today’s reviews.

Top 10 best inflatable hot tubs

  • Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub
  • Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set
  • SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub
  • SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub
  • Bestway 54155E Hawaii Air Jet Inflatable Outdoor Spa
  • SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w/ LED Light Show
  • Goplus 4-6 Person Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub (White)
  • Goplus 4-6 Person Outdoor Spa Inflatable Hot Tub ( Black)
  • Coleman 71″ x 26″ Portable Spa Inflatable 4-Person Hot Tub

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Product overview:

If this is your first time buying an inflatable hot tub, Coleman SaluSpa is an excellent choice for two reasons: it is from a well-known outdoors brand, and it is cheap.

Only the brand name doesn’t make it so accessible. Apart from being affordable, this is nothing but the experience that most counts. This is one of the Colman inflatable hot tubs. This is one of our Colman hot tub reviews.

It is to inform you that the materials used in this model are highly durable that you can even sit on the walls without deflating or deforming it.

We will be expanding on all of its actual benefits and features you’ll get as soon as you read this review further. If this is the right model to purchase you should be able to decide by the end of the article confidently.


There are numerous reasons why this hot tub is highly popular and not just because it’s from a known outdoor brand. Its features allow an almost authentic spa-like experience at home.

The actual benefits you receive are especially more significant in products like this while price plays an important factor in most of our buying decisions.

To accommodate up to 6 adults, the Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub is able. Soaking together with loved ones and your friends surely have its merits. Its built-in heating system is ready so that it can raise the water’s temperature to 104 degrees for relieving muscle tension Fahrenheit, which is perfect.

In detail, we’ll discuss all of these features, including those mentioned below, in the later sections.

Every unit also has an integrated filtration system which makes it easy to keep the water clean Aside from the heating system. You need not be an expert in water sanitation at all.

This model has its Lay-Z Massage System which is the most prominent feature. Jet blowers line up the bottom edge for a gentle and light massage that produces a vast amount of air bubbles.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub


While being massaged by air bubbles sitting alone in a hot tub is a very relaxing experience.

To fit 4 to 6 people, this Spa is advertised.

The hot tub can accommodate it without getting broken or deformed, but there will hardly enough legroom to sit relax and comfortably.

From tough leatheroid materials, the full walls are made, similar to huge rubber tires, on the sides which can support a person sitting.


  • For the money, this has great value
  • This has bubble jets that are relaxing
  • This spa has Sturdy material which lets you to even sit on the tub walls
  • Compact size can fit most garages and backyards


  • This spa is only available in color green
  • Jet and heater cannot run at the same time

 Product overview:

In relaxing heated water surrounded by soothing bubble jets Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Inflatable Spa Model 28409E this has to Pamper yourself. At the touch of a button for up to six people, the PureSpa provides relaxation.

For a refreshing massage, the easy-to-use control panel activates the 170 high-powered bubble jets surrounding the interior of the spa. To fit your personal temperature preference the heating system adjusts, allowing a stress-free spa experience. With two easy-to-replace filter cartridges for clean, refreshing spa water PureSpa provides simple maintenance. For a soothing experience, the built-in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on the skin.

The puncture-resistant 3-ply laminated material and the Fiber-Tech Construction provide the ultimate support, comfort, and durability. To minimize heat loss an insulated cover and lock is included and offers an added safety feature. For easy storage and transport, A carry bag is provided.


In compliance with the 2014 Appliance Efficiency Regulations – Title 20, Division 4, Chapter 4, Article 4  this item cannot be a ship or sold to the State of California.

 Approximate inflated Inner⁄Outer Diameter: the approximate inflated outer or inner  diameter is65″ ⁄ 85.”

Height: The height is  28.”

