Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews in 2023

Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub is an excellent choice if you are purchasing a hot tub for the first time. It is known for its good price and reliable brand.  The product is among the best currently available in the market.

Apart from being affordable; it is the experience that matters. Are you aware that the type of materials used in the model is long-lasting and that you can sit on its walls without deflating or deforming it?

In this Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub Review, we will have an in-depth look at its features and actual benefits. When we are through with this review, you will be in a position to tell if it is the right model for you.

What is in the box?

It is a bulky delivery. The delivery box of the Coleman hot tub weighs around 86 kg hence cannot be handled by one person. Here are what comes with it.

  • Starter filters
  • Hot tub liner
  • User Manual
  • Insulated groundsheet
  • Chemical floater
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pump Heater Combo
  • Spa Set up DVD
  • Insulated top cover

It is highly recommended that you quickly unpack the box when delivered and take lift components one at a time. However, the liner is a bit cumbersome and heavy for one person.

Features of the Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub 2023

There are several Coleman hot tub reviews that have stated this hot tub to be popular due to several reasons and not just because of the brand. All its features do add up, allowing an authentic spa-like experience back at home. Although price does play a crucial role in most buying decisions, the real benefits that you receive are of more value, especially in products like this.

Coleman Salu spa Inflatable Hot Tub is can accommodate up to 6 adults. Soaking together with your loved ones and friends do have its merits. It has an inbuilt heating system that is capable of raising the water temperature to 40 degrees Celsius, which is excellent for relieving muscle tension.

Apart from its heating system, every unit also comes integrated with a filtration system making it easier to keep the water clean. After all, one does not have to be an expert in water sanitation.

The Lay-Z Massage System is the most prominent feature that this model. Its jet blowers do line up the bottom edge producing several bubbles for light and gentle massage.


It is a very relaxing experience to sit alone in the hot tub as the air bubbles massage you. However, sharing such an experience with someone else can help double the fun. It is one of the top-rated inflatable hot tubs for two people.

Coleman Spas are usually advertised to fit 4-6 people, although the best comfort comes with only 3-4 people.

Heating System

The Coleman Saluspa has been designed to have a rapid heating system. It is in a position of heating water at a rate of 2°F -3°F per hour. The time needed to get to 104 °F, which is the maximum heating capacity will depend on the ambient temperature and the initial water temperature.

In case you do have plans of using a tub during the weekend in the winter period, the worst scenario would be you might need to start heating the water and filling it up 72 hours ahead. In case you need a shortcut to the process, you can decide to fill the tub using warm water directly.

Another case with this system is that it never works together with the jets. Immediately you turn on the jets; it will turn off the heater. Hence, expect the water temperature to drop when it is bubbling.

Coleman inflatable hot tub

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Filtration System

The Coleman does come with a two standards filter cartridge of Type VI. It is of the cantaloupe size and can be hosed down or when you prefer cleaned inside dishwater. There is no groundbreaking feature with the filters apart that it does get the job done. It is in a position of keeping the spa waters clean from hair together with other chemical residues, which can make water go bad over some time.

The filters work, it does not matter if you are heating the water or if you do have the jets turned on. We do recommend cleaning them at least once every week and have them replaced every month since it is always at work.

It is quite easy to replace the filters as they are held at the tub’s bottom side. All you have to do is unscrew the cover that holds them before extracting the filters from their position. The inflatable hot tub does come with a chemical floater that helps in maintaining the correct spa water pH levels.

Massage System

When we first set up the SuluSpa inflatable hot tub and heat it, you will be pleased to try it out. For sure, it will be a satisfying firsthand experience.

Its bubbles are relaxing as it resembles a light-pressure massage. However, we do not expect a lot from this tub due to its price, although it does work well.  The jets are not of high pressure as the high-end inflatable tubs such as those from Intex. However, the bubbles can still soothe a sore body after a stressful week or a day of work.

Air bubbles have been created by drawing air from outside; hence, the ambient temperature does play an essential role with the heated water not affected well. You will still experience a warm and light massage from the bubble jets.

It is an excellent set-up for people who are purchasing their first-ever inflatable spa. The Coleman Saluspa inflatable hot tub does have up to 120 bubble jets around its perimeter, and they all work well.

