10 Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews In 2022

Numerous love outdoor actions and adventures; some like fishing, hiking, climbing, biking, etc. But if you’re the type of person who loves the fast-rushing jingles of flowing rivers and arroyos or loves the whitewater, then kayaking is for you.

These days, there are lots of kayaking capitals available, so it won’t be tough for you to find the kayak gear you want. For the kayak itself, there are those completed of plastic, woods, fiberglass, or Kevlar. Diverse designs are accessible, counting inflatable kayaks.

These are kayaks that you can effortlessly transport using a carry bag. You can inflate it using dissimilar kinds of propels like foot pumps, hand pumps, or electronic pumps. You can get the best inflatable kayak made of Hypalon, polyurethane-coated material, or PVC.

If you love the nerve and extreme adventures of kayaking but don’t want the bothers of carrying a heavy, burly kayak, then the inflatable kind is for you.

They are also transportable, making them firm and easy to master as soon as they are in the water. Then again, some inflatable kayaks may take a lot of strength to paddle as equal to a traditional kayak; they may also tend to be measured. But there are more benefits to inflatable kayaks than you might distinguish. So before beginning with the Inflatable kayak Reviews, I’ll try to clear the basics about these kayaks.

Our Best Picks:

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  • Intex Explorer K2 Yellow 2 Person Inflatable Kayak
  • Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak
  • Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak
  • Intex Challenger K1 Kayak
  • Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak
  • Goplus Inflatable Kayak 3 Separate Air Chambers
  • Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak
  • Driftsun Rover 220 Inflatable Tandem Kayak
  • SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba SS Sit-in Kayak
  • Elkton Outdoors Tandem Kayak
  • Sevylor Inflatable kayak

Advantages of Getting the Best Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are desirable, easy to use and light. Notwithstanding that, these inflatable kayaks can be used for exploring in whitewater. They are also typically tough than maximum would imagine.

Inflatable kayaks can tolerate whitewater kayaking, exploit boating and serious kayaking and traveling. These inflatable boats are just about durable and take the roughest rapids in stride. You need to go through the Inflatable kayak Reviews to find the best suitable one.

Inflatable kayaks are extremely tough since they are intended for heavy-duty water running. Those models which are suggested for Class IV whitewater can endure obstacles along the way.

The inflatable kayaks that are regarded for Class III whitewater are nearly as durable since the softer substantial practically recoils the boat off of obstacles. Hard-hull boats that attack rocks or hit docks are prone to widespread damage. But the bodies of inflatable kayaks are like shock absorbers. They bounce off mainstays, docks, and other obstacles.

The dual floor feature of a few inflatable kayaks makes it nearly unbearable to puncture. This system gives double safety to the weakest part of the boat. Even when it’s full of water, the inflatable kayak remains afloat and stays rock-solid and stable.

Equaled to any kayak, inflatable kayaks are the maximum buoyant since they are ultimately comprised of blown up internal compartments. Inflatable kayaks are also very sheltered to use because they are demanding to tip over. The kayaks’ flat bottoms make them very longstanding.

Inflatable kayaks have the functioning benefits of hard-shell ones devoid of the bulk. And in contrast to other kayaks, the inflatable ones are stress-free to move around. They can also be indeed disassembled and amassed. They only have to be deflated, doubled up and then packed up. Likewise, inflatable kayaks don’t take up too much area and need enough space for storage as soon as deflated.

Though it has space for tons of gear, inflatable kayaks can be stored to the size of a small duffle bag. They can be put in the car trunk and taken like a suitcase to the edge of the water where it is then inflated and began. Inflation takes just five to ten minutes, varying on the model.

Inflatable kayaks also have an exceptional capacity. Whether for day tours or long expeditions, these kayaks can transfer a lot of gear. The inflatable kayaks’ affordability also types for an excellent buy. Associated to canoes and hard shell kayaks, the inflatable ones are very relaxed and light on the pouch.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Inflatable Kayak?

I’m going to summarize some of the things you need to deliberate when in the shop for one of these beautiful boats. First of all, what do you need to do with your inflatable kayak? Do you need to shoot a set of class III waterfalls or do you want to have fun on your preferred lake? There are unique types of inflatable kayaks accessible and all of them are mentioned and discussed in inflatable kayak reviews. So no matter what you need to achieve, there is a kayak for you.

