Top 7 Best Inflatable Movie Screen Reviews for 2022

If  you enjoy watching movies with friends & family but staying inside is not your best choice. You love to watch exciting summer sports events in your backyard with your friends, but you do not have the necessary equipment to organize your space accordingly.

Or you are trying to find a way to prepare the pool area to project some music videos for the upcoming kids’ party. We have the fantastic, mind-blowing solutions for your problem, whatever the case might be. Today we are giving you the Best Inflatable Movie Screens Reviews to find your demand-able movie screen.

If you are an outdoor movie lover and love to have fun watching TV and movies with your friends in outdoor, then we have the Best Inflatable Movie Screen for you.
Are you ready for a fantastic movie night this weekend?

Are you ready for an amazing movie night this weekend?

This blow-up substantial outdoor movie screen cinema device is nicely made of durable fabric which lasts and lasts. You are guaranteed about This backyard blows up outside movie inflatable backyard movie screen a fun party experience. You can also pair Our inflatable projection widescreen portable movie screen with Movie mate projector open-air cinema gadgets for a dynamic experience.

This travel-friendly lightweight package is for men and women, guys, and ladies, teens, and kids come with a carry storage bag that makes for an easy tote wherever you want to go. This fantastic device is perfectly suitable for all types of fun moments including birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baby showers, pool parties, bridal showers, Christmas parties and so on.

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Entertaining doesn’t always have to be such a fuss, and this is our belief – whether it’s a casual gathering of buddies to watch the game or a fantastic birthday bash for your kids – and it’s essential to keep things fun and simple! That’s why we introduce our inflatable movie projector screen in sizes to work in any outdoor or indoor setting. It’s the perfect addition for you to any social event.

For your family, it is the perfect movie screen solution for showing backyard movies with a fantastic DIY outdoor movie theatre setup. Generally, anything you would like to project with a projector and a laptop, it can be cartoons for the kids or for adults this can be sporting events.

7 Best Inflatable Movie Screen Reviews

  • Gemmy 39127-32 Deluxe Air blown Movie Screen
  • Gemmy 44416 Airblown Movie Screen
  • Gemmy 39117-32 Airblown Mickey Movie Screen
  • Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen
  • Easy Go Products 17′ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen
  • 16ft Inflatable Movie Screen with Printable Party Theme Movie Screen
  • 14ft Inflatable Movie Screen with Printable Party Theme Movie Ticket Templates

Let’s Read the full article to find the Best Inflatable Movie Screen as your sweet will.

Gemmy 39127-32 Deluxe Air blown Movie Screen

Are you looking for a screen to watch the occasional backyard movie, this is the one to get? It’s light in weight, it is portable to carry, and the setup system is easy. The blowers are nicely integrated into the bottom of the screen and they are quiet enough that they’re easily drowned out by the audio system. You will find The screen surface comes folded and it’s very nicely prone to wrinkles, so rolling it up after the first use and storing it separately lets you enjoy better quality.

Best Inflatable Movie Screen

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Because of build quality, you get what you pay for. A decent commercial grade screen allows you to have a great entertaining time. This is definitely consumer grade. Plastic buckles hold the screen surface, and the straps are adjustable.

This is the right height for showing something like 100 people.

[table id=3 /]


  • There is no difficulty in its set up
  • It is very light in weight
  • It is highly portable
  • The fans are not loud at all.
  • You can create outdoors cinema
  • The Breakdown and storage system is very easy
  • A great outdoor screen
  • You can enjoy a big movie night party


  • This screen cannot be used as a rear projection screen
  • Heavy wind may cause disturbance

Gemmy 44416 Airblown Movie Screen

This is a modern inflatable movie screen with 14.4 FT width. Being well-designed this product would improve your movie experience. As it is portable and the inflation system is very easy it will let you enjoy the superb huge picture.

