7 of the Best Inflatable Neck Pillow Reviews 2023

Pillows, specifically the best inflatable neck pillow, can make all the difference to your sleep. If you are a traveller then you know the huge advantage of inflatable neck pillows. A quality neck pillow is very useful for sleep even in a crowded economy zone because you are ready to give anything for a good sound sleep. Falling asleep anywhere like on a train, plane, or car seat in anytime is much easier with an inflatable neck pillow.

Best Inflatable Neck Pillow

But waking up with a stiff neck or a horrible headache will almost certainly spoil your day. If you have ever tried the common U-formed inflatable travel pillows that are lacking in comfort you will certainly benefit from reading about these innovative options.

There are so many inflatable neck pillows out there that make claims to provide the support you need so it can be a complicated choice at times.

These days inflatable neck pillows are made with the same quality standards as normal pillows. When you choose to spend your money on an inflatable neck pillow, it is the design and exclusive fabric that makes your buying experience better.

After going through the most popular traveller’s reviews on different types of neck pillows, we are pleased to provide a list of the 7 best inflatable neck pillows for sleeping by size, quality, ease of carrying and affordability.

The biggest advantage of an inflatable neck pillow over memory foam neck pillows is its portability and comfort.

Let’s begin!

7 Best Inflatable Neck Pillows Reviewed

1. FMOPQ Inflatable Neck Pillow

When it comes to inflatable neck pillow brands there are some good names that have managed to earn a good standing among travellers. FMOPQ is one such brand that is able to be trusted and used by most travellers all across the world. The FMOPQ inflatable neck pillow comes with beautiful earplugs, a comfortable eye mask and also a durable drawstring bag.

This neck pillow inflates in just 10 seconds with the exclusive inflation valve and requires just 5 seconds to deflate. This pillow is the most comfortable once it is inflated to about 80-90% of its capacity. This FMOPQ neck pillow is exceptionally comfortable for planes, buses, cars and trains.

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They have also a large number of customers using this pillow at residences or workplaces for watching television, reading or working at the table and napping as well. The awesome design of this inflatable neck pillow holds up your head in an upright position. The added padding on the sides assists you to snooze without hurting your neck.

Moreover, the adjustable finish fits your neck beautifully. The earplugs and sleep masks offer allows for a full sleeping experience. In addition, FMOPQ provides you with 1 year of warranty for this stylish inflatable neck pillow.


  • Easy to carry. Just need to roll up the pillow into your travel bag.
  • It’s extremely lightweight and space-saving as well.
  • This high-quality product has a full refund or free exchange.
  • Shipping is quick and packaging is great also.
  • Can be used on long flights.
  • Costs a third of the pillows you get at the airport.
  • The cover comes off for washing.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Earplugs are inflexible, and not easy to place.
  • Earplugs do not block sound properly.
  • The eye cover is budget and in fact, doesn’t fit very well.
  • The chemical smell is a bit off-putting at first.

2. FMOPQ Auto-Inflating Neck Pillow for Airplanes

Tired of hearing that your pillow has an air leak problem? Exhausted from worrying about your neck, cervical or shoulder is suffering for instance pain, firmness, and fatigue from the infraction? Fine, then this is the option for you.

The FMOPQ auto-inflating neck pillow for aeroplanes with a flexible velvet pillowcase, a nice earplug, a budget sleep mask, and a luxury bag is the best choice for you. This travel neck pillow cover is finished with incredibly soft micro velvet material which is pleasant to feel. The inside cover of the neck pillow uses sealed PVC stuff for protection and no air leak troubles. This neck pillow is inflated by its own pump. If you continually press the air pump for about 30 seconds you will find the preferred level of inflation.

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This 360-degree packed-in-neck pillow offers a velvet drawstring bag. You can carry it in the luggage bag after use. It simply fixes to luggage not taking up additional space. It has a washable and removable cover that can be cleaned easily to get rid of germs or to simply get ready for the next tour, this neck pillow would be a perfect gift. Again, FMOPQ offers you 1 year of warranty for this fashionable auto-inflating neck pillow.