One of the significant things to consider when it comes to the best inflatable kayak is how much weight it will carry. You need to make sure that your kayak will take plenty of pressure. 500 pounds is a good number. If your inflatable kayak moves 500 pounds, you’ll be okay to go.

How about what it’s completed out of. You need to make sure that no matter what inflatable kayak you choose it is finished from a durable, tear-resistant solid that will withstand a lot of penalties. Some productions advertise the fact that their inflatable kayaks will arise to a dog’s paws. This is a decent thing. If your inflatable boat will stand up to the nails of a dog, it means that it is completed from high quality substantial.

Now let’s talk about skegs. Do you understand what a skeg is? Skegs are tiny fins attached to the inflatable kayak which allow it to track smoothly across the water, which humbly means the skegs enable the inflatable kayak to go in a fair line. Some productions add this feature to their inflatable kayaks, which over is a good thing and make the kayak much more navigable.

The other thing to seek for when finding an inflatable kayak is what type of assurance the manufacturer offers. You always want to be sure that the manufacturer bids money back guarantee. Some producers even offer trial periods, which is also very helpful. When it derives to inflatable kayaks these are some of the stuff you want to look for. You want to buy from a quality creator that makes a quality product.

Many experts in a few Inflatable kayak Reviews would commend the use of inflatable kayaks for rivers and calm waters. However, more progressive models can survive rocky streams, and some of these kayaks may take in structures alike to those found in a folding kayak. New inflatable kayak designs completed with such an internal frame can make the hull more inflexible and sea commendable.

Some users of inflatable kayaks may question their stability, which is not something that they have to fear about since they are constant with a small turning radius. Aside from it is transferable, it is also easy to dominate. The shortcoming, however, is that it takes more power for users to paddle. Compared to other kinds of kayaks, inflatables are generally broader and slower. So this is not mentioned for advanced users who are afraid about speed.

When shopping for the best inflatable kayak, it would help a lot if you understand what type of water you will be in the maximum of the time. Some inflatables are considered to be more seaworthy, and others are enhanced for rivers and calm seas.

There are a number of; however, that can execute in all types of water, and nonetheless, you may want something for a convinced water type. The kind of kayaking activity will also point you in the right direction when spending for a kayak.

You must know if you will be geared toward flat water kayaking or perhaps river kayaking where there may be torrents. Once you can identify and regulate such factors, it will be easier for you to slim down your choices for inflatable kayaks.

One more factor that will help you when purchasing an inflatable kayak is by going through inflatable kayak reviews. There are a lot of builders and models, and reading reviews will critically help in knowing the functioning of each brand and model, and whether or not they are worth their value.

The control of thumb when reading reviews to think the source of any positive or negative review before adopting that the kayak is the finest one for you. Asking for expert’s recommendation is also an excellent way to find out more report about these kayaks.

Agents and salespeople, for example, can often give you the sound opinion and good advice of proper constructors and models for the inflatable kayak that you are seeking for.

The freedom that these kinds of boats offer is unmatched. You can transfer your inflatable kayak in your trunks, and merely blow it up when you need it. This is amazingly helpful. Whether you need to go fishing, whitewater rafting, or lazily play around your favorite lake, and inflatable kayak could be an inexpensive alternative to high-cost old-style kayaks.

Top 10 Inflatable Kayak Reviews 2021

1. Intex Explorer K2 Yellow 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

Best Inflatble Kayak ReviewsCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

The first in our Inflatable kayak Reviews is the K2 version from the Intex brand that is one of the best water toys for this summer. With all the lovely features this brand will be perfect for your buck. This is the king kayak that provides the best usability to its user. There’s no need to worry if you are a beginner or a pro. You’ll love it assembly and folding features since it only takes fifteen minutes.

There’s a travel bag to carry it, and a single person can handle the weight since it’s light. You would be able to put it in your trunk and go. The bright color looks amazing, and so the design is mesmerizing. It gives the best aesthetic feel anyone can ever have.

Keeping all the features in mind, the producers also had given an excellent process to the safety essentials. The repair patch is wonderful, and the grab line is also praiseworthy. The kayak is one of the versatile and stable ones out there.