This Gemmy Airblown 44416 Movie Screen Deluxe Inflatable, Giant 173″ has a giant inflatable screen. The dimension of the screen is 151 inches wide. This is tall about 85 inches along with 173 inches in diagonal. This is a self-initiates device including an AC Adapter in the package which has a weight of 30 pounds.

Best Inflatable Movie Screens Reviews

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It has its storage bag having tethers along with stakes. Lightweight nylon material is used to manufacture the screen frame. You will find it easy to attach the portable screen. Overall it’s a perfect choice for you only if you are opting for a huge outdoor screen to impress your dearest ones.

If you consider cost-benefit analysis, it’s excellent. It is straightforward to put up, and the blowers are quiet and with a decent set of speakers or (1) powered pa speaker 400 watts that’s what you can use, you will not hear the blowers at all. You will not see the wrinkles even when the movie Is playing.


  • There is a Widescreen of-151″ x 85″ Movie Screen
  • The 173″ screen is measured diagonally
  • It includes Stakes, tethers, and storage bag
  • It contains a Giant Airblown Movie Screen
  • This is a Self-inflates product and you can set it up in no time,
  • There are 2 built-in fans
  • The thick fabric is upgraded


  • This is one of The low-cost product
  • It is also very light in weight
  • There is a facility of small storage footprint
  • The huge screen makes it one of the best outdoor movie screens on the market.
  • The screen is very much perfect for taking on the road (camping, family reunion, etc.)
  • You can take it anywhere
  • It is Well Built


  • It has plastic spikes.
  • Problems in windy weather.

Gemmy 39117-32 Airblown Mickey Movie Screen

This is A wide inflatable movie screen of 181.1″ which looks like Mickey Mouse. It is surely an adorable addition for movie parties. People love that Mickey Inflatable screen because of its ease to set up offering a better quality of picture and sound system. This Mickey can be nicely stored in its personal Disney Bag.


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No need to any particular construction to support the screen as the mickey is a freestanding staff. Having black borders on each side the ratio of the screen aspect is of 16:9. Including the AC power adapter, it weighs only around 27.0lb. Overall, this can be a great surprise for your kids if you are thinking to buy a Mickey shaped video screen.

This thing is Perfect for birthday parties, family fun or sleepovers, and this Mickey Mouse Best Inflatable Movie Screen stuff can showcase any movie, video game, sporting event or slideshow with Mickey’s attracting great ears and classic red shorts. It will Delight kids and adults with this whimsical entertainment experience.

Let’s Watch the Video Review:


  • 112.5″ x 61″ is the screen size, it is 5′ high x 9′ high wide
  • The 128″ screen size is measured diagonally
  • It has Stakes, tethers, and storage bag included
  • It is a Disney Licensed Movie Screen
  • This screen Self-inflates and set up in minutes,
  • There are 2 built-in fans
  • It is Upgraded by the thick fabric


  • It is very easy to set up
  • It is very much convenient to use
  • It has great picture and sound quality
  • It looks cute


  • It performs well at night than day.
  • It performs poor well in windy weather.

Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen

This is the best free portable blow up movie screen for front and rear projection – including triple grade 600DD thickness durable fabric material, and this is strong with reinforced loops on every corner plus ropes, pegs and a sturdy frame at the back to hold upright correctly.

It has a huge inflatable movie screen for outdoors 16 foot(4.4 M x 3.15 M) including the actual white part 12 FT (125 inches wide x 75 inches high) lets you watch movies and TV all day. The all-new Ultra-portable is (18 lbs./9kg) light in weight, and you can hook it into any projectors and speakers for a premium outdoors cinema & television theatre system experience.

Best Inflatable Movie Screen

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Its excellent portable projector screen white display & frame attaches as one – unlike other packages that often do not adjust together.

For easy cleaning & safe storage, you can remove this white material display. This is complete stuff with quiet electric blower- delivering full blowup inflation with low noise in around 2 minutes. The project & play system – by linking your film playing devices or streaming directly through Amazon Prime or Netflix.