Seating capacity: 6 people can sit together

Water capacity: 290 gallons of water can behold in the tub

Water temperature range: The water temperature is around (68° – 104°)

 Bubble Air Blower: This has the air bubble blower of  1.1hp 110-120V

Heater: The heater is approximately 1300W 110-120V

Flow Rate: The flow rate is around 460 GPH

Temperature Rise: The temperature rises 1-2 F per hour

Below 39 degrees this tub Cannot be left outside

Bubble Jets – 170 is the bubble jet

Hardware System – 10W Color is the hardware system

Cobalt Blue Shipping Weight: Shipping weight is 114 lbs Includes Tub.

inflatable hot tube


  1. There is the presence of insulated Cover.
  2. Hard Water System of 10W.
  3. With two filter cartridges, there is the Filtration System.
  4. There is a Floating Pool Chlorine Dispenser also available.
  5. There is the cloth of Thermal Ground.
  6. This tub has inflation Hose.
  7. There is a Carry Bag.
  8. There are two Headrests.
  9. Warranty there is 1 Year Manufacturer’s Direct Warranty provided.


  • This tub has excellent value
  • The maintenance of this tub is effortless
  • There is the facility of high maximum temperature
  • This tub has a durable and reliable construction
  • Including bubble jet technology this tub has excellent features.


  • Because of using bubbles temperature may fall.

Your search ends with the fabulous portable bubble massage spa if you wish to have a hot tub to feel the ultimate luxury of rejuvenation and relaxation, which is a very simplified machine. It possesses a limited amount of options from which it can adjust the performance jets.

This is portable as well as an inflatable hot tub, in the market today which is available! For you, It will be possible to have fun when you use this inflatable hot tub with your loved ones. About the product, you should grab some more details. This spa will add to the aesthetic appeal of the entire area where a user wishes to place it.


sturdy and Comfortable

With a smooth surface, you will get this tub that provides utmost comfort to your family and you. Here, this portable bubble massage spa can comfortably accommodate up to four persons at a time it is necessary to mention. You will have to sit at the bottom of the tub as you will not find any built-in seats. It feels like you are lying on an inflated mattress.

Digitalized Control Panel

The controls of this hot tub can be easily operated. The only reason is the simple digital control panels. Without being confused, you can select the proper temperature. You have facilities to turn the digitalized control panel up to one hundred and twenty heated bubble sprays on and off. About the safety of the control panel, you will also not have to worry because for you the company has done it. You also have chances to find a hard plastic lift-up which covers the panel from getting in touch with water.

Treatment System of Hard-Water

With a built-in hard water treatment system, you can purchase this hot tub. When you swim in the unit to the gentle soothing of clean water, it is enough.

Heat Pump

As it keeps the water to a refreshing 104 degrees the heat pump of the portable bubble massage spa is handy. With the help of an insulated cover the heat, which is generated in the tub, is maintained. The heat pump also helps so that it can keep the bugs out and automatically snaps with a self-locking system.

Inflates Quickly

You can increase this small portable bubble massage spa very quickly; you have to remove the back panel, attach the air hose beside push the start button.

Insulated Cover and Lock

In reducing heat loss, this feature helps a lot. As you use it, they also make the product safer.

Replaceable Filter Cartridges

With two unique filter cartridges, you can also get it, which can easily be replaced. They make the water refreshing and clean.


Affordability: This tub has high affordability

Durability: Durability is well enough

Filter: The filter of this product makes a buzzing sound but is not noisy

Material: There is nothing to worry about hurting your back as its inside material is pretty soft.

Portability: Because of its being portable, you can place it anywhere in the house.


If you want an inflatable hot tub and you’re looking for it for 2 – 4 people then you might want to review the SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub. This Miami Air jet is a smaller sized hot tub having a diameter of 71 inches, for two people. To sit side by side comfortably, it’s big enough, but you can get up to 4 people sitting close together.

Because of the space required to install it is one of the reasons why people consider a smaller tub is important to them, you might be limited in size or weight if you’re putting in on a deck, this four-person tub contains less water so gives a less overall weight. Lastly less water can save energy costs if there is a cost issue in heating a hot tub.


