Different Types of Fishing Poles

Purchasing a fishing rod as a beginner can be a tough task. Because, there are different types of fishing poles. In this guide, I will try to help you understand the difference between them and what is the best fishing pole for you.

8 Types of Fishing Poles:

Type 1: Fly Rods

Did you hear of fly fishing? This type of fishing rod is specially made for fly fishing. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some rod with a thick handle and some with a thin handle. 

They are best for catching small fishes. The main difference of the fly rod from other fishing rod is, there is no butt piece behind the fishing reel. This is why they are preferred for fly fishing. Because you can cast it freely.

Type 2Casting Rods

This type of rods is made to place the bait as accurately as possible. It's easier to land the bait at the right place with them. You can lure in your target to the desired place with this rod easily. Most DIY rods are also casting rods. 

It's simple to use them and that's why they are widely appreciated by beginner anglers.

Type 3: Ice Fishing Rods

If you have seen some random YouTube videos about fishing on the north pole, you know what I am talking about. If you have noticed the rods, the base of those rods is thicker than your regular fishing rods. The grip is also better to keep your hands warm. Normally, this rod is not that long. 37 inches is the max length. 

This is also the most ancient fishing rod on the market. There is no fishing reel on these rods either. It uses opposing double hooks attached to the wind line by hands.

Type 4: Spinning Rods

There isn't much difference between this and casting rods. The key difference is they are smaller than casting rods. The large eye mounted on them reduces the friction on the casting line.

One spinning rod can have up to 9 eyes depending on the rod size. The casting reel is mounted on the bottom side of the spinning rods.

Type 5: Sea Fishing Rod

As the name suggests, they are specifically made to use while fishing in the sea. The water depth and thickness due to salt is different on the sea. These rods are made like a tank to withstand the mighty force of the sea fishes.

Catching a big fish on the sea is a common occurrence. But to reel that on to the boat will need a good fishing rod.

Type 6: Trolling Rod

No, I am not trolling you. That's exactly the name of the fishing rod. They are made to have fun. They are made in such a way that you can attach them behind a moving boat.

They are mainly targeted to catch big fishes. 

Type 7: Telescopic Rod

This is known as the most compact fishing rod. The ability to shrink and extend is quite high. That's why you can shrink them to the point where you can carry the rod in your backpack. Most of the telescopic rod is eyeless. These rods are best for people that fish as a hobby.

You can carry it anywhere you go and go for a fishing session. Don't let the small size fool you. They are capable of catching quite big prey.

Type 8: Surf Rod

These rods are quite big and suitable for shore fishing. But as they are not that sturdy compared to the sea fishing rods that's why they got their own category. Don't take the name literally and go fishing on a surfboard. As you can see there is a specific fishing rod for specific people.

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