It can carry almost 350 lbs. And yet it isn’t hefty at all. There are dual sits for two individual and the backrest lets you to enjoy a comfortable ride. The floor gives the perfect stability experience and also it is made of high-quality materials.

[amazon box=”B00A7EXF4C” grid=”1″]

The Good Side:-

  • In a less high price, you get a lot of features to enjoy.
  • The durability is awesome, and the weight is minimal.
  • Effortlessly easy to control.
  • Two paddles are a good plus.
  • Two riders can have enough space to ride.

The Bad Side:-

  • The heavy paddles are a minus.

2. Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak

Sea-Eagle-380x-Inflatable-KayakCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

The next best inflatable kayak is the SE370 from the industry famous brand Sea Eagle. The kayak is a large kayak that can carry one-hundred-and-fifty pounds easily. The weight of this extraordinary kayak is six pounds which is very minimal.  This is a versatile model that is well to function in any water environment.

However, I would recommend to use it as an entry level kayak. This kayak is very cost effective and most beginners would love the price range. The stability level is praiseworthy, and novice paddlers would enjoy the security. The hard to puncture kayak is also very much sturdy and robust. It can endure a lot of beating and still stay unbreakable.

It might not be the high-end model, but it surely delivers a lovely sturdiness. It would be ideal for most adventures on the water, and it already has an excellent reputation for supreme usability.

At this price, you get a lot of accessories included too. For instance the paddle and the seat with the travel bag and repair kit. There is also a pump coming along. For a solo adventure, this can meet your expectations.

[amazon box=”B000SL0KB0″ grid=”1″]

The Good Side:-

  • Transportation and storing system is a relief to add.
  • The flexibility and ease of handling give a better experience.
  • The extra equipment included saves a lot of bucks.
  • The best budget-friendly kayak with useful features.

The Bad Side:-

  • A life jacket could have been included.
[amazon box=”B001ASTHJG” grid=”1″]

The 380x from the Sea Eagle stands high in our Inflatable kayak Reviews as the best inflatable kayak with a bunch of features to be happy about. This brand is a trustworthy one in the industry serving people for thirty long years. The latest and modern designs are eye-catching. Safety and security need to be appreciated.

The removable floor is sturdy and stable to provide a safe experience on kayaking. The chambers are substantially manufactured, and the extra strength makes way for fewer injury possibilities. This is ideal for dry and comfy rides on any water environment.  The floor is sturdy and survives in all the condition while paddling.

This is the perfect kayak for novices out there since it carries all the possible gears you would need while kayaking. The repair kit along with the pump is excellent and efficient. The carry bag is convenient to put and bring along the kayak to places for adventure.

The Good Side:-

  • This kayak is very portable and convenient one.
  • The durability is fantastic, and the quality is excellent.
  • The inflating and deflating needs minor period.
  • The versatility of the kayak is highly appraisable.
  • Maneuverability and controlling are super simple.
  • There is also a three-year warranty coming along.

The Bad Side:-

  • The travel bag needs some improvements.

4. Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Intex Inflatable Kayak ReviewsCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

The next best inflatable kayak in our Inflatable kayak Reviews is from the brand Intex. Intex has a few perfect functioning kayaks to mention and praise about. This is the kayak with high-end kayak ability, but if you are looking hard for a kayak that is cheap and full of basics, then this kayak can do wonders.

With this kayak you get all the necessary tackles you are going to need in the adventure. And so you do not need to spend additional for extra accessories. Isn’t it great? Also, there are two color shades, green and blue to choose from and both looks mind-blowing.

The eye-catching graphics are not only the plus, but the cargo nets are also a great thing available. They work effortlessly to store all your tackles in one place. The inflatable seat with backrest feature gives you a comfortable experience.

The grab lines ensure there is a helping hand while mishaps are taking place. The stability of the vehicle is excellent and good at the price. It doesn’t collapse or crash too quickly, and so it provides an elegant, safe journey to be expecting.

[amazon box=”B07JQ57FTB” grid=”1″]

The Good Side:-

  • The value for a kayak with all necessary gears is more than anything else.
  • The space available is enough.
  • The pumping requires only five to ten minutes.
  • The cargo net provides better organization of tackles.