  • Easy to Storage, Good for Travel!
  • Removable and Washable Cover.
  • Fast inflation and deflation.
  • Smart Design.
  • High-Quality Material.
  • It’s really Lightweight and space-saving.
  • Nicely packed with a velvet bag.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Little more costly than the other brands.
  • If it is over-inflated, it can be very uncomfortable.
  • The instructions appear to be poorly translated.

3. GOMUM Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow

Have you ever wanted to give a beautiful gift to your travel-loving friend? The GOMUM inflatable neck travel pillow with a removable and washable soft velvet cover is the best gift for your friend who loves travelling. It will help you save money and ensure comfortable sleeping. This pillow is machine washable and made of soft velvet that is skin-friendly also. The GOMUM inflatable neck pillow takes in a not-fixed and washable.

This inflatable neck travel pillow just takes less than 60 seconds to inflate.  This neck pillow is protected to use anytime, wherever you want. After finishing using the pillow, you just need to press the air release valve to let it down quickly. This stylish pillow can stop all side swaying, and hold up your head in an upright position.

It includes added cushioning on the sides to assist you to snooze with no straining in your neck. Moreover, you can alter the size to your chosen inflation point and insistence by controlling the total of air that goes into the pillow. This travel pillow is exceptional for use on cars, planes, buses, and trains also.

While you are not using it, just deflate the air to fold up and store your pillow in the moveable pouch. Its little size offers awesome fitting portability not using up valuable space. They provide excellent warranty support, not including any extra costs. Their quick and simple-to-reach customer service will solve any troubles within 24 hours.


  • The memory foam is comfortable.
  • Able to carry it easily around inside your bag.
  • Unique inflation pump.
  • Great price for the quality.
  • Perfect for travelling.
  • The material can also be washed.
  • High-Quality Material.
  • Smart and innovative design.
  • FREE Shipping and 1-year warranty


  • Should be multiple sizes, too big around for some reviewers.
  • Sometimes the foam instantly loses shape when any pressure is applied.

4. ONWEGO Inflatable Neck Pillow

The finish of an inflatable neck pillow establishes its general look and quality. So it is very essential to find the right neck pillow for this job. No matter how expensive the pillow is or how soft and luxurious cotton fabric is put together to make an amazing design if the inner seams are not smooth fabric seam then the itchy neck irritation will not turn out as perfect as the expected pillow.

This pillow features their original soft top fabric cover and super flexible cotton fabric. Moreover, with the polyester batting for decisive sleeping ease with no sweaty neck, you find the velvet u formed pillows.

An exceptional one-way air valve system of this inflatable neck pillow lets you pump up within 2-3 breaths and deflating is just as simple. You just need to simply press the inside flap to swiftly deflate or alter the pillows control. This pillow is perfect for cars, planes, trains, and buses as well. It weighs only under 3 oz and fits into its self-controlled drawstring packsack following a fast folding.

This is their lightest and most compact neck pillow, a great journey companion for travellers! The removable cover can easily be washable with mild soap and water to clean up your pillow after tours. The packable size is so ultra that If you have room for a further pair of rolled socks, you have room for this neck pillow also.


  • Right-size pillow.
  • No button to close the pillow, comfortably around your neck.
  • Very compact for travel.
  • Easy inflate, Easy deflate.
  • Folds up very small.
  • The memory foam is comfortable.
  • It’s extremely Lightweight and space-saving too.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Sometimes too hot on your skin.
  • The nylon fabric is noisy.
  • Not very tall, so don’t give a good deal of head and neck support.

5. Metene Soft Velvet Inflatable Neck Support Pillows

We will not say that this Metene travel pillow runs over with several amazing features but this pillow does have nearly everything you need to sleep comfortably while travelling and with a good outcome.

This incredible neck pillow inflates with a push button. You just need to press continually on the lesser shape of the travel pillow till you acquire to expected inflation! Additionally. if you require to let the air out, just press on the double-conserved air valve that is specified on the pillow.

The modern design for this  Metene travel pillow will provide you with maximum neck support maintaining the correct neck position!  This travel neck pillow is manufactured with extremely flexible, micro velvet material. As a result, it is a brilliant travel pillow for children with a soft feature. The cover of this pillow is not fixed and is washable.

