Goplus Inflatable PVC Boat Reviews in 2022

In globalization, inflatable kayaks and boats are gradually becoming so popular. Most of the people want to journey by inflatable boats or kayaks. Because it has some extra facility from others.

Goplus Inflatable PVC Boat also has some great features and facility that’s why everyone likes to buy. I think you know some information about this, right? so don’t spit, lets read the Goplus Inflatable PVC Boat Reviews and achieved more information which is needed to know before buying a boat.

Actually, people have faced some facility from the inflatable boat. for a certain reason, everyone tried to buy an inflatable boat. some of the facility in the below,

  • Ease of transport
  • Portability
  • Stability
  • Durability etc.

However, in the market, you find the Goplus inflatable boat where the holding capacity is 4 people. You may check them review on amazon.

Goplus Inflatable PVC Boat

Goplus Inflatable boat is famous to capture more people from others. if you want to drift on the lake or exciting surfing on the sea with your friends or family, I am sure that Goplus is perfect for you. Goplus boat design is different from others. Actually, Inflatable Boat Designed 2 independents air tubes. This boat is made by the highest quality 1100D PVC fabric and German engineers paste.

The floor is made of wood with aluminum framing, for that everyone feels comfortable to use it. By using inflatable boats fishing enthusiasts finds exquisite pleasure, because while casting their lines they can stand on the wooden floors. Holding on the wood floors will give the vessel added stability. More so, during your fishing expedition, you can bring your pet dog, and you can rest assured that the door won’t die.

Besides, you can be easily rowed, sailed and motors. For a fastidious design and realized measurement of the boat, you can put this portable dinghy in the truck of your car. you will get two paddles with that. 2 side has 2 clip to prevent both paddles, 2 separate chambers, and safety rope. However, I don’t split the description.

okay! let’s know some features of the Goplus inflatable boat, which is too important for you. In this Goplus inflatable boat reviews, I will inform you everything just stay with me.


  • Premium PVC material has the advantages of sunshine resistance and saline-alkali, corrosion and anti-aging resistance.
  • In the Boat Body made by 3x layer PVC adds hardness and wear-resistance
  • High-Pressure air valve and separate air chambers.
  • provide safety guaranty.
  • For easy planning  V shape hull and Light keel
  • With the presence of marine plywood transom mount facility
  • easy-reach and Heavy duty grab rope you find

we already knew some features of the boat, now we are giving you some specifications in below lets we read.


⇒ Overall Size 7.5′ × 4’×1.1′(L×W×H)
⇒ Material PVC, aluminum and marine wood
⇒ Max Load 400 lbs (2 adults)
⇒ Net Weight 51lbs
⇒ Air Chambers 2 air chambers
⇒ Max Horsepower 4 HP


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Package Include:

In this boat, selling by a package and you will find out the following accessories with the dinghy.

  • ⇒ 1 standard foot pump
  • ⇒ 1 pair of aluminum oars
  • ⇒ 1 Single pair of aluminum oars will be provided
  • ⇒  1 aluminum deck plates also given
  • ⇒ A repair kit
  • ⇒ A Standard Carry bag

Must be, you will be counting all accessories when you received the boats from them.

Let’s Watch the Video Review:

Why you make Purchase? 


Overall, this is a fantastic user-friendly product. Kindly check this out if you are looking for a durable and stable inflatable boat. Further research showed that Australia and the United States of America are two countries which use this boat most. The Goplus 2 people inflatable dinghy is a great boat as well.


This boat is entirely the best, and some users have confirmed that. From the beach, you can launch it. It has a vast range of storage space. You can try this boat if you have a hard time to fish due to your disability.


It will stay cool and will assist you in making great fishing in warm weather. It will exceed your expectations; buy this amazing boat today. Over this inflatable boat, a good number of people have left amazing feedbacks; it is one of its kind.

Your fun factory:

By all the standards of evaluation, fun to enjoy, this boat is easy to ride and pretty stable. This will be definitely worth the price and surely is a great boat. This is the perfect boat for you. if you are looking for a ship that can carry a family of 2-4 people with a few storage spaces. You will never regret doing so. Hopefully, without hassle, it will serve your purpose.


Absolutely a unique boat that inflates pretty fast. To flow painlessly, the included pump helps it. This is undoubtedly a single boat; from other ships in this description, it is distinctively unique, because of its capacity to blow up faster especially than you can ever imagine.


If you want to compare with others by the price? then I want to tell you that you can’t find out any inflatable boat for this price. With an excellent price, this is a great boat. Well-made and very durable. This boat rocks; portable and small. For a versatile tender boat this boat is ideal, small runabout boat or boat for fishing expedition having huge tubes, which is almost about 18 inches.

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Clean and protect your inflatable boat

To clean an inflatable boat is pretty easy. Even though you must use to right tools for a good result. For wrong tools using for cleaning, our boats have destroyed day by day. There are some products that one shouldn’t use when cleaning your inflatable boats:

  • Steel wool
  • Highly alkaline cleaners
  • Acetone
  • Ammonia
  • Toluene
  • Bleach
  • Solvents
  • Abrasive scrub pads etc

If you use them, they will weaken, discolor and damage the fabric as well as attack the adhesives. By maintaining it regularly, you will extend the life of your boat. To remove environmental contaminants and dirt, you need to use a proper inflatable boat cleaner.

Finally, always leave your inflatable boat and kayak out of direct heat of sunlight. Keep it safe by folding it, losing it and storing it in a room.

♠ Pros:

Ø Cons:

 +  easy to inflate, and this is a great inflatable  –  The drink holder as useless as some reviewers have described
 +  very Well-designed boat
 +  paddles and Tracks so well even in waves and breakers
 +  Very responsive
 +  1-year Guaranty
 +  seat is comfortable and sturdy

Frequently Ask Questions:

Q: How do I install the boards?

♥ A: just slip them in the sleeves in the floor before inflation. 

⇒ Q: is the boat very heavy I want to put it in a backpack?

♥ A: Yes, Definitely. The boat is probably too heavy to carry in a backpack. It comes in a bag but is incredibly difficult to fold back up as tightly again once it’s been inflated. 

⇒ Q: Can I put a gas motor on the back of it?

♥ A: Yes, and up to 4hp.

⇒ Q:  How much oil and fuel do you have to mix?

♥ A: I bought an Electric Motor and battery. Just got the GoPlus so have not “launched” it yet. 

⇒ Q: Would I be able to put my dog in this boat or will his nails pop it?

♥ A: It seems to be pretty sturdy but if your dog’s nails are really sharp, you might want to put a rubber mat in the bottom 
Good luck 

Final Verdict: We have tried to give you our best information about inflatable PVC boat. finally, I want to tell you that, if you are looking for a dinghy boat which is the mix of security and practicality. That is best for you and I Hope that I can reach you all information from this Goplus Inflatable PVC Boat Reviews. So without hesitate, you can purchase from Amazon by clicking here and check it.

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