The Bad Side:-

  • The paddles need to be repaired or exchanged too often.
[amazon box=”B07H5QWLRL” grid=”1″]

The best buddy you can take with yourself to the water is the next kayak in our Inflatable kayak Reviews. This is the best inflatable kayak when it comes to a fun tool that doesn’t get heavy on the pocket. With a lot of features to be contented about you get a great vehicle that carries great value.

This kayak is narrow, and that’s a good thing if you want to get a vehicle for speed. It might not be the toughest one to understand, but still, it does a proper function on the water. Turning quickly in the water, allowing better maneuverability, being safe and many more aspects to praise. This kayak is undoubtedly one of the greatest in this price range.

The stability in the water is quite good, and the construction material is also sturdy and sturdy enough. It doesn’t crash or gets worn out very often, and maintenance is also effortless. And so people love the simplicity and ease of handling when talking about this particular model.

Regarding value, this kayak tops the list since it provides more than the average features that are extremely important.

The Good Side:-

  • The setting up process is simple and stress-free.
  • The design is durable and long-lasting.
  • Doesn’t require much space to store.
  • The paddles are made of aluminum.

The Bad Side:-

  • The included hand pump needs to be more capable of pumping.

6. Goplus Inflatable Kayak

Goplus Inflatable KayakCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

So now we will be adding a Goplus Kayak in this Inflatable kayak Reviews. You have heard this brand if you are into kayaking. They offer a few very nice looking and feature rich kayak that provides excellent balance.

The seat that comes is inflatable, and also there is backrest to ensure comfy ride. Space can be adjusted to own preference which I love, and there’s also three blow holds separated from each other. So no worrying about one getting damaged. Because you are still left with the other two. This makes accident and mishap situations more comfortable to handle.

The hand pump is efficient to pump it quick and also the towing is quite convenient. There’s a carry bag to let you carry it with yourself when on a trip to someplace.

[amazon box=”B07F319KZV” grid=”1″]

The Good Side:-

  • There is no fear of sinking with three chambers.
  • The size is perfect for tall people.
  • The deflating will lead it to a manageable size that is easily storable.
  • A very budget friendly kayak that gives full worth of money.

The Bad Side:-

  • Tracking straight is a bit complicating.

7. AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak

AdvancedFrame-Convertible-Inflatable-KayakCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

The next best inflatable kayak in this Inflatable kayak Reviews comes with an excellent price range and also stable and comfortable features. The popularity of this model has been high, and this is because it gives a perfect and comfortable kayaking trip to enjoy.

The storing process is straightforward and stress-free since the kayak is very tiny. The nice neat package you get after rolling it leads to better maintenance which I love. The carry bag included provides a safe traveling without damaging. The inflating doesn’t require much time and energy which is very evident.

The speed of the kayak is relatively higher than other ones, and also it has a very lovely tracking fin. The built-in aluminum ribs allow the user to experience better maneuverability. The sturdiness of the kayak is also very appraisable since it provides decent stability. The adjustable back support gives extra comfort to the rider while enjoying various water environment.

The foam seat can be removed if required and so the usability becomes more convenient. This kayak is an ideal choice when you decide to enjoy a ride in the oceans.

[amazon box=”B000J2O5VE” grid=”1″]

The Good Side:-

  • A lightweight kayak that is easy to handle.
  • People from any age can use it without difficulty.
  • The accessories are great, and the options of the deck are beautiful.
  • Received a lot of appreciation from the former users.

The Bad Side:-

  • Getting water out can be a trouble.

8. Driftsun Inflatable Kayak

[amazon box=”B07B8D7BHC” grid=”1″]

A durable and lightweight kayak is the best inflatable kayak that you can carry along with yourself without any hassle. And now, the one in our inflatable kayak reviews that provides all these aspects is on its way. The Driftsun has made a high-quality kayak which needs only ten minutes to get inflated. The weight is manageable, and it is made of heavy-duty materials.

The stability and balance the kayak provides are unmatchable thanks to the robust and dependable floor. It can survive in extreme water circumstances along with rough waters.  Also, it includes a bunch of accessories to fulfill your adventure journey.

