Boardworks Sup Reviews Buying Guide 2023

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List of the Boardworks SUP Reviews:

  1. Boardworks SUP 2017 SHUBU Raven 12’6″ of Inflatable Paddle Board
  2. Boardworks SUP 2017 Sirena Touring 10’6” Paddle Board
  3. Boardworks SUP 2017 Super Natural 11’6” Paddle Board
  4. Boardworks SUP 2017 Tracker 11’0″ Paddle Board
  5. Boardworks SUP 2017 SHUBU Muse 10’2″ Inflatable Paddle Board

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Boardworks SHUBA Raven Inflatable SUP board package:

If you need a touring/fitness paddleboard that is easy to transport and store, to take you to distant shores the 2023 Boardworks SHUBU Raven Inflatable SUP is ready.

For travellers or those with less storage, featuring the all similar sleek design as the Raven epoxy board but adding a little extra rocker, the Raven Inflatable makes a perfect option.

If you require ultra-high performance on the water while efficiently packing down lightweight with extra rigid 6″ drop stitch material that keeps the SHUBU Raven Inflatable extra stiff.

For a comfortable stance during long paddle boarding sessions, the premium diamond grooved deck pad grips feet.


Some of the highlights of Boardworks SUP 2023 SHUBU Raven 12’6″ Inflatable are as follows:

  • Deck Bungee System: This board has the Deck Bungee System.
  • Center Carry Handle: There is a Cente Carry Handle
  • Inflation: This board Inflates up to 14-18 PSI

Included Materials

  • Rolling Travel Bag: You will get a gorgeous rolling travel bag with this paddle board.
  • Pump with Pressure Gauge: Bravo 4 Pump with Pressure Gauge is also included with this paddle board.
  • Other kits: You will get a set of Repair Kit.
  • Fin: There is an 8″ Fin.

Product Information:

For greater glide performance for smaller paddlers, the Boardworks Sirena 10’6″ Touring SUP features a slightly slimmed-down outline by bringing the same high performance as the Raven.

For excellent glide performance, while the thin outline reduces drag, the displacement hull cuts through the water, pushing it back, along the board.

For added stability, the Sirena includes a slightly more full squash tail than the raven making it perfect for bays, lakes, and calm harbors and rivers.

The Sirena 10’6″ stand-up paddleboard has some features including a convenient, there is LiftSUP handle for effortless transport and security while you’re off the water.

With the nose bungee system tie down a gear, and you can stay on board with the diamond-grooved traction pad.

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  • Bamboo Veneer: There is a beautiful Bamboo Veneer.
  • Handle: You will get a LiftSUP Handle
  • Tie Downs: The nose tie-down option is also available for you.
  • Traction Pad: There is a Diamond Grooved Traction Pad for you.

Product Information:

The 2023 Boardworks Super Natural 11’6″ stand-up paddleboard brings a lot of fun and usability to paddlers of various skill levels by providing a magical ride on conditions of all types.

It is the slight nose rocker which allows use in a variety of conditions while it is 33″ in width that provides paddlers of all skill levels with higher stability.

The Super Natural SUP maintains glide performance and stability whether you’re on mellow lakes, surf, or rivers. If you are a SUP surfer, you will enjoy the Super Natural for its maneuverability and fun feel in the ocean.

The Boardworks Super Natural contains an ergonomic cupped on either side, carry handle, for easy transport to and from the water as well. You need to tie down your gear with the given two nose tie-down points that allow for a bungee system.


  • Fin Box: Single Fin Box
  • Air Valve: Self-venting Air Valve
  • Handle: Ergonomic Handle
  • Two Tie Downs: Two Tie Downs on Deck

Product Information :

On fishing adventures, SUPs provide a higher vantage point that allows anglers to spot fish from further out. It is the 2023 Boardworks Tracker 11’0″ paddleboard that gives room for moving around, an abundance of tie downs, and with greater glide a sleek design and easier paddling tracking performance.

It is the Tracker 11’0″ SUP which has an ample 36″ width for a great room to cast, stability, and bracing while hauling in trophy-worthy fish while the squash & wide tail provides easy release of water while paddling and additional security.

For excellent glide performance, The bottom includes a double concave running from the nose to tail even when loaded with extra gear. For stationary fishing in windy conditions, the low profile puts the tracker paddleboard closer to the water.

It is the Krypto-Mat construction for incredible impact resistance in the manufacture of the 2023 Boardworks SUP Tracker to make. The Lightweight EPS core is hand laminated in layers of pure Innegra and Fiberglass cloths and high-quality epoxy resin for a lightweight paddleboard highly durable.

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  • Handle: There is a LiftSUP Handle
  • Deck Plugs: You will get Multiple Connex Deck Plugs
  • Deck Pad: There is a full Diamond Grooved Deck Pad
  • Air Valve: You will notice a Self-Venting Air Valve for you.

Product Information:

For the female paddleboarder, this is a perfect paddle board to explore distant waters; and it is easy to pack. The 2023 Boardworks SHUBU Muse Inflatable SUP.

This inflatable paddleboard provides superb performance. For fitness, touring, and SUP yoga at 31″full the Muse Inflatable offers excellent stability.

There is the presence of the soft, non-chafing croc skin EVA pad that grips hands or feet for your comfort during various activities so that you’ll never fall short of options.

The lightweight and high-density drop stitch, yet durable, construction provides excellent influence resistance while folding up and easily deflating for your next adventure.


  • Deck Pad: You will get a Soft EVA Croc Skin Deck Pad
  • Fin Box: AIR7 Fin Box is available for you
  • Handle: You will be provided with a Webbed Center Handle

 Boardworks SUP Raven 12’6″ Paddle Board

Product Information:

Having a new shape and graphic, Boardworks SUP has re-designed the award-winning Raven 12’6″ paddle board for 2023. The new shape and the new volume allow for exceptional glide performance, faster paddling speeds, and excellent tracking in all types of conditions.

This is the new Honey Fomb traction deck pad which is comfortable on the feet for those longer paddles. For long-distance open ocean paddling, touring, and recreational racing the Boardworks Raven has always been a favourite.

To paddlers of all skill levels, Raven’s sleek displacement hull cuts through the chop that provides fantastic glide while the recessed standing area provides higher stability.

The Raven is highly constructed with Boardworks’ EPX-V technology. With layers of fibreglass cloth and epoxy resins, the CAD is designed stringer-less EPS core is hand laminated.

A bamboo veneer sandwich layer adds not only beauty but also added durability. This paddleboard features a LiftSUP handle for easy transport and convenient nose tie-downs so that you’ll be quickly ready to take your adventure anywhere you want.


  • Added speed: There is the presence of a new shape and volume for added speed
  • Bamboo Veneer: You will notice a beautiful Bamboo Veneer
  • Handle: LiftSUP Handle is available for you
  • Tie Downs: Nose Tie Downs are also included
  • Traction Pad: You will get Honey Foam Traction Pad

Conclusion: To sum up, we would love to inform you that if you need any more information regarding any of the paddle boards in the market please let us know. We will help you to find your favorite one. Thank you all for being with us and we hope that you got your paddle board from this review

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