Colorado Pontoon Boat Reviews in 2023

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Best Colorado Pontoon Boat Reviews 2023

In this Colorado 9′ pontoon boat you can navigate the river or lake easily. You can choose which mode of operation is right for your trip because this boat contains three oar-lock positions with built-in oar rests and a weatherproof motor mount. You can explore the shallowest waters as the powder-coated steel tube frame, and heavy-duty boats are made from abrasion-resistant PVC.

Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat reviews

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Other features including20 storage pockets, a dual-side stripping apron, a detachable fly patch, two insulated drink holders, non-slip footrests, a 6-position rod holder, double hull pontoon bladders, an integrated anchor system, padded plastic seat and much more. This boat also Includes two 7′ 2-pc. Aluminum Oars. Imported. 30Hx56Wx108D

Features: In this Colorado pontoon boat review you will get to know the following:

Storage capacity: This boat has a high storage capacity; it includes ten mesh pockets, There are 12 zippered pockets also, and two insulated drink holders are available.

Battery platform: This boat is designed for extra wire rear storage and a battery platform as well.

Rod holder: You can also mount a Rod holder in three different positions on each oar stand

Anchor system: There is an Anchor system with a fillable mesh bag; on the right or left side you can fit a boat cleat, and pulley controls can meet

Motor mount: In this boat, there is a sturdy two-position motor mount for trolling

Foam fly patch: Detachable foam fly patch option is also available for you.

Pontoons: This is a 9 ft. pontoons

Capacity: 400 lb  is the capacity of this boat

River rating: This boat is a River rating-Class 1

Lock positions: In this boat there are three oar-lock positions

A wide range of leg lengths: Seat and footrests adjust are also available to a wide range of leg lengths for the paddlers.

Plastic seat: In this boat, there is a Padded fold-down plastic seat

Safety labeling: In this boat, there is Safety labeling for you as per ABYC standards

Improved visibility: For enhanced visibility, the rider can ride high

Stripping apron with a fish ruler: There is a unique dual-side stripping apron with a fish ruler that allows entry and exit without unclipping as well.

Footrests: The Non-slip footrests will increase your comfort

PVC bottoms and tough nylon tops: This is a Heavy-duty pontoon having abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and tough nylon tops as well

Oar-locks: The bronze oar-locks option is also available for you

Steel Tube Frame: There is a Powder-coated steel tube frame for any type of resistance

Aluminum oars: This is a Rugged 7 ft. two-piece aluminum oars

Bladders: Cold and heat-resistant bladders will be there so that you can enjoy a good ride.

Inflation/ deflation valves: Combination quick inflation/ deflation valves are made easy & comfortable for your ride.

Some Specific Features:

9-foot high-capacity pontoon boat with padded seat

Boat Specifications:

  1. This is a 9-foot pontoon
  2. 400 lb is its capacity
  3. The specific river rating for this boat is —Class 1
  4. The assembled size is approximately 108″l 56″w 2
  5. This is 6″h Weight is 71.5 lbs
  6. You will enjoy the 1-year warranty


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Some of the special features with details information:

This boat has High storage capacity for your comfort. As this boat includes ten mesh pockets, 12 zippered pockets, and two insulated drink holders so it will help you to store your necessary things as much as you can.

Since there are a wire rear storage and battery platform. It hell help the motor work better. This boat is designed nicely so that the wires or battery platform won’t create any issues for you. Because of this functional design, anyone would feel better paddling this boat.

You can mount your Rod holder in three different positions on each oar stand. If you want to change the view of the rod holder then these three different positions will let you do so. You do not need to worry anymore about the mounting of your rod.

There is an anchor system with a fillable mesh bag so you can use it when you feel it will be beneficial for you; cleat and pulley controls can fit on the right or left side of the boat

For trolling there is a sturdy two-position motor mount

There is also a detachable foam fly patch

More Detailed Info:

It is the Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat which is very popular.