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The Coleman Saluspa was delivered inside a 24x 22x 32 inches box. However, the box does not contain the tub alone but also comes with a pressure gauge, chemical floater, pump with a digital panel, filter cartridges, inflatable cover, air-padded ground cloth, and a DVD set up video.

After the portable spa has been inflated, the height of the side can get to 28 inches, with its diameter being 6.5 feet. As we had already mentioned, this size is perfect for 3-4 individuals as there is not enough legroom to accommodate all six people.

Coleman SulaSpa has a full weight of around 1,200kg, making it very heavy hence, it is advisable that one considers this weight if they are planning to place their tub on a raised deck. The tub size is also considered to be compact when it is compared to other types. During the summer season, you can always deflate it and store it if you are not too much into the hot tubs.

Setting Up

These products, together with all their accessories, have all been neatly packed inside the Coleman box when it first arrives.  It is advisable that you first read through the user manual when you first get the items out of the box. However, the user manual will not be of much help despite having illustrations. It is a great thing they did include a DVD set-up video.

The brain of the entire operation is the pump right from its initial set-up to a day to day usage. It heats the water in the tub and uses a similar mechanism to create and inflate air bubbles. The pump has also been designed to ensure one does not over-inflate the tub. It has been created in such a manner since not all those who purchased this product were pleased with the pressure gauge it had.

Its LED display can also be difficult to read especially during the afternoon when the sunlight is direct. Its soft-touch panel is a plus and the majority of its buttons are toggles. In case you do activate a feature, you will have to press the same button to deactivate it again.

It takes up to 30 minutes or one hour to set it up, although it is advisable to take things slowly and exercise lots of care since you risk damaging the inflatable parts.


Maintaining Coleman Saluspa hot tub is not difficult. Its surface is effortless to clean, although you need to be keen not to use just any type of brush or a cleaning tool which can destroy it or generate some holes.

When you get molds in the tub, you dilute bleach using water and spray it on the area affected before wiping it away. You can, however, keep the mold away when you use the pool chemicals.

Some people would consider using Epsom salt to help in keeping the tub clean, although it is not advisable. It is suggested that you should not use any substance containing salt since it will break the rubber parts down.

You might notice slime pile up on the tub bottom or walls, depending on your usage. It is recommended not to use the tub when you notice it.

To help in reducing the pile-up, ensure that you keep your filter clean and use chemical floaters together with bromine or chlorine.  You can hose down the screen or have them placed in dishwater when cleaning the filters.

Open the two drain plugs found at the tub bottom to drain water. One of the drain plugs is located at the exterior while the other one is at the interior. In case you will not be pouring water where the tub is found, it is okay to have the hose connected to the exterior drain.

It is perfect for people who have their spa in the garage. There are times when water remains in the tub even after draining. You can use a dry/wet vacuum to help in removing the water which is continuing.

Energy Consumption

SuluSpa energy consumption does depend on factors like water temperature and your location.  The lower the temperature outside, the more energy will be consumed, and the higher your electric bill will get.

Some users have had their monthly power bills increase by $100 when they do maintain this tub daily at 100F during the winter season. It is because it does not have any energy saver installed from the auto hibernation mode that turns off the system after being inactive for three days.

Coleman SuluSpa Pros and Cons


  • It is available at an affordable price
  • Comes with relaxing bubble jets
  • Made from sturdy material that makes it possible for you to sit on tub walls
  • It is compact hence can fit in the backyard and most garages


  • It is only available in green color
  • The jets and heater cannot run at the same time

Is Coleman SuluSpa the Right Product for you?

According to coleman hot tub reviews, this product is a great outdoor hot tub that is very affordable and comes with a massage system. It will make your list of the best accessible inflatable hot tubs in the market. It is also a very portable tub and easy to set up.

Conclusion: We do hope that this Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub Review has made you understand the product well.  This product will help soothe all the stress that has piled up, and you can relax your body while enjoying the bubble massage.

It is comfortable, spacious, durable and made of fun massage jets. This Coleman SuluSpa will also provide you with something to look forward to after being subjected to a stressful day at work!

When we consider its price, it is a fantastic starter tab that will enable you to enjoy an excellent spa-like experience from your house.

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