Digital controls:

While you are sited on the top of the inflation tap the digital control panel is a great feature which allows you to access all the functions in the hot tub. The digital control allows you so that you can get access to the control panel without getting out of the hot tub. The two main controls offered here are temperature control and auto lock. You can easily control the temperature of the portable hot tub with temperature control.


To provide gentle relaxation of the body and the muscles SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub includes 120 bubbles is designed. Instead of real thundering jets of the hot tub most people prefer using bubble.

 Heat pump:

the inflatable tub feature heat pump which warms the water to a soothing temperature of about 104 degrees which help so that it can relax your muscles in your body.

Inflatable cover:

To preserve the heat of the water even when the hot tub is not in use the SaluSpa Miami AirJet hot tub is designed. To keep debris out of the hot tub, he covers also helps much.

 Chemical Floater:

the hot tub includes a floater who can help ensure and maintain that the water in the hot tub is always in usable condition and is still fresh. Around the hot tub, the chemical floater floats.


  • This tub is inexpensive, so this will surely help you to Save Money
  • You can enjoy it by using it Seasonally
  • This tub can be Used Outdoors or Indoors
  • There is the facility of additional Cushioning
  • This tub is highly Portable
  • You can also Save Energy


  • To heat up, it takes a little bit of time.

To home and garden that will enable you to take relaxing soaks alone or with friends at any time of the day or night portable hot tubs are incredible additions. However, to choose the exact container that will work the best for you, it can be hard.

To consider when choosing a hot tub, there are many factors. How big should it be? What brands can I trust? How much should I spend? –are just a few of the many questions that might be going through your head as you research your perfect tub.

For anyone, The SaluSpa Palm Spring Hot Tub is a great choice who is looking for a slightly larger portable bathtub. This tub would make a tremendous socializing spot and can accommodate up to 6 people.

I’ll run through the essential points you should be aware of when considering this hot tub, In this review, and inform you of both what it cannot and can offer you. To give you a good idea of both the pros and cons of this tub I’ll attempt to be as comprehensive as possible.

The reputable Lay-Z-Spa brand’s manufacturers made the SaluSpa Palm Springs Hot Tub. This portable spa is designed in white color scheme and a neutral tan that complements any indoor or outdoor setting well.

To allow users to sit on the edge of the bathtub in social situations the sturdy inflatable frame of the spa is made with I-beams.

The frame has a height of 28 inches – and a diameter of 77 inches holding up to 242 gallons of hot water. By a durable 3-ply reinforced TriTech material case This water is held in.



  • Using the digital control panel there is a smooth operation.
  • For up to six people this tub has a comfortable size.
  • As an entry level spa, this tub has excellent value.
  • To get started no special tools required.


  • You have to be careful to prevent leaks and punctures

After a stressful day at work inside Bestway’s Hawaii AirJet hot tub, Soak your troubles away and experience an exceptional bubble massage, an Inflatable portable and spa. To give you superior hydrotherapy treat the hot tub features up to 120 high-powered AirJets. It also comes with a timer-controlled heater that will rapidly warm up the water for an excellent spa action to a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hawaii AirJet massage spa comes with a chemical floater and filter cartridges that will keep the hot tub clean to ensure the best hygiene. To give you a long-term comfort while you sit on the spathe floor of the hot tub is padded. You will also be able so that you can turn the spa’s heater off or on in automatically and advance using the timer built into the unit. The hot tub comes with a floor mat to reduce heat loss to the ground, and there is a leatheroid cover with clips to hold it down to prevent heat loss through evaporation.

To accommodate six persons Bestway 54155E outdoor spa is designed which means you can share the fun with family, friends or even neighbors. Besides sturdy I-Beam construction and the durable leatheroid material, Hawaii AirJet spa also comes in a beautiful colour and a classy square shape that speaks luxury from a distance. To your yard, this can be a point of attraction! Above all, to give you a good value for your money the hot tub is very promises and affordable.

