Top 6 Best Inflatable Instant Family Tents Reviews – Updated for 2023

It is important that one invests in the Best Inflatable Tent in order to have a great camping trip.   Since there are a variety of tents currently available in the market, you can be sure of getting a perfect choice.

We’re bringing you some of the BEST Inflatable Tents Available Today!

There are people who already have a conventional tent and are interested in trying a more practical and different tent.  It is advisable to try out the new tent as it offers great protection and that it is easy to set up. The Inflatable tents do offer just that.

Best Inflatable Instant Family Tent

When the inflatable tents first appeared, most people were still hesitant to give them a try. They have however made significant progress and developed to a level where they are reliable in almost every camping situation.

In this review guide, we will be looking at the top 6 best inflatable tents in the market to enable you to pick out the best that will suit your needs. Ensure you always read through the buying guide as it offers detailed information on the things to look for when shopping for one.

In addition to this, our detailed and comprehensive reviews of 6 of the Best Inflatable tents will narrow down your choice to make your selection process easier, faster and more hassle-free.

6 Best Inflatable Tents Reviews For 2023

1. Inflatable Tent, Tunnel Outdoor Four Seasons Tent 

One of our top picks for the Best Inflatable Tent is the Tunnel outdoor double layer from the inflatable tent.

This is the best choice for any person who is in need of a perfect inflatable tent but is not interested in spending hundreds of dollars. It is designed to fit up to 8-10 occupants. Most people are also pleased with its easy-to-inflate feature as it helps them save time.  It comprises two rooms which is a vestibule offering great protection.

It is also very spacious hence one can always protect their gear from the rain by keeping them inside the tent. Its sleeping areas have been separated from the mesh door and do have sufficient airflow throughout the sleeping area.  It is of geodesic design which enables it to handle the winds very well.

It can be folded into a tiny package and placed into a carry bag making it perfect for backpacking and expeditions.  It measures 730 by 315 by 210/165 cm.  Despite being lightweight, there is no compromise when it comes to its materials as they are made from strong polyester which makes them durable.

The polyester has PU coating that makes it resistant to water.  It also comprises air pipes that are made from TPU which ensures they never puncture easily.


  • It is made from lightweight materials which makes it easy to carry and transport
  • The construction material is of polyester which makes it durable
  • Its cover has PU coat that makes it water-resistant
  • Made from TPU which ensures they never puncture easily


  • Not suitable for use in stormy conditions

2. CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9

Read on to find out why it’s our top pick – and in our opinion the BEST Inflatable Tent on the market today.

In case you are you do have less space but are in need of an inflatable tent that will offer you extra convenience, the CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent will be the best option for you.  This inflatable tent is well-made, rugged and very spacious.

Measuring 14 by 9 inches on the floor and 78 inches on the center rise, this tent is water-resistant and capable of fitting two large airbeds. It also comes with an adjustable air vent which makes it stand out from the rest.  Walking about this tent is comfortable and easy for the taller guys when the walls are straight.

This inflatable tent comes with pre-attached extending poles which makes the process of setting it up a doddle. It is possible to set this tent within one minute which is quite remarkable for a tent of this size especially when you consider that its bigger brother, the CORE 10 can take up to 25 minutes to set up.


  • It is a very spacious tent and can accommodate up to nine adults
  • Made from high-quality materials that make it durable
  • It is water-resistant and does employ H20 block technology
  • Has an adjustable ground venting system that keeps out condensation and cool
  • Easy to set up


  • Despite being spacious, it is a bit smaller compared to its bigger brother the CORE 10.

3. Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent, 9-Person

The Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent is widely known to be a very spacious tent capable of holding up to 9 people. It comprises one door, and four windows for ventilation and visual. It is among the top inflatable tents in the market that will offer you great comfort levels.

It also comes with the extra benefit of installing an air conditioner on the inside. So in case you are about to decline an offer of going to a summer camp because of the heat, then this is a perfect tent for you.  Apart from being large in size, it is also a luxurious tent which makes it a top show stopper.

It is possible for any camper to separate the room into sections. It is also possible to fit chairs, tables and a king-size bed in this tent.  It is a perfect tent for the kids too since they do have their power nap and can always fuss during the night regardless of how much fun they did have during the day.

It does come with a rain fly option which makes people protected from the rain as it can easily be removed to enable one to enjoy the sun during the day.