The back support on the seats gives the ultimate support when you are enjoying the waves. Also, the seat is adjustable, and so it provides a comfortable experience. The hand pump is excellent in functioning. This kayak is in short ready for any adventure you wish to have.

The Good Side:-

  • The setup is effortless and uncomplicated.
  • It can handle two adults at a reasonable speed.
  • Steering is excellent and effortless.
  • The two paddles coming along are great.

The Bad Side:-

  • The manual needs to be more accurate and precise.

9. Sun Dolphin Aruba SS Sit-in Kayak, 10-Feet

Sun-Dolphin-ArubaCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

  • This kayak from the SunDolphin is a budget-friendly kayak that gives people the perfect combination of versatility and stability. There is storage available to hoard up all the necessary gears you need to take along. The seat could be adjusted to the comfort of the user, and also there are tracks as well as paddles with supreme usability.
  • The molded paddle handler is a great plus to hold the paddles effortlessly. The carrier is removable and also portable. The protective thigh pads give extra support to the rider, and the foot braces are adjustable too. There is also a water bottle holder to carry your beverages when you go for an absolute adventure. The kayak weights only twenty-seven pounds, and it can handle almost two-hundred-and-sixty pounds without hassle.
[amazon box=”B00UKQQUHQ” grid=”1″]

The Good Side:-

  • An affordable kayak for both beginners and pro users.
  • The seat is adjustable, and so it provides a better experience.
  • The lightweight kayak is easy to carry and transfer.
  • A stable kayak to deal with rough waters.
  • Doesn’t require much space to store.
  • The holders for paddle and water are adequate.

The Bad Side:-

  • The weight limit should improve and augment.

10. Elkton Outdoors Tandem Kayak: 12 Foot

Elkton-Outdoors-Tandem-KayakCheck Today’s Price on Amazon

The last but not the minimum in our Inflatable kayak Reviews comes from the brand Elkton. They provide a few very well looking and high in feature kayaks that can be the best inflatable kayak suiting your needs. This one is mainly built to last for a long time. The body is well constructed with never crack materials to make it endure the toughest situations like a pro.

The carry handles are very convenient to use and carry. The transportation is effortless and stress-free since it fits in the trunk of the car without any problem. The compartment is airtight, and also space is enough to store anything like fishes and gears effortlessly.

Along with the kayak comes a bunch of gears to ensure your trip lacks no assistance. It comprises two paddles and bungee cords. There are rod holders and two seats available. And so it is very efficient kayak providing maximum provision to its user.

[amazon box=”B07B8WZJVJ” grid=”1″]

The Good Side:-

  • The construction is durable and long-lasting.
  • The PVC material provides a robust and stable kayak.
  • There’s no fear of the kayak tears.
  • Retaining air is so much enhanced.
  • There are fishing rod holders available for a better fishing experience.

The Bad Side:-

  • The Instruction manual is a bit complicating.

Myths about Inflatable Kayak

When trying to find the best inflatable kayak, consumers have common fallacies surrounding the kayak type. If you are open to the likelihood of one day using an inflatable unit, there are a couple of myths you need to be sure about first.

Myth Number One:

Judged to other types, inflatable kayaks are less lasting.

Unfortunately, most buyers believe that inflatable kayaking boats are not stable. Rigid hulls modestly send out the impression of greater permanency merely because they are durable. Inflatable kayaks, however, are created of a variety of durable tools like haplon, polyurethane, and Decitex. Aside from being heavy-duty on their own, most of these structures are multi-layered, extra coated and protected for more strength. Many inflatable kayak brands also electrically welded seams to avert tearing.

Myth Number Two:

They offer less firmness than rigid hulls.

Boats with flat bases are generally more stable paralleled to those of not the same bottoms. This means that lots of best inflatable kayak models are also durable as of their flat bottoms. This is not the only reason for inflatable kayak constancy. They also have many chambers that fill with air which makes them more floating and therefore stable on the water. Good inflatable models barely ever fall.

Myth Number Three:

You would have to circumvent sharp river matters if you have an inflatable.

Just for the reason that kayaking boats depress when you thrust your finger on the surface does not mean that they are liable to punctures. You don’t need to avoid river obstacles mainly. Some kayak model toughness tests involve hitting kayaks with sharp objects, and they don’t get impaired at all. In general, though, it is a smart practice not to drag your inflatable kayak through riverbank gravel. Long-drawn-out and regular dragging might not be fine for your kayak.

