Coleman Instant Tent Review and Buying Guide 2023

Right from the moment, it was first introduced into the market, Coleman has been at the forefront showcasing its love of the entire outdoor product it manufactures and designs.

Fuelled by the innovation and passion inspired by the immense diversity available in the wilderness, this company is always committed to inspiring any outdoor lover in their quest of exploring the world. Read the Full Coleman Instant Tent Review to know the information below.

About one century ago, the dream did start with a lantern. However, Coleman currently offers a diverse range of outdoor gear that provides people with the ability to explore the natural world at an affordable price and easily.

Coleman Instant Tent Review

What is an Instant Tent?

Just as the name suggests, setting up instant tents can be done quickly and the process is very simple. These tents do offer one the opportunity of enjoying the outdoor environment as soon as you get to the camping site. They do offer one the assurance of being safe from other natural elements.

Benefits that come with using them

There are people who never feel the importance of having an instant tent. However, this might be because they have never felt the wrath of mature nature after a long hike.  The surrounding wood’s beauty is instantly dampened when the high winds and dark clouds indicate storms are just on the way. Below are some of the benefits that come with using the Coleman instant tents.

  • They are very easy to set up and convenient to use
  • The lightweight nature of these tents makes them easy to transport.
  • The availability of pre-attached poles makes the process of setting the tent up easy and simple.
  • They are widely known to be very solid and durable
  • These tents are usually made of a special type of fabric that is strong, durable and flexible
  • Apart from offering shelter these tents also provide protection whenever a storm hits.

In this guide, we will be reviewing the two most popular types of Coleman instant tents

  • Coleman Evanston Camp Tent
  • Coleman Prairie Cabin Tent

Coleman Evanston Camp Tent

The Coleman Evanston Camp Tent does have an incredible look and is of a unique structure. This tent is capable of withstanding solid breezes and keeps one dry during storms.  Despite not being the least expensive, it is within a reasonable value range and of great design.

This tent comprises a screened patio to drink brew, plunk down or just spend time with your family members or friends. It is screened off hence; one does not have to worry about the mosquitoes or other irritating bugs that get inside it. It also comes with four windows which are of great importance during extreme ventilation.


  • Weight: 9.8 kg
  • Capacity: 6 people
  • Style: Not freestanding, dome tent
  • Dimensions: 14 ft by 10 ft
  • Doors: 1
  • Color: Green
  • Windows: two plus door window and screen room
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Carry bag included

Key Features of Coleman Evanston Camp Tent

Screen Room

With a total space of 12 ft by 12 ft, the Coleman Evanston Camp Tent can easily accommodate up to 6 members.  The presence of a screened room makes this tent one of the best solutions for any camp enthusiast who is in need of some extra comfort and space.

It does not matter if you have gone camping with your car or you are on an extended outdoor stay, the screen room will offer a little extra cozy area that will bring a number of benefits to the camper.  The smart screened room offers a bug-free lounging solution together with an extra sleeping deck that will offer any camper an unforgettable outdoor stay.

The front porch of this tent which is dome-style offers a perfect place for one to sit and relax when they are not interested in walking out of their tent. It also offers great storage in case one wants to store their camping chairs together with other gear in a secure and safe place.


Have you been shopping for a tent that offers excellent airflow? Then the Coleman Evanston Camp Tent is the right choice for you. The extended windows of this tent have been well designed to help enhance the circulation of air inside the tent as the separate tent porch ensures zero suffocation.

It uses a Variflo ventilation system that will help in keeping the interior of the tent cool no matter the levels of the temperature outside. It also comes with four large windows that help in ensuring maximum ventilation and minimum condensation regardless of how many people are camping.

The fresh and lovely air that circulated throughout this tent is pleasant and ensures that the camping holiday is enjoyable. With this tent, one should is assured of plenty of fresh air.


Coleman Evanston Camp Tent is made from high-quality 75D polyester Tafeta making it unable to escape the next-gen camping gear impression. Its bathtub design, the patented floor that is made of 1000D polyethylene tarp-type material helps in reducing the chances of groundwater seeping from the floor.

It comes with four poles which are made from heavy-duty 11 mm fiber glasses, D- shaped zippered entrance at the porch front and two mesh windows.  The tent is on an unusual bend of structure, quality, and durability.

The two main poles are very strong and have been designed to hold the tent’s main body while setting the cross pole which lifts the fly up.  The floor and fly of the tent are extremely lightweight and the piece has been engineered to be very sturdy and stable even medium to strong winds will never disrupt your holiday.

Blend of Technologies

The Coleman Evanston Camp Tent is known to offer a mixture of technologies that makes your camping life hassle-free and seamless. All the technology features have been put in place with lots of attention to detail.  The technology features will help in easing out all the hassle of outdoor camping when using the tent.

This tent does come with enormous features such as an extra screened shack, a domed-styled body, insect protection, coverage storage, a built-in electrical access port, rain resistance, mesh holder pockets, Variflo technology, a WeatherTech system, and zippered entrance.

Its floor is also patented welded to help in enhancing its weather resistance feature. Its mesh roof, extended windows awnings, and continuous pole sleeves finally help in creating a tent with very intelligent features which make the tent stand out from the rest of its competitors.


The Coleman Evanston Camp Tent is known to have lots of space. Measuring 12 ft by 12 ft with 5ft 8 inches at the center height and 10 by 5 ft at the screen room, this tent is capable of fitting up to 6 people on the floor. Even when you place a few queen-sized air beds on its main body, there will still be lots of space left.

The porch does offer extra sleeping space when there are fewer chances of rainfall. In fact, the tent’s front pocket is a multipurpose zone which makes it possible for an individual to store other camping stuff or sit with a couple of chairs enjoying the outside view.

