Bestway Hydro-force Mirovia Inflatable Boat Review [2022]

I appreciate that you are researching your purchase before hustling to amazon. This is how you get the best value. This is how you don’t ruin your weekend.

To help you make your leisure perfect, we give you the Bestway hydro-force Mirovia inflatable boat review. The review explains everything about this being the best boat for the money. The goods, the bads, you will find it all right here.

Bestway gives you five models of this boat. We are gonna talk about the Mirovia pro than move on to the other models and see what more or less you are gonna get with those models.


Bestway hydro force Caspian pro inflatable boat review

HydroForce Mirovia Pro 10’10” Inflatable Boat

One thing you will hear again and again that Bestway is the best boat for the money. And, our research complete agrees with that. Other than some minor setbacks you will have the best value from this boat.

Among those obstructions, the most prominent one is that Bestway boat details are tough to get. Even when you find some information online, they will rarely be of any use. The main culprit for this problem is the brand itself. They happen to make great water tools and toys, but they have to develop a lot in the communication sector.


So, here we go with the details-

Construction, Design & Durability

If you are reading this segment right away, skipping everything else, then you are my kind of guy. You know where the juice is.

The primary component of the inflatable is PVC, which is supported by terylene. It has a nice keel to it and comprises of 4 air chambers. The high-density PVC is coated with materials that make it sunlight resistant and superior in strength.

Floorboards are primarily made with aluminum alloy. This is a particular grade of aluminum alloy that is suitable for marine use. Moreover, you will not have to fear to stand up here. Furthermore, the transom is constructed with heavy-duty plywood that can support your motor with ease.

Bestway also provided extra tough stakes that protect your boat from collisions and frictions. Drain valves placed in strategic positions make it easy to manage the boat.

The unique design of the boat gives you the extra value that you look for in expensive boats. The keel design allows for extra buoyancy


This is quite a big boat. 10 feet 10 inches to be exact. The total weight you can put in it is 640 kg or 1411 Lb. But our experience with the boat tells us that this payload capacity includes the motor and other equipment. We think there is only room for 3 adults where BestBuy is suggesting 4 adults and a kid.

Tools and Equipment

Here are the tools you will have with this boat-

  • Tow rope
  • Aluminum oars
  • Inflator pump
  • Pressure gauge
  • Carrying bag
  • Repair kit

The repair kit is a nice touch. All the tools here are of high quality. The paddles can be taken apart and stored conveniently. The rope will be 33’ long.

Motor power

Don’t get too excited. You should not hope to have a motor at that price. Though there will be a molded metal motor mount. This small segment is for informing you what kind of motor is suitable for this boat. You can use a 15 HP motor without any problem. This can hold a max power molded metal motor easily.


You can use this in many ways. People have reviewed it to be a great dinghy or fishing boat. You can also use this as a raft.


Although a great boat without proper maintenance, this can falter pretty easily. Make sure that it is clean while resting in your garage or where ever you store it. Also, keep it out of the sunlight while not in use. Otherwise, the seam can come off, and other problems may also occur.

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Many features make this convenient enough to call it weekend worthy. Here is a list of them-

  • Safety grab ropes
  • Two-seat positions
  • Omnidirectional oarlocks
  • Cardbox
  • Steel tow rings
  • Carrying handles


  • Best for the money
  • Best flooring
  • Easy to navigate
  • Strong construction
  • Good balance
  • Great for fishing
  • High-quality tools and repair kit
  • Good warranty


  • No d-rings
  • Lame instruction
  • It’s actually a little hard to assemble

Let’s Watch the Video Review:


Q: Should I get a short shaft or long shaft motor?A: You need to have a short shaft outboard motor for this boat.

A: You need to have a short shaft outboard motor for this boat.

Q: How much the boat weights?

A: It is about 138 pounds.

