Driftsun Inflatable Kayak Reviews in 2021

The best inflatable kayaks have some things in common that must get your attention. The main thing is to make sure that you’re trading with a quality brand. Many brands are promising when it comes to providing a decent kayak to take in the water.

One of them is the Driftsun who are right now getting maximum attention for their super functions and features. Here I’ll be talking about the brand, and also I’ll include two driftsun inflatable kayak reviews that are of Couse my recent favorites.

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Two of the Best Driftsun Inflatable Kayak Reviews

Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

The voyager kayak from Driftsun is mainly a full-size kayak to take to the water with only needing five minutes of inflation. The hand pump is good enough to pump in shorter time thanks to the high flow double action it provides.

The compact kayak is easy to carry ad only weights twenty-seven lbs. The design is quite durable and fits into the carry bag that comes along. Other noticeable features are tarpaulin bottom for durability, Boston valves that don’t leak, nylon top cover and superior performance.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Tear and rip resistant.
  • Padded seats included.
  • The grip is tight.
  • Comfortable seats


  • A little short for two riders.

Driftsun Rover 220 Inflatable Tandem White-Water Kayak

The Rover kayak will be ready to hit the water only with ten minutes of inflation and the manageable twenty-eight lbs. Weight makes it a compact full-size kayak. The heavy-duty bottom construction makes it extremely durable and secure purchase.

The floor uses drop stitches, tracking fin is removable, and the rocker profile gives excellent balance and power on rough situations. Also, you get enough space for gears and accessories you want to take along.

What I love the most is the fact that the kayak provides everything I need. From adjustable seats, back support to even a repair kit all seems perfect and flawless for both novice and pro kayakers.

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  • A durable kayak and also lightweight.
  • It stays in control in flat and rough water.
  • Paddles are adjustable.
  • It includes a travel bag.


  • The high sides are not enough to inhibit paddling.

Driftsun Inflatable Kayak Reviews

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Why Should You Choose Driftsun?

If you are a venture sports aficionado, you appreciate the importance of being equipped with the correct gear. It not only assurances an exciting experience, but also keeps you harmless.

Looking for the best inflatable kayak comprises comparing various makes and models for unique features. Here are a bunch of reasons that you must consider before we finish our article about driftsun inflatable kayak reviews.

The Appealing Design

The elegance of driftsun inflatable kayak is ideal for you to defend any circumstances. You have three main categories that you can choose to perform it according to your comfort level. The first one is the Sit-on-top type that has a seat slightly raised. These are for frivolous purposes.

It is best suitable for lakes, whitewater, and rivers that don’t see much commotion in the water. Novices can opt for the sit-on-top kayaks as being laidback to maneuver and regulate, and the learning curve is fewer. Then there is the Sit-in type where the seating area is a resonating cockpit enclosed on all flanks.

So when you sit in you feel warm. These are excellent for competitive presentations and situations that see a lot of wind, surfs and currents. And finally, there is the Self-bailing design that features small holes to let the water that has unintentionally come into the kayak to drain out. It is the top choice for whitewater situations, but not stiller waters (as it may reason the kayak to fill up).

Multiple Rider Options Available

You can have multiple-seat options with Driftsun Kayaks. It varies on what trips you take. Do you favor to go alone or do you relish paddling with a companion? A single seat Driftsun can be your choice for individual trips.

Though, if you look for in multiples, go for a tandem Driftsun. By compensating a little more, you can relax for an adaptable that duos up for single and tandem. It lets you modify the site of the seats.

Reasonable Price

The charge of a driftsun inflatable kayak varies liable on the features you need. You can start very well if you save at least 400 dollars. While there are inexpensive ones available, they are not as hard-wearing.

Supreme Portability

Inflatable kayaks from driftsun have a foldable project. So, they can be doubled and put away into a backpack or suitcase. You must know the weight of these kayaks when it is full-loaded, is very light and also when it pumps. Mainly if you travel alone, and need to get the inflated kayak out into the lakes.

Great Size Options and Carrying Capacity

With Drifsun kayaks, you have the option to choose one that matches your height. In count to this, you need to reflect the weight capacity in a kayak. Most of the driftsun kayak allows to carry paddling gear, gives you space to store it, either inside the kayak or as accessory options (clip-on).

Optimum Material and Durability

Most of the kayaks are from Hypalon, a highly-tough synthetic rubber also Neoprene. PVC bids the same strength and toughness as Hypalon; however, this plastic irregular works out as an inexpensive option. Either fabric you pick, test the thickness. It must also have features such as weather defiance especially shield against UV rays and damage-proof versus fungus and chemicals.

You get all of these with Driftsun. They are the one that positively provides the most strength and are the premium choice for grade 5 or 6 rivers. These high-quality kayaks can last for several years, even with a good deal of mistreatment.


These two inflatable kayaks are preferable by me at this time.  There are through so many options while dealing with DriftSun and it is a wise idea to have a proper look on the information available online as you can get a good idea of how other people have felt for the kayak.

Hopefully, these driftsun inflatable kayak reviews will be helpful, and you found a choice that will suit your requirements. Good Luck with Surfing!

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