how to outfit a kayak for fishing

How to Outfit a kayak for Fishing

If you are planning to go fishing with a kayak, then you need to prepare your kayak for it. You will be working in a small space. That’s why if you don’t utilize the space your experience won’t be that good.   Before you start dressing your kayak, make sure it’s good for fishing and is …

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Rain Pants vs Bibs

Rain pants and ribs both are made for harsh weather. You can use a fishing bib on any kind of weather, but rain paints are mainly made for the rainy season.  Both rain pants and bibs are available in PVC material. As we all know PVC is one of the most durable and waterproof materials …

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fly fishing bying gudie

Fly Fishing Waders Buyers Guide

Waders are super important for fly fishers. Every year a lot of new anglers get into fly fishing and struggles to find the perfect wader for them. In this guide, I will try to help beginner anglers find the best fly fishing wader. Wader features: Before you decide to purchase the wader, you need to …

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Fall Panfish Secrets

One thing that seasoned anglers and tenderfoot fishermen have in common is that most of them are quite non-partisan about what they catch, though some do go on to develop a passion for certain types of fish. While the jury’s still out on the conclusive definition of “panfish” those in the know would agree that …

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Best Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

2 Person Flip Over Ice Shelter

Portable ice shelters are quite famous among anglers. They do their job correctly and you can reuse them for a long time. But often anglers ask me to suggest 2 people flip over ice shelters. For them today I bring you exactly what you wanted. Sit down relax and enjoy the coziness. Clam Outdoors Jason …

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types of ice fishing shelters

Types of Ice Fishing Shelters

Ice fishing can be a lot of fun and will give you chills. Quite literally too. One ice fishing session can be several hours long and you may need to spend the night there. But what can you do to protect yourself on that cold night? An ice fishing shelter of course. You can purchase …

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