After deflation of this pillow, you can simply put the neck pillow into the travelling bag. You can gift this Metene inflatable travel pillow to your loved ones who love to travel with comfort. They pay attention to all associated quality problems with a free-of-charge replacement for 12 months following the day of purchase.


  • Brilliant travel pillow for children with a soft feature.
  • Great price for the quality.
  • Very light and comfortable.
  • Appropriate for carrying out and using on the trip.
  • Also can be used as Tourneur, adjust the inflatable system to suit your waist.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Pumps up as promoted and deflates easily.
  • Free Shipping and 1-year warranty


  • Sometimes wouldn’t hold sufficient air on a long flight.
  • Valve quality is not up to the mark according to some reviews.

6. Daydreamer Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow

AirComfy has been around for years and they have never failed to amaze us with their amazing inflatable neck travel pillow which we use in our everyday travels. When it comes to Daydreamer inflatable neck travel pillows, it is no different story.

This neck pillow inflates in less than 60 seconds by frequently pressing the fixed inflation pump. You need to press the air release valve to deflate within a second. Not like memory foam, you can alter the range to your chosen inflation level and firmness. Your removable micro velvet pillowcase is simply washable, as a result, you can always travel with a fresh, clean neck pillow!

Their superior packsack is more packed in and lightweight, and also has a carabineer snip! The contour u-shaped neck pillow makes ideal travelling-themed gifts for both adults and kids. The lavishly soft velvet pillowcase is removable for trouble-free washing.


  • Easy storage on a backpack!
  • Ideal travel pillow for kids.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate.
  • The lining is wonderful and soft.


  • The strap is not as long as you would love.
  • Little more costly than the other brands.
  • Not enough side support.

7. Purefly Inflatable Travel Pillow

When it comes to sleeping while travelling, make no compromise with the neck pillow. The neck pillow is one of the most important however the least discussed gears when it comes to a long time travelling. Purefly Inflatable Travel Pillow is perfect for sleeping in aeroplanes, bus, train, car, offices, and homes. It also includes a washable cover with a transportable packsack.

You need to press repetitively on the lower shape of the neck pillow till you get to the right inflation. Also if you need to let go of the air, just press on the double-sealed air valve given on the travel pillow. The modern design will give you the highest ‘raised neck support to grip your head straight and uphold appropriate neck alignment.

It is manufactured with extremely flexible, micro velvet material. In addition, the beautiful cover is not fixed and washable. You can press the air valve to let go of the air. Just fold it and store it in the good-looking pack-sack provided!


  • The inner and outer material looks of good quality.
  • Very lightweight but with built-in robust quality.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Great price for the quality.
  • Easy and quickly inflates and deflates.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Includes storage pouch


  • A bit bulky.
  • Not enough side support.

Before we get to the part about the best neck pillow, let us catch your thoughts first. Are you just travelling short distances and not confident about long-distance journeys? Or, do you have plans to keep travelling long distances regularly? It might be not simple for you to respond to these kinds of questions right away, but these answers are necessary for the correct type of neck pillow.

The basics of an inflatable neck pillow:

Have to think about a few basic things when it comes to neck pillows – Good Brand, Size and Sleeping facility, Inflates and Deflates Feature, Material Type, Free Shipping facilities, Affordable Price, Perfect Design and Fabric, Portability, Warranty  Support, Ease of Use, Removable and Washable Cover, Customer reviews in Amazon, Other accessories etc.

This best inflatable neck pillow review will help inform your best buying choice.

Reviewers Choice:

If you are still not sure which one to buy I suggest the Auto-Inflating Neck Pillow by FMOPQ. In fact, all of the FMOPQ neck pillows we tested are very good.  This neck pillow includes an earplug, sleep mask and luxury bag. The main reason I choose the neck pillow is that it’s extremely lightweight compared to the other neck pillows and more than 65% of Amazon customers reviewed five stars for this pillow.Inflatable neck pillow reviews

When it comes to choosing a neck pillow for travelling, you cannot ignore the importance of a perfect review. Even a slight discomfort due to the size, inflation system, or material can change the whole sleeping experience. Therefore, you have to be very careful when buying the best inflatable neck pillow.

Our article and best inflatable neck pillow reviews should provide you with a different perspective. Thank you for reading and please don’t forget to use the comment box below if you have any questions or comments.

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