For flat water such as ponds, lakes, calm ocean bays, or calm rivers It is best suited.

I like this pontoon boat though it has a few downfalls overall, this is very functional.

It’s both stable and comfortable, and this has several features which make it stand out.

It has an anchor system for one which lets you stay put when fishing in moving water.

If you are used to fishing in a kayak or canoe then you should know that this is a handy feature, the ability to use an anchor will be appreciated.

Though there is not much storage space for a 9′ solo pontoon boat, there is sufficient space for a day trip.

In the back, the wire mesh storage compartment will hold your necessities besides there are ten more mesh pockets along with 12 zippered pockets for storing small items to which you need easy access.

Unfortunately, there is no storage room under your feet or upfront except for the pockets.

You have choices to mount the rod in three different positions, and there is a sturdy motor mount that is ideal for trolling.

You can adjust the seat and footrests for your comfort, and the overall seating position has been highly rated as very comfortable. You sit up quite high which helps with visibility.

Quality of Construction:

One of the cheaper options is the Colorado Pontoon Boat out there for an inflatable pontoon boat.

In spite of being priced lower, the quality tends to reflect that. I do not want to imply that the quality is poor, as compared to a higher-priced boat it’s just not quite as refined.

Colorado has abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms, but only nylon tops whereas some inflatable pontoon boats have stable all PVC pontoons.

The steel tube frame is, and the oarlocks are bronzed. The bladders are heat-resistant and cold, and the valves are of excellent quality.

Overall it’s a perfect quality boat. Most people have stated that they are delighted with the quality, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

It is excellent for recreational anglers. Take little extra care to make sure that it is protected from UV rays and its exposure to the elements and it will last a long time.

Setup and Portability:

To set up Colorado is very easy but it takes quite a bit longer than say the Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon boat, which sets up in minutes.

Having a frame that needs to be attached so that there is little extra work. You will need to follow the instructions, and It’s not hard.

Might take half an hour or so the first time but once you know what you are doing, you will probably get the set-up time down to 20 minutes.

To deflate it only takes about half that time, pack it away and break it down.

At 71.5 lbs. To carry and transport on your own this boat is a little heavy. This transportation is not impossible, but it will be much easier if you have a friend to help.

It will be much easier for you if you can park your boat close to the water. Getting a wheeled cart to help with the load is the other option if you are finding it cumbersome.

Portability & Set up:

The setup and portability are rather important when it comes to pontoon boats. The Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Motor Mount is excellent regarding compactness and portability.

This is a boat that is very easy to set up. However, it may take a bit longer if it is your first time. You may need to attach the frame and this is what brings a bit more work. It is undoubtedly far from being a challenging undertaking, but you would still need to follow a specific set of important instructions.

The first time it would take you about 30 minutes, but it is probably going to make you no more than about 20 minutes to get it done once you get used to it. To deflate it is only going to take half of the time.

At 71 pounds the boat is a bit heavy, and it might be a bit challenging for you to carry it alone.

Advantages of Colorado pontoon boat:

  1. The frame is huge
  2. Everything looks like be powder coated
  3. There will be lots of storage pockets with large zippers
  4. This boat tracks nicely, much better than other inflatables boats
  5. It moves very easily
  6. There are double-locking knobs available
  7. This boat is very easy to assemble and very sturdy on the water
  8. You will find this boat very easy to row and works well with an electric trolling motor


  1. Portability may cause some concern

Final Thoughts:

For fishing on flat water, this pontoon boat is ideal. You will be able to access quiet, remote locations in comfort with a trolling motor.

This Colorado inflatable pontoon boat with a motor is an excellent option for those who want a portable and convenient fishing vessel without investing a bulk amount of money.

So this is today’s review regarding the Colorado pontoon boat. Hope all of you enjoyed it!

We have tried to cover every detail, description, feature, boat specification, special features with detailed information, quality of construction, portability & set-up, Advantages and Disadvantages, and Warranty.

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