Goplus Inflatable PVC Boat Reviews in 2019

In recent times inflatable kayaks and boats are gradually becoming so popular. In goplus inflatable PVC boat reviews, we are going to look at why and how they are getting more & more sophisticated daily. For you now goplus 4 person boat is in the market. This goplus 4 person inflatable boat is a new addition in the inflatable world.

Our investigative analysis indicates that the primary purpose why people subscribe for inflatable kayaks and boats are due to their:

Ease of transport,




More than the conventional counterparts they are gradually becoming more functional. As rigid inflatable boats, some of these inflatable boats are collectively referred.

Why should one buy them?

Faster than you can ever imagine Inflatable boat cuts through the water; even in difficult or unforeseen circumstances, they are capable of sliding through the water, to give you a less smooth or bumpy ride.

You will find that these Inflatables don’t capsize so quickly; even when the boat is operating at high speed, their rigid construction makes them stable.

By inflatable collars, Inflatable boats are usually surrounded – to remain resolute even after taking lots of water this helps them. Thus, there may have a slight danger of the boat sinking.

In all types of water such as rough seas, calm lakes inflatable boats can be used; in all types of storm, they can withstand. Between 30 to 70 knots their speed limit ranges.

For a variety of purposes, inflatable boats can be used. For instance, they can be used for recreational and leisure purposes like lifeboats or rescue boats, fishing, tenders, and so on.

By using inflatable boats fishing enthusiasts finds exquisite pleasure, because while casting their lines they can stand on the wooden floors. Holding on the wood floors will give the vessel added stability. More so, during your fishing expedition, you can bring your pet dog, and you can rest assured that the door won’t die.

Goplus 2 / 4-Person Inflatable Dinghy Boat Fishing Tender Raft Deep Bottom and Trolling Motor Transom: You will get to know goplus 4 person boat review here.

Goplus 2 / 4-Person Inflatable Dinghy BoatGoplus Inflatable PVC Boat Reviews

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Product Description:

In our goplus inflatable PVC boat reviews you will find the following information:

PVC Material has 3x Layer——with three layers of 0.9mm PVC material Goplus inflatable dinghy boat is solidly made. Our premium PVC material has possessed the advantages of sunshine resistance and saline-alkali, corrosion and anti-aging resistance. Between the PVC leather, a layer of iron mesh is sandwiched, adds wear-resistance and hardness of the boat body.

Hard Deck to stand—— With durable marine wood floors along with aluminium framing the deck is constructed, up to 400lbs is the weight capacity, sailors to stand on the rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) steadily this boat allows 2 Fisher/cruising.

2 Separate Air Chambers——Goplus inflatable dinghy has a super safe design. To keep the tender boat floating there are two delicate inflatable tubes even if one chamber damage. And also with a high-pressure air valve to prevent air leak the hull is equipped.

More Details——1, for easy planning V shape hull and Light keel; 2, Thickened anti-collision strips around the entire boat; 3, Marine plywood transom mount; 4, Marine sealant applied that resists leakage; 4, easy-reach and Heavy duty grab rope.

Warranty of one year—— To let you buy with confidence. We offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. You will be super-impressed with HIGH QUALITY and DURABILITY of our Inflatable Dinghy Boat, and we are quite sure about that.

Imported from the USA


In our goplus inflatable PVC boat reviews you will find the following information:

Independent air tubes are used to design with, the highest quality 1100D PVC fabric available this boat is made from, this is a German engineered adhesives, with aluminium framing a marine wood floor. This is a dinghy that can be sailed, rowed and motored. Take your family or friends, put this portable dinghy in the trunk of your car, take a breath, have a pleasant drifting on exciting surfing on the sea or the lake an.

Feature :

In our goplus inflatable PVC boat reviews you will find the following information:

Premium PVC material has the advantages of sunshine resistance and saline-alkali, corrosion and anti-ageing resistance.

3x Layer PVC adds hardness of the boat body and wear-resistance.

There is high-pressure air value, and separate air chambers provide safety guaranty.

For easy planning  V shape hull and Light keel.

With the presence of marine plywood transom mount facility.

Around entire boat thickened anti-collision strips.

Marine sealant applied that resists leakage: easy-reach and Heavy duty grab rope.


In our goplus inflatable PVC boat reviews you will find the following information:

Overall Size: The total size of the boat is  7.5′ × 4’×1.1′(L×W×H)

Material: PVC, aluminium and marine wood

Max Load: There are 400 lbs (2 adults)

Net Weight: 51lbs is the net weight

Air Chambers: There are two air chambers.

Max Horsepower: 4 HP is the max horsepower

Goplus Inflatable PVC Boat Reviews

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Package Include:

In our goplus inflatable PVC boat reviews you will find the following information:

There is an Inflatable dinghy boat

There is a foot pump

One pair of aluminium oars will be provided

One aluminium deck plates are included with the package

A repair kit is also available

There is a carry bag

To give there are many examples, but for the shortage of time, we have to stop at the above analysis.

Let’s Watch the Video Review:

Product Overview:

Although the boat doesn’t move too fast, you will arrive at your destination with slow and steady. This boat inflates very easily and quickly; it doesn’t swamp, instead it rows easily. And, it doesn’t have any types of the keel.

As a boat for small kids some people have classified it, it can be used by people of all ages, and the truth is that. Great for those explorers of lakes or going for fishing trips. Although it comes with a one-year warranty, people prospective users must know that the warranty won’t cover any types of leak emanating from puncture. You will also get to know about goplus 4-person 10ft inflatable dinghy boat reviews.

This is a unique boat by all standards of evaluation. By purchasing it today, you can never go wrong. You will see amazing reviews posted by verified users if you browse through the internet. 4 person dinghy boat is a good one also. Although some may say that this boat is considerably expensive, from it, you will get the ultimate value.


This is an all-purpose carry bag that has the following start-up packages; inflatable seat, repair kit, carry bag, floor, paddles, pump, hull etc.  It is entirely affordable, assembled, and lightweight and without issues can comfortably carry four people. With electric motors or small gas Super stable, and works amazingly. This could be the best inflatable boat for the ocean.

This boat is a great product. You will be happy with it when you buy it, and for your money surely you will get great value.  This goplus is the best inflatable boat brand.

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They say that then the price that is currently priced should be lesser. Overall, this is a fantastic user-friendly product. Kindly check this out if you are looking for a durable and stable inflatable boat. Further research showed that Australia and the United States of America are two countries which use this boat most. The goplus 2 person inflatable dinghy is a great boat as well


This boat is entirely the best, and some users have confirmed that. From a beach, you can launch it. It has a vast range of storage space. You can try this boat if you have a hard time to fish due to your disability.


It will stay cool and will assist you in making great fishing in warm weather. It will exceed your expectations; buy this amazing boat today. Over this inflatable boat, a good number of people have left amazing feedbacks; it is one of its kind.

Your fun factory:

By all the standards of evaluation, fun to enjoy, this boat is easy to ride and pretty stable. This will be definitely worth the price and surely is a great boat. This is the perfect boat for you if you are looking for a ship that can carry a family of six with a few storage spaces. You will never regret doing so. Hopefully, without hassle, it will serve your purpose.


Absolutely a unique boat that inflates pretty fast. To flow painlessly, the included pump helps it. This is undoubtedly a single boat; from