Bestway Hydro Force 65049E Mirovia Pro 130 Inch Inflatable Boat

This is what Bestway calls Mirovia 2019. There is not much different from the original Mirovia. And, it is also not a replacement for the original Mirovia. It is a slightly smaller and more affordable version.


Construction, Design & Durability

Like its predecessor, it is also a very strong inflatable. The heavy grade PVC makes it much durable than other products. It will stay fit for service for about 18-20 years with proper maintenance.

There is an extra strake in this boat which acts as a shock absorber in case if any collision. Rocks, twigs, and other natural pointy substances will have no effect on it.

The keel can be pressurized to the point that the boat feels solid. So, don’t fear to pump it to that point. Along with this keel design, the floorboards give you better control and stability in the water.

Unlike the original Mirovia chambers with low profile valve. The tail tube here is also a little extended. This enhances the buoyant characteristics of this boat even more. The tow rings are made of steel. You will also have


Again, you will not get a motor with the boat. But any motor with 15 HP will go with the boat. There is a fixed buckle for a gas tank.


Bestway suggests that this boat can take 4 adult riders. But we would recommend 3 persons to ride at once.

Tools and Equipment

Here are the set of tools and equipment that you will get with the boat-

  • Rope
  • Aluminum oars
  • Benches
  • Pressure gauge
  • Hand Pump
  • Carrying bag
  • Repair kit

The tow rope will be 33 feet long. And, the 64 inch aluminum oars are collapsible for storage. There will be two benches. You will be able to set those benches in two ways just like the original version.

Hydro force inflatale boat 1 Bestway Hydro-force Mirovia Inflatable Boat Review

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This boat enjoys almost all the convenient factors that we saw in the Merovia. Here are a list of them-

  • Safety grab ropes
  • Two-seat positions
  • Omnidirectional oarlocks
  • Steel tow rings
  • Carrying handles

These features make it manageable and help your weekend more fun. But this has no cardbox.

Let’s Watch the Video Review:


Q: What is the height of the boat?

A: It is about 17 inches high.

Q: Can I get a certificate of origin of this boat?

A: Having this certificate is quite easy.


  • Great for the money
  • Good stability
  • Goes nicely with engines as low as 6 HP
  • 4 interlocking pieces of metal floor
  • Durable
  • Great accessories and tools


  • Misinformation online
  • Lame instructions with the product

Frequently Asked Question

Here are the most common questions we get from our readers. Hope that it will benefit you too.

Q: Can I bring my pets to Mirovia boats?

A: You can have them on your boat without any worries. Their claws are no match for the heavy-duty material. They will not put a scratch on the boat even if they try to do it purposely.

Q: Why do I need the certificate of origin?

A: You need to have the certificate of origin to obtain the certificate of title. Without it, you will not be able to register it to the state authorities.

Q: How hard it is to get the certificates?

A: You will get the certificate of origin from Bestway quite easily. But other documents rely on your state officials.

Q: What is the minimal power of motor we can attach with this boat?

A: Our research shows that these boats will go fine with even 4HP motors. But it will surely be a little slow.

Q: How rigid are these boats?

A: They are very rigid. Yet, they can’t be damaged easily.

Q: How can I make sure that I am getting the best value of my money?

A: Just look at the reviews, specs, and prices that other high-quality boats are giving you. You will know the difference.

Q: Can I use an electronic pump with this boat?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: How hard it is to get it out of the water?

A: It is lightweight. Moreover, the strategically placed handles make it even easier to pull the boat out of the water.

Q: I heard that the instructions are bad, are they really?

A: First of all, if you are talking about instruction, than you are one special guy or girl. Secondly, yes, they lack a lot in communication. But the system is so simple that you will not need a manual to set the boat up. Common sense will do just fine.

Q: Is the pressure gauge separate?

A: No, it isn’t. It is attached to the pump.


Just having a glance at this article will give you everything you need to know about Bestway’s Mirovia boats. If you wanna compare the two models than this is the best Bestway hydro-force Mirovia inflatable boat review you will find online.

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