Big Mable Tube Reviews in 2022

In summer you can pass your leisure time by playing fascinating sports. Most of the people like to go with water. For playing water sports, there are several options; towable tubes are one of them. You have to be careful before choosing the best towable tube one for you. Here we want to share a review of Big Mable Tube; after reading this, you don’t need to read more Big Mable Tube Reviews. So, let’s jump into the article.


First of all, you need to know who made Big Mable Tube. SPORTSSTUFF is the founder of this tube. Not only this, they have made more than 900 products yet. With their 20+ years of experience, they are confident about their watersports product. There is a lot of variety in their products such as Pool Loungers, Life Jackets, Paddleboards, Sleds, Toys, Ropes & Boating Accessories. SPORTSSTUFF’s motto is, “Built on quality, built for fun.”

Big MableTube

The classic Mable tubes have upgraded, and they will instantly impress you with various riding option. Some mind-blowing features have made this tube incredible.

Dual Tow Points

For this feature, you can take a wild ride by using the comfy backrest. Or you can tow them with the opposite direction for a chariot style blast, and we can bet you’ll never forget the ride. The seat position is great for the younger kids or new riders to enjoy the ride smoothly. On the other hand, the chariot is perfect for the adult or crazy riders who are looking for a challenge.

Air Cushioned Side Walls

This inflatable towable tube has been redesigned for more customer satisfaction. So, it has added air cushioned side walls which can provide extra comfortability to the riders. The Big Mable also adds comfy EVA foam seating pads.

Kwik Connect Towing System

There is a Kwik Connect Towing System and speed safety valve which will save your valuable time.

K80 Bladder and full Nylon Cover

The Mables come with a heavy-duty K80 PVC bladder and double stitched full nylon cover with self-bailing drain vents. This Super Mable cover is so much user-friendly. A speed safety valve is the latest in fast inflation and deflation. SPORTSSTUFF’s patented design allows for a one-way increase, so you will never lose air when placing on the cap.

Grab handles

When the tube takes a tight turn, the rider can use the grab handles to hold on. This handles will even protect knuckles from getting hurt.


The Big Mable tube has two spots to inflate, which is considered common. For having two spots, you can inflate and deflate it in a little easier way.

It’s always a great idea to pick up an inflator for both inflating or even deflating. Most of the new user forget to take inflator. So, in that case, don’t get stuck at the gas station. Try to figure out the inflators they have. Additionally, it is helpful to inflate before you launch the boat at the ramp.


In some Big Mable Tube reviews the capacity of this Towable Tube is four people or about 520 pounds, which is not right. The actual ability is three people or 510 pounds. That means it can support both children and adults onboard. Don’t take any risk with the recommended capacity.


Sportsstuff includes a limited 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and quality. The warranty doesn’t cover products for rental, hire, or other uses not considered regular recreational purposes; nor punctures, cuts, or abrasions sustained in daily use.

Big Mable Tube Reviews

Things we like

  • Dual tow points at front and back
  • Air cushioned stabilizer walls
  • Unique backrest and front riser construction
  • Multiple riding positions
  • Heavy-duty, full nylon cover with zipper
  • Patented aluminium quick connect tow point and speed safety valve
  • EVA foam pads throughout
  • Various grabs handle with knuckle guards

Things we didn’t like

  • Handles start to fray after a couple of months
  • Heavy (even more when it’s wet)
  • Quite large which makes putting away harder

Let’s Watch the Video Review:

Frequently Ask Questions:

Question: How to blow the Super Mable?

Answer: It’s really so easy to inflate a Big Mable. You can use a standard electric air mattress pump, which will blow this towable in a mere 3 to 5 minutes. It works the same as an inflatable raft. It’s better to carry an air pump because it will help you in any place. So pick the handy one. For even more support, you need to have a pump which can deflate the air instantly when you want to go home and finish up your fun in the waters.

Question: How many can people ride the Super Mable?

Answer: The Super Mable is designed to hold up three riders, and the total weight should not exceed 510 pounds as it’s mentioned above. So enjoy your adventure time with one or two of your friends or kids. Even you can hit the waters solo.

In the case of solo riding, adventures can change the riding dynamics a bit. If you are little experienced in this water sport, the balancing of the towable tube can be more comfortable, and the experience can be fun too, even in the most substantial waves.

But riding solo can get scary as the tube will cut through the waves so speedily, notably if you’re prone to experiencing motion sickness. Therefore riding as a group can be a great idea.

Question: What is the maximum speed?

The Super Mable comes with a speed that can be excellent for anyone to ride on. Kids can ride at 15 MPH, and for adult, the speed is 20 MPH.  You can enjoy water splash and cut the waves so smoothly. Be careful while you are doing fun, don’t flap or sink your tube.

Question: How much comfortable is the ride?

If you have a question about comfortability, then there are lots of options for you. This towable tube comes with EVA foam seating pads, well-cushioned side walls, hand grabs, and knuckle guards. The designers have thought about the customers, and they also follow customer recommendation and comments. All over your Big Mable Tube will give you a great experience.

Question: Is it safe to use a used towable tube?

You can get used Big Mable on the online for sale. Some people buy, but we recommend you not to buy this type of used product.

Question: I need Super Mable Main Tube replacement. Is it possible?

Answer: Yes, they have a replacement guarantee.

Final Verdict: At the end of this article, I would like to say, if you are still confused and want to read Big Mable Tube Reviews you can follow our website. There are lots of reviews about water sports and inflatable boats for you.

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