Myth Number Four:

Inflatable kayaks are hard to uphold and care for.

While it may be true that specific stored inflatable kayaks get moldy in their storing bags according to some inflatable kayak reviews. However, it’s only since they were not adequately drained of water or dried before storing. If you make sure your deflated kayak is dry before storage, you will have no difficulty. Do recall too that inflatable kayaks do not do well in thrilling heat and cold.

Myth Number Five:

They are not as easy to move as rigid hulls.

Huge, flat-bottomed kayaks are frequently more difficult to handle or move compared to curved bottoms and minor kayaks. Some inflatable kayaks though have skegs that permit water tracking deprived of any zigzagging. This makes paddling a calmer and less energy intensive task, especially on flat water.

Myth Number Six:

Inflatable kayaks are expensive.

Just for the reason that they are made of state of the art material, doesn’t mean they are costly. Inflatable kayaks are among the inexpensive kayak options. You can have an inflatable kayak for as low as nine hundred dollars. More costly ones have prices that range from one to two thousand dollars. Of course, costs also depend on the product name. More admired inflatable kayaks may be pricier.

Tips to Use the Best Inflatable Kayak

Skills while spoiling in adventure sports is dominant, and there’s no query about it. However, it’s equally significant to depend on reliable equipment that encounters your dual requirement to allow you to do what you need to while keeping you safe. Here are specific tips for you to keep in mind as soon as you are out paddling:

Inspect before inflating: Products are accountable to be damaged, and any hurt to an inflatable kayak is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Even before you take your kayak out, inspect your surroundings and the surface on which you mean to place the kayak for nails, prickles or stones, shards of glass and stones with jagged/sharp ends. Before inflating, check for scrapes, tears, and damages of any kind whatsoever.

No matter what Kayak you have, Kayaking is risky: kayaking is not for the ones who are faint-hearted. Whether you are a novice or a veteran and whether you use a usual rigid kayak or an Inflatable type Kayak, the risks are existing. Talk to your doctor before you set out to pound your heart out and push yourself bodily. Make sure that you get skilled on how to paddle right, use and harness essential equipment while paddling, and lastly, know all about the risks occupied before setting out. If possible, get prepared well – even if it’s a hobby or a seasonal affair.

Inflatable Kayaks have to pump up, and there’s a method to do that: Just since you have an inflatable type kayak, it doesn’t mean that roaring air into its body is the finish of it. Pay attention to the mounts you must affix to your inflatable for instance seats, footrests, rudders, and skegs. If your inflatable kayak is constructed chamber-type inflate one chamber after the other. With sufficient experience, you will also be capable of knowing when your inflatable kayak is at full heaviness. Note that an inflatable kayak not fully inflated up to its suggested pressure is a killing paddle.

Rein in, and paddle level and steady: On rough streams, your kayak can be a stubborn mule tending to go its way. It’s very eminent to be able to paddle straight and lock yourself to your Kayak as securely as doable. Paddling in a straight line is possibly one of the most vital lessons you could learn since winds, strong water flows and boulders abutting the external of water could all knock you off. Study all about strokes focus on safeguarding yourself and kayaking shouldn’t be unsafe at all.

The tips obtainable above are some basic and essential steps you must always consider the next time you go kayaking with your inflatable kayak.


Several love the structure and plans of an inflatable kayak since it can be folded merely down and kept; you’ll have to depress it, wrap it, pack it up in a bag, and go anywhere else you’d also like to visit. The storing characteristic of an inflatable kayak also means that you can store it safely for sustained life and use. You don’t also have to crowd your car when going to your purposes.

Looking for an inflatable kayak need not be disheartening at all; that’s another lead. The Internet caters to hundreds of inflatable kayak reviews and kayaking supply sites where you can get an inflatable kayak that apt both your needs and your cost. Browse as many sites as you want and compare every deal; this way, you’ll get the best kayak shop. With a massive list of pros, that overshadow the few cons, it is obvious to see why the inflatable kayak is rapidly becoming the next significant thing in kayaking.

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