  • Comes with six windows that help in getting fresh air inside
  • Has a rain fly cover that helps in protecting it from rain
  • It is large in size making it possible for people to fit in comfortable
  • Comes with a separate exit to avoid mesh up among its users


  • There are users who claim it is not a perfect tent during storms

4. ALPHA CAMP Camping Tent Instant Family Tent

The next tent to make it to our list of the Best Best Inflatable tents is the ALPHA CAMP Camping Tent instant family tent.

The ALPHA CAMP Camping Tent Instant Family Tent is considered by most campers as a spacious tent that can comfortably fit up to four adults.  This tent is made from polyester which is a durable material thereby guaranteeing it last for years. The material is coated with eco-friendly silver that helps in protecting it from UV lights.

The coat also helps in protecting its users from extreme temperatures, especially during the summer.  This tent comes with a mesh side pocket that helps in preventing items from being cluttered inside the tent.  It also comes with a rain fly which seals the tent very well while the tent floor features a seam that helps in protecting against up to 1000 mm of water pressure.

The rain fly cover is one inch higher than the tent height thereby offering protection against rain and sun. Its poles are made of fibreglass which is easy to set up. It does come with tent poles, rainfly, tent stakes a carry bag and a warranty period of two years. In case of any quality issues, its manufacturer does offer free replacements.


  • Made from polyester material which is durable
  • The material is coated with eco-friendly silver offering protection against UV lights
  • Comes with a warranty period of two years
  • It is easy to set up and disassemble
  • Comes with a mesh side pocket where items can be placed


  • Its fibreglass poles are not that strong

5. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent is also large in size as its floor measures 90 ft by 90 ft meaning it can hold up to eight people. It does come with one door, and two windows and is spacious enough for one to go in and out.  You can never tell when the weather will change when you are camping.

To ensure you are protected from harsh weather, this tent comes with a porch protector that helps in protecting the campers during uncertain situations. It also comes with an extra screen porch that helps in protecting the campers from any uncertain condition.  It comprises a straight sheer wall in the main room.

One can build bunk beds while the tent resembles a dome-style tent since it is raised overhead on the ground and supported using vertical side poles.  The tent comes with an internal round door that most kids love. There are also two windows on each side which will give you a loveable and enjoyable resting condition.


  • Has a perfect weather protection cover
  • Has a great overall look which makes it popular
  • Has proper ventilation that ensures healthy staying
  • Has a polyurethane coating that helps in protecting the tent from heavy rain


  • It can be a bit time-consuming to set up the tent

6. Oxford Luxury 4-Season Tent

Any camper will be interested in a perfect home whenever they are out there camping. In case you do have a large group and in need of a luxurious and spacious tent, then the Oxford Luxury 4 Season Tent is the best inflatable tent t for you.  This tent comes complete with a huge number of decadent touches.

Its canvas material features up to 3000mm and comprises a waterproof coating which helps in making it very durable. It has a huge front door and side windows which are covered with mesh that allows for a cool breeze to get inside. It also has heavy-duty zippers and double-stitched seams that make it long-lasting.

This model is well-secured by guy lines and has tent pegs around its diameter which help in ensuring that the teepee tent is capable of withstanding winds of 30 miles per hour.  This tent is available in different sizes hence, one can always be sure of getting a size that fits him or her well.

There is also a PE footprint mat that has been built into the design to help in protecting the belongings together with the feet from the ground.


  • Comes with a PE footprint that helps in protecting feet and belongings
  • It is a very spacious and luxurious tent
  • Comes with a huge number of decadent touches
  • Available in different sizes


  • It is not an ideal tent for use in storms

Buying Guide for the Best Inflatable Tents

The wide variety of inflatable tents in the market has made it extremely difficult for campers to identify which tent best suits them. However, you need not to worry as we have made it much easier for you by listing the most essential factors one needs to look for when shopping for the best inflatable tents.


One biggest upside of inflatable tents is that it is not a must you deal with poles.  Its frame is able to support the entire frame thanks to a system of beams that are filled with air and placed in protective casings.

With this, you can be sure of getting all things pre-attached and all you have is to inflate it. The new tent needs to have quality tents capable of holding air inside. There are some that have dual caps which you can quickly inflate or deflate.

The design of the inflatable tents has been improving since the tents first appeared making them more reliable than they were. The damage is not that common and never occurs more often.