Top Features

  • To conveniently empty it there is a quick-drain valve installed in Bestway 54155E outdoor spa
  • To start and stop operation via a timer the heating system of the resort can be pre-programmed
  • To help you maintain a clean resort, there are two filter cartridges and a chemical floater included
  • The hot tub comes with its air pump which will inflate it in the shortest possible time
  • On its digital control panel, The pump is controlled with soft-touch buttons



  • Bestway 54155E outdoor spa can accommodate between 4 to 6 persons at once because it is very spacious
  • The hot tub maintains a sturdy I-Beam construction that will not break in easily
  • and it is built with durable materials
  • To set up the hot tub, It does not require any extra tool or professional expertise
  • You won’t get tired of sitting for a long time because the floor of the spa is cushioned


  • A hard water treatment system is not included in this Bestway 54155E outdoor spa.

If you want to receive the benefits of a spa but don’t want to make a significant commitment to purchase a stationary one an inflatable hot tub can be a great purchase. To getting a membership to a fitness club, these portable spas are also a nice alternative, because without having to leave the comfort of your home you can use them any time of the day or not. With strangers, you need not to share the space or limit your use because of a club’s time constrictions.

For many years Bestway has been offering inflatable hot tubs and to provide excellent products to its costumers. This tub has strived. There are countless examples of satisfied and happy customers who have purchased inflatable spas from Bestway. In the industry, for a good reason, this company is one of the leaders.

Product Overview

For Portable convenience, spas are made, so to that expectation, they should live up. For setting them up or taking them down, they shouldn’t require tools. Before set up, they also shouldn’t require extensive preparation. Hard tubs often need yard work and excavation. An inflatable hot tub should need only enough space. Though the best inflatable hot tubs have one as a built-in feature, some require an external air pump.

These features can vary despite having extra filters, a built-in filtration system, or for night use, even something as simple as lighting. These features can help make you feel like for your buck you’re getting more bang and in the long run could also potentially help you save money.


The Bestway SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub is a portable hot tub which can accommodate up to six adults. It features a built-in filtration system and a Lay-Z massage system. It also has a rapid heating system which heats the water to a maximum of one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit at a rate of two to three degrees per hour.

The hot tub holds up to two hundred and fifty gallons of water, and this tub can be plugged directly into any standard outlet. It features a cushioned; a seven-light LED light show, a drain valve, and floor. This hot tub comes with an extra filter cartridge, a chemical floater, a ground mat, and an inflatable cover. Both the exterior and interior of the container are a cream color.


  • There is a Built-in timer
  • This is very Easy to set up
  • There is the presence of Quite pump facility
  • Attractive Lighting System


  • simultaneous functions cannot be operated.

Product overview:

The Goplus Portable Inflatable Hot Tub is adding to the 4-6 person capacity. With its superb quality and features, surely this inflatable hot tub is a hit.

This tub features a user- friendly control panel that is located along the corner of the container, and it is straightforward to operate. The 130 high- powered soothing bubble jets will be stimulated along with the relaxing heated water once the Goplus System is activated.

Also, maintenance won’t be a problem since its filter cartridge can be easily replaced which allows clean water all the time. In the spa, suspended crystals are kept in the filter cartridge for a retained soft water.

For your convenience and ease of transport, this tub is designed. It can be quickly put away by folding it and grabbing the handles when you’re done using the Inflatable Hot Tub.



The heated water produced becomes gentle in the clothes, skin, and basically, everything that the treated water touches with its built-in Hard Water Treatment System. This avoids the build-up of hard water, that can lead to a poor tub life. Your personal temperature preference will be met through this system.

The exterior walls of the inflatable tub are made of fabric- insulated ground cloth and coated material. It also comes with an insulated cover that for better heating and safety is responsible. They keep the tub’s high thermal retention.