You can enjoy So much fun with this massive 4.4 x 3.15m (160″ x 110″) 16ft diagonal blow up inflatable movie screen. Just what needed is to Connect your projector and speakers and let the fun begin.

It is very much Easy and quick to inflate it in around 2 minutes including a quiet electric blower, safety rope tie-downs and pegs to securely stick into the ground. You can Project your movies, TV, and music on this outdoor home cinema screen that is entirely wrinkle-free and highly portable bundled with a quiet electric blower, pegs and ropes for your all in one outside theatre.

Let’s Watch the Video Review:

The High-Quality Durable 600DD material will not rip the screen unzips from the main frame so you can wipe down and store safely for next time.


  • It has the Huge 16ft diagonal inflatable frame
  • Facility for easy cleaning and safe storage options
  • The electric fan is quite that inflates the frame in 2 minutes
  • All the Ropes and tent stakes work together to secure the frame to the ground
  • Lightweight, set up and take down is very easy


  • It has plastic spikes.
  • Problems in windy weather in outdoor.

EasyGo Products 17′ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen


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Easy to set-up:

The mega inflatable movie screen is very easy and nicely convenient to set up in just 2 minutes or less. It includes a user manual with a step by step guide for fast installation along with the air blower, rope, tent, and inflatable stakes facilities

The Screen & Frame:

This amazing new WHITE DISPLAY detachable screen and inflation fan work really great together. You can remove The white display canvas for easy cleaning & safe storage. The larger than life outdoor movie screen measurement is 96″ wide X 58″ tall. Our inflatable movie screen weighs not more than 21 pounds.

All new Attractive Design:

An inflatable frame is included with this Mega outdoor movie screen kit, THE screen is detachable, blower, ground stakes, tie-down strings are perfectly connected to D rings. The tie-downs give higher stability to the screen to ensure a safe and fun movie time.

Travel-Friendly Device:

Have you Ever dreamed of having the big screen that is mobile? This super mega deluxe inflatable cinema screen is very easy to take from one place to another. This is a piece of Great equipment for camping adventures, picnics, and outdoor birthday and wedding parties.

Amazing Movie Theater:

You just need to set up our mega inflatable movie screen and get in the mood for a great viewing experience ever. When it is inflated, this Big Movie Projector Screen measures around 13’ wide x 12’ high with feet measuring 4.5’ deep.


  • You can use it for outdoor parties.
  • The  Movie Cinema is Guaranteed to Thrill and Excite
  • It includes Inflation fan, Tie-Downs, and Storage bag
  • The screen is awesome.


  • Performance in the daylight is not as good as night time.
  • Windy weather may be a disturbance in outdoor.

14ft & 16ft Inflatable Movie Screen with Printable Party Theme Movie Ticket Templates


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10 beautiful movie ticket invitations templates are waiting for you so you can kick-start your party invites with these creative movie tickets. With 10 different party themes and customizable text boxes on each ticket, you have no reason to delay your invitations anymore. So hurry up to Give your guest something to remember!


With top-end quality materials craft the NOZZO inflatable screen in order to provide you with a unique and relaxing home cinema experience through a giant 13ft screen. Rest is assured for you that besides the size and the reliable product quality with the equipment including will allow you to enjoy valuable fun moments with your friends or family without any inconveniences or disturbance.

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This amazing, enormous giant screen comes with a fantastic portable convenient storage bag that lets you to carry your inflatable movie screen wherever you want to take. This portable monitor is very lightweight to take it with you on every relevant occasion for impressive functions


Nozzco inflatable screen package lets you do everything you need for fast and easy setup operations including the air blower, rope, tent, stakes, and carrying bag. Follow our simple to read instructions manuals step by step. Turn on the provided air blower then inflate this giant screen completely in not more than just 2 minutes! Take your place and have fun with your favorite movie with your friends and family members.


For you, this is a must-have equipment for some serious outdoor fun! Setting it up you can relax in your own night movie out on your backyard or by the poolside, you can enjoy a classic movie or a lately released blockbuster.