Inflation and Deflation

When shopping for an inflatable tent, one of the most important things you need to consider is the amount of time you will need to inflate and deflate it.  The main selling point of the inflatable tent is the fast set-up.

Ensure you can quickly and easily set me up. The deflation process does take more time since you will have to remove all air and pack it back into the bag.


Like with other types of tents, inflatable tents are available in different sizes.  Manufacturers always specify the number of occupants inside it together with the tent dimensions.  The number of its users does mean a snug fit inside.

In case you are interested in a more comfortable fit, it is appropriate that you consider getting a four-person tent for 2-3 users. This will ensure you do have some extra room for placing your items inside the tent and space to move around.


Getting an inflatable tent with a smart layout will ensure you make things better especially when talking about a 6-10 people tent. There are other compact tents that will have a single living space and will not come with a vestibule where you can leave your backpacks and shoes outside.

There are some that will have several sleeping and living spaces and a vestibule.  The separate rooms are spacious and huge on the upside and do offer one with some privacy.

Doors and Windows

The number of windows and doors together with the right positioning will help in increasing the tent’s functionality. There are tents that have more than one door which makes exit and entry much easier as the other occupants are still asleep. The shape of the door varies from one tent to another. There are T-shaped doors that offer the easiest access while others do ensure better protection.


Majority of the inflatable tent manufacturers do use polyester as their choice of material when making tents. The floor and body together with its protective casing for air beams are made from this material.

It is a material that performs well in terms of weather protection, durability, and strength.  There are times when polyurethane can be added to help block the water from going through it hence, one remains dry inside the tent even during a heavy downpour.


It is always a great thing when you go for an inflatable tent that comes with some extra features. There are tents that come with a mesh pocket which is a big plus as they allow one to keep their small things close to their hands.

They can securely keep flashlights and mobile phones in the mesh pocket. There are tents that also have gear lofts that are overhead compartments where you can always place some of the equipment and keep the floor organized. The tent walls do have special zippered ports that are used in bringing electric cables.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that are very common among the best inflatable tent users. Below are some of the most frequent questions

What is an inflatable tent?

An inflatable tent refers to a specifically designed tent that comprises a frame made from air beams instead of the traditional poles made from fiberglass and aluminum that provide the entire tent with support.   It is possible for one to use a pump to pitch this type of tent. With this tent, you will have completely avoided assembly which most people do shy off from.

Why should one use an Inflatable tent?

One of the reasons why you need to use an inflatable tent is that you can always do pitching on your own even if it is a large tent. You will not require any people’s assistance to help you in holding the pieces and bits.

It does have a very easy and fast set-up process which takes a maximum of 10 minutes. It tops the list when compared to other types of tents in terms of practicality. One does not have to go through its user manual in order to put it up.

These inflatable tents are also known to perform remarkably when in harsh weather conditions. In case something occurs, it is always possible to have it quickly fixed immediately. They usually come in oversized carry-on bags which make them easy to pack up and carry along whenever you are going to a camp.

How stable is an inflatable tent?

Despite having some parts which are filled with air, these inflatable tents usually have a certain amount of weight that ensures they are always kept down. Whenever you do add some guy lines and stakes to the combo, you always get a product that is not inferior to the pole tent hence; you will always have nothing at all to worry about.

They also have inflatable air beams that are flexible and can never be damaged by wind compared to the fiberglass poles and metals that can get bent permanently whenever the wind becomes too strong.

How reliable are the inflatable tents?

There are some types of inflatable tents that have been made to last. Some have been made to withstand a good share of tear and wear and they are never more prone to damage than any other alternative in the market.

Ensure that you also get to know which particular product it is so that you are always aware of what to expect. There are replacement parts that are available for the inflatable just like any other tent in the market.

Conclusion: All the inflatable tents listed above do have a lot to offer. The above 6 are considered to be the best inflatable tents for camping currently available in the market.  The one that is best for you will come down to a number of factors covered in the buyer’s guide section.

In our opinion, despite all the inflatable tents reviewed above, there can only be one clear winner and that is the best inflatable tent that offers space, affordability, and quality and is unrivalled.

Although it is enormous, setting it up is straightforward and it will always keep you and your entire group dry and safe. It also enables one to focus on the most important part of camping which is relaxing, sitting back and enjoying the break from the chaotic world together with your family and friends. CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent – 14′ x 9

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