  • For your money, this tub offers excellent value
  • For comfort and ease of transport Grab handles
  • Easy to maintain and assemble
  • This tub is Built-in hard water treatment system


  • Some say this is Energy inefficient tub

This Coleman inflatable is easy to set up. The tub gets the water pretty hot, and the bubble action is compelling.

It can fit four people, but it’s best for 1-2 people, and Product information says that. About the SaluSpa is the cushioned floor is one good thing. It makes for comfortable sitting or kneeling because it is padded.

It features two easy-lift handles that make emptying it a breeze.


  • This is very easy to maintain
  • compared to other brands this product is relatively durable


  • assembly instructions are poor.


Frequently Ask Question:

What Do you need?

To get you started everything you need comes in the box when you buy your inflatable hot tub. The only other things needed are chemicals and new filters for when maintaining your spa, so to buy these at the same time it is always good so you should not forget, though you won’t need them right away.

How warm do they get for you?

For most people most of the inflatable spa’s will heat up to 40 degrees that is usually more than warm enough, there is temperature control so you can reduce this too.

To fill the spa How Long does it take, and heat it?

Depending on your water pressure and the size of your hot tub, it can take 1-2 hours to fill the spa, and then again depending on the size it can take 12 hours plus to heat it.

With the jets on will it heat quicker?

No, the air from the jets and bubbles will cool the water, intact it will cool the water, so you must ensure they are off when heating.

Can you use it in Winter?

You certainly can, however, you must be careful about that Lay-Z-Spa advises that the spa should not be set up or left out in temperatures lower than 4 degrees (40F) as the water may cause damage to the pump making it unusable and start to freeze. So would certainly be relaxing to use in the winter months and although it can be used, just you need to ensure it is protecting from freezing temperatures.

Can you use it indoors?

You can, however, to consider there are a few extra things, the floor, can it hold the weight, when getting out what if the flooring gets wet, or draining it? So indoors although it can be used, about the practical side you need to think and use of this.

To store away Is it easy?

It certainly is, just deflate and drain the water, in its box pack it away and for next Summer in a dry place store ready. When draining it though do take some time to give it scrub down and a good clean, for the next time you bring it out it shall make things a lot easier.

Do these Tubs Have Seats?

No, inflatable hot tubs don’t tend to have any sort of seat though you expect, however they possess a cushioned base which makes it comfortable to sit on.

For more people to get in and enjoy as there are no designated seats it makes it easier, and to spread.

Things to Consider Before Making Purchase:


You can use them indoors or out, whichever you choose you shall need some space to fit one is the great things with inflatable hot tubs. All you require to use the spa and hot tub is a space for this that is level and flat, this could be your decking area, patio, lawn, or perhaps inside in your conservatory. Where ever it is just making sure you have measured to ensure it fits and you know where it will be going.

Remember with inflatable hot tubs they are easy to move if space isn’t an issue , just deflate it, drain it, and then move it to wherever you desire, ideal if you start to use it as the same time most days as you may wish to move it to catch the evening sun too perhaps.


How much space do you have, and how many people do you want to hold. You can get a hot tub that can hold anywhere from 2-4 up to 8 people if space isn’t an issue then. The bigger the hot tub the more the price, and also more water to fill, so you have to think how many people will be in it at any one time, it may just be your partner and you so one that holds 4 people would be ideal. However, a larger size would be better if friends or kids are going to be joining you. There are many 2 person inflatable hot tub in the market. Besides 6 person inflatable hot tub is also available there.

Plug Socket

On the end, inflatable hot tubs come with a plug which plugs straight into a plug socket like any other household appliance so there is no need for any special wiring, just ensure you have one free near a door or window, and also that it will reach as we don’t advise using an extension lead.

Final words:

So, guys, this was our top 10 best inflatable hot tubs reviews. If you feel you need to know any more things regarding these above mentioned top 10 best inflatable hot tubs reviews you are requested to inform us, we will get back to your questions soon. Thank you all.