  • It has facilities of Fast & Easy Set Up
  • It is very Lightweight & Portable
  • This is Fully Equipped Package
  • Product Features are as follows
  • Inflatable movie giant screen
  • It has a Fantastic13ft diagonal screen
  • You will get a bonus 10 Printable Movie Ticket Templates user manual.
  • It Goes up easy and quality screen.


  • This screen cannot be used as a rear projection screen
  • Heavy wind may cause disturbance

What should you know before buying an inflatable movie screen?

Buy the size that highly suits you:

Now you are surely ready to shop for a movie screen, start by figuring out what actual size you want. Find a company that sells these screens to get a feel for which sizes are ideal. They will usually provide you with some recommendations that will make it easier for you to come to such a decision. You better also think about how many times or how frequently you plan to use the screens because this will play a large role in your decision to make such an ambitious purchase as well.

Find the highest rated brands and best types of movie screens

Do a little bit of homework and find out which inflatable movie screens are the best around. You will usually easily be able to come up with a few major brands and will allow yourself the opportunity to shop accordingly and make the perfect decision. Don’t hesitate to search for reviews as well to make sure you are doing your best to match up with screens that will surely serve you for the long haul. Because this is a large screen so that you will want to keep for a long time, you hardly do too much research ahead of time.

Find out the costs and shop around

Set up the best budget and know what price you do not want to spend over. From here, you will be easily able to shop with movie screening companies that can sell you what you need accurately. They will usually start by laying out a price range and will show you nicely all of the available models within the price range. Give yourself time to shop around for the best deal to get an inflatable movie screen that does not hurt your bank account.

Be Determined To Buy a warranty and insurance on the movie screen

You also will work to put an available warranty and insurance plan in place whenever purchasing a movie screen. Doing this will allow you the opportunity to protect the screen if it happens to puncture or deal with any other kinds of further damage. Because of the natural nature of inflatable screens, you better always buy insurance plan to go with it just to be on the safe side. These insurance plans will not cost you much but will go a long way toward protecting your screen.

Take care of the inflatable movie screen as best as you can

Be sure that you also take the time to nicely wash, clean and care for your screen properly. This way, it will last for years for you and allow you to watch movies in comfort and with ease.
Hopefully, If you focus on these tips, you will be able to buy an inflatable movie screen which you can install and use for any movie showing. Doing this will give you the opportunity to have an awesome time and thankfully, there are a lot of companies available who can sell you a screen if this is what you need. Start out by following these tips and then you will be able in good hands once you are ready to shop around.

Frequently Ask Questions:

1. Does this screen support rear projection anyhow?

ANS: Unfortunately, the answer is no. It was really an incredible screen though. This is Well worth the investment. I will add that the screen must stay plugged in to stay inflated. There was a small fan noise but it was not a distraction for you with a good sound system.

2.  How noisy is the air blower? Does it distract from hearing the movie?

ANS: We have used the screen more than once and of course it has been outdoors. You will not even hear the fan, it is very quiet. We absolutely love this giant screen, it is very fun and easy to set up.

3. We received our box that included the black supports, stakes, and blower. Does the actual white screen come in a separate box?

ANS: We bought one and the white GIANT screen came with it.

4. can the fan take 220 volts does the plug have a transformer?

Ans: no

5. What cords do you need? I bought the recommended ones but seem to be having trouble?

Ans: just used a regular extension cord

Conclusion: This screen will provide you with tremendous value and you wouldn’t hesitate to get a second one.  you do wish you could do rear-projection with it, but that is probably your only complaint.  For my family, it is the perfect movie screen solution for showing backyard movies with a DIY outdoor movie theater setup.

There you go. This was our best inflatable widescreen movie screen reviews that you were waiting for. Hopefully, you will like this strip and we hope we were able to help you choose the best inflatable widescreen movie screen reviews according to your budget.

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