Bestway Hydro-force Mirovia Inflatable Boat Review

By choosing a Boat everyone thinks at first about the floor. If the floor is perfect! so everyone buys without hesitate. However, Now I am sharing with you some information about Bestway Hydro-force Mirovia Inflatable Boat, which is famous for Floorboards. this boat is different from others for Aluminum floorboards. and it’s the non-slip surface with extra rigidity, stability, and durability. Besides, floorboards Protection from abrasion and degradation for inflatable boats.

In this Bestway Hydro-force Mirovia Inflatable Boat Review, you can know huge information which is more important before purchase. For expensive model and some elegant features, it has different Price from others. But, if you compare with another inflatable boat you can realize that the price has nothing to do with features.

On the other Hand, Every Boat has limitation but that is an inflatable Boat, where you got a big facility with limitation. There have two possible positions to set up bench seat for a certain reason, you can choose which position is most convenient for the activity. and the Boat Constructed of a heavy grade PVC.

Bestway Hydro-force Mirovia Inflatable Boat Review

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Okay! Let’s know the main features of the Hydro-force Mirovia Inflatable Boat. we are trying to show you every single feature as possible. and Trying to show you as a single point for easy capture. I think no need to show you a huge article for that.

Features of Hydro-force Mirovia Inflatable Boat:

 →  Aluminum Floorboards.

 →  non-slip surface with extra rigidity, stability, and durability

 →  The ship itself is incredibly light at only over 50lbs even with the 569lb capacity

 →  10’8” length is the perfect size

 →  2-3 adults with a capacity of about 350lbs

 →  There are Two built-in positions to set up seats.

 →   The design is Different From Others.

 →   High Flooring protection from abrasion and degradation.

 →  it’s very easy to deflate as well.

 →  You Can Install a Motor Easily.

 →  1-year Warranty.

Accessories Which Includes:

 +  Wonderful aluminum oars.

 +  A Air hammer hand inflation pump.

 +  33′ towrope.

 +  A durable carrying bag.

 +  fixed buckle for oil box.

 +  pressure gauge and repair kit.

 +  Two Suitable Bench.

 +  A nice glide and flex

Hey, are you tired? i am trying to describe you at shortly, Now let’s try to know some Specification about it. So, don’t waste your valuable time, come to the table below.


Product Dimensions130 x 64 x 17 inches
Weight138 lbs
Shipping Weight146.6 lbs
Domestic ShippingCurrently, the item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses
International ShippingThis item is not eligible for international shipping.
Model number65049

For Whom this Boat is Perfect:

First of all, our recommendation would be getting this for your beloved kids if they want to learn how to boat around.  It’s perfect for teaching your kids cooperation in rowing and navigation because of the small size and bench. While being tons of fun to glide around in the water with it provides a lesson in working together all.

Secondly, just because of the size our next recommendation would be for couples. As you know this is not a party type boat by any means, though for a romantic little paddle around the lake at sunset with the loveseat-sized bench this boat could work.

Bestway Hydro-force Mirovia Inflatable Boat Review

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Care For Your Hydro-Force Caspian:

The caring of these boats are pretty easy, as enough to resist punctures or UV rays. The PVC vinyl is already sturdy while you’re out on the water. How you store your boat is the main thing that you’ll need to worry about. You can save it deflated or inflated, though you never want to have anything heavy sharp under it or on top of it. To give it its own space in your closet or shed is your best bet.

You never want to store it in direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can start to discolor it and warp the boat. Though not completely necessary, it’s always best to give it a little freshwater rinse after every use so that you can get rid of the grime.

You Can Bring Your Dog on the Boat:

This is the fear of many people that their dogs may puncture inflatable boats because of their claws. This is only a common misconception. For the tough material on the Hydro-Force Caspian, your dog’s nails are no match. You need to make it sure that you give your pup a little life jacket so that it can keep him or her safe!

Inflatable Keel:

Unlike the other Hydro-Force models, unfortunately, it does not possess that thing. To track this may make the craft a little bit harder, though it’s not a big deal, as to begin with the boat isn’t very large.

Great and Performed as Excepted:

This inflatable is excellent and performs as expected. The metal floors are solid. Setup is straightforward, though the level is a bit tricky. Sometimes the seats pop out, but they aren’t too difficult to pop back in. The motor mount works great, and it is stable. With this purchase, you will be pleased and would buy again!

Versatile In All-Round Watercraft:

As a blue water sailboat tender you will get this, but for exploring and fishing inland lakes, you will be finding it a great general purpose runabout. Including inflation in the water in 20 minutes the boat can be prepared. With the included pump to a firm, stable platform it inflates easily.

The seats are stay put with proper inflation and comfortable. The boat feels very solid on the water. It gets 11 – 12 mph with two adults by using a 9.9 HP outboard. It can get up on the plane and zip along at 14 – 15 mph. YMMV with one adult on board. The V hull which is provided by the floor inflation chamber makes it track well, and turns at speed are stable and firm.

Check Latest Price on Amazon 

♥ Pros

Ø Cons

 +   There is the presence of Marine Grade Plywood Floor

 +   highly Portable and pretty easy to store

 +  This boat is Light in weight for size

 +  There is a Tough PVC vinyl build

 +   Includes with everything you need to get them started

 +  inflation and deflation Very Easy

 +  High-pressure inflatable keel

 +  Very Hardcore Build

 –  There is no pressure gauge in this boat

 –  Not Included extra Motor with that but you can easily install.

I am attaching some FAQ, which is questions by the customer with the answer also from another customer who are using.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Question:  Do you know any carry bags that will fit this?

Answer  You might be better with a 4 wheel doly. It’s a bit heavy.

Question: Does this have 2 bench seats or one?

Answer  Two, I’ve had 4 people on it multiple times, very sturdy. Currently running a 55 lbs trolling motor on it, don’t move that fast, but it works until I can find an affordable 10-15 hp.

Question: if you have this boat over 2 years- any air leaks?

Answer  No, none, and my grandkids drag it to shore after they use it. It also stays under my deck during the winter, and have not had any problems… I would recommend it.

Question: How many people would you recommend on the pro 130?

Answer  Four humans. Three adults & 2 dogs. Gets too crowded after that. I have a 6 hp engine, won’t hydroplane with more than 2 adults. But ok for going ashore atv5 or 6 kts

Final Words:

End of the Session, We hope that we can be given you the information which you were finding. and, For entry-level paddlers, You can purchase this to feel free and without hesitating. To begin your inflatable adventure, we hope that our Bestway Hydro-force Mirovia Inflatable Boat Review has helped you.

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