It is also a lovely place to sit on cool mornings when the sun is just rising or during the evening hours when the starry sky does have a pleasant view to help finish your day well.

Weather Resistance

This tent does have an intelligent WeatherTec system which is one of its best features.  It has a very strong wind frame that has redesigned poles and the guy out triangles have been engineered to be more wind responsive to help in preventing the strong outside winds from damaging the tent.

This tent has a zipper cuff that has been tailored with leak-free and weatherproof fabric.  Its Velcro attachments do add an extra protection layer all the way from the rainfly to the tent. The addition of a weatherproof coat to all its seams and joints is also a perfect idea and does add to the tents existing weather-resistant capabilities.

In case you think there are areas where water could be an issue, you can always buy a spray-on waterproofing product and apply it to the tent. The extended window awnings of the tent do bring more air inside while the rainfly offers you extra protection against all extremities of weather.

It has inverted seams that help in hiding the needle holes of the tent which helps in keeping you safe and dry all the time in case of a heavy downpour. Its patented welded and water-resistant floors do help in doing away with the holes.


The tent’s portability is another great feature that is worth mentioning. This tent does come with a perfect storage option, especially when not in use. In fact, the tent will cause you no trouble at all when it comes to carrying or stowing.

It comes in a packing bag size of 28 by 10 by 9 inches and has a weight of 25 pounds. Folding and transporting it is very easy. This is one feature that makes most of the campers prefer this tent.

The weight and size of the most important equipment during your camping should not make you struggle with it when it comes to carrying or erecting it. Never forget to use the deluxe carry bag which comes with this tent since it helps in making packaging is simple and fast.


This tent does have an incredible price costing around $200 USD which makes it a real bargain.  Its low price has made this tent to be very popular among most campers as it is witnessed in reviews and reports.  On Amazon, it does have more than 1120 reports and an average rating of 4.6/5.


  • It is of great price
  • Can hold up in solid whirlwinds and keep you dry even during strong storms
  • It is a very versatile tent
  • It is well ventilated


  • The window overhangs do prevent an outside view
  • It is a bit low

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Coleman Prairie Cabin Tent

The Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent is widely known for its spacious design and can easily fit your items with some space to walk through.  The design of this tent enables own to enjoy more flexibility and it does double up for several outdoor activities.

Any person who purchases this tent gets to enjoy an extra addition to family outdoor camping equipment.  You can use this tent for camping, hiking, road trips, and picnic or place it around the beach.  One of its best features is that you do not have to use it with your family alone. You can always use it with some of your friends due to its big and spacious design.


  • Color: Grey and green
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Capacity: 9 People
  • Packed dimensions: 14 by 10 inches
  • Floor size: 14 by 10 inches
  • Center height: 7 ft
  • Floor Area: 140 sq. ft

Key Features Coleman Prairie Cabin Tent


Just like its name suggests, this tent does have a capacity of 9 persons comfortably and still leaves enough space for people to move around. This feature makes most of its users feel at home.

WeatherTec System

This is an important feature and does play an important role in this tent. It enables the tent users to always remain dry despite heavy rain. This technology makes use of a welded and patented floor that comes with inverted seams and covered zippers which ensures that water is completely sealed out.


Apart from the WeatherTech system which ensures the interior of the tent is always dry and comfortable to the users, there is also the rainfly feature that helps in maximizing the efficiency when it comes to ensuring water is completely kept out.

Snag Free Poles

Setting up this tent is very easy thanks to its snag-free poles and the continuous pole sleeves it has. The poles help in preventing any form of drawback whenever you choose to set it up for hiking or camping season.

Insta- Clip Suspension

The Insta- Clip Suspension feature of this tent enables it to maximize the ease of setting it up. The best part about this is that it is compatible with other tents hence when you purchase it; you can always use it more often and in other tents also.

It is easy to use the system and will help in securing the pole with a snap. It also comes with a rechargeable cartridge that uses 4D batteries although the two are usually sold separately.

Excellent Dimensions

Measuring 168 by 120 by 84 inches or 14 by 10 ft, the Coleman Prairie Cabin Tent is capable of accommodating up to two queen-sized air beds. One can always move the beds around with lots of ease and enjoy a home feeling anytime.

Made from High-end materials

The Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent has been made from high-quality materials. The material is mainly Polyguard fabric which is very durable and ideal for use in the most demanding and harsh weather conditions. It is capable of withstanding any type of outdoor rugged condition and can last for seasons.

Cool Weight

The tent is known to be of a manageable weight of only 36.1 pounds. This makes it easy to carry when camping and is suitable for going on long camping trips.

Oversized Windows

This tent comprises six oversized windows. The windows do help in offering perfect ventilation as they will leave the entire tent with excellent air circulation which ensures there is cool and fresh air inside. The windows do have mesh which helps to prevent bugs and flies from getting into the tent.

LED Lighting and Reversible Fan

The tent does have very superior LED lighting. The light helps in keeping the entire inside of the tent well-lit. It offers a perfect way of seeing during the night ensuring one enjoys his or her stay camping.

This tent also comes with a reversible fan which when combined with LED lighting will ensure the camp side does have a home touch and feel.


The Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent does have an unbeatable price.  It does have the lowest price on Amazon at the time of writing this review.


  • It is a very spacious tent
  • Made from sturdy materials making it is durable
  • It is very easy to set up
  • Has a super cool environment
  • It is very affordable
  • Waterproof


  •  Not suitable for a small group
  • Takes lots of time to clean

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Conclusion: There you have our Coleman instant tent review!

We do hope that the review of Coleman Evanston Camp Tent and Coleman Prairie Cabin Tent, 9-Person has been of great help to you and that you can make a perfect decision when you purchase your next Coleman Instant tent for camping.

What about you? Has our Coleman instant tent review helped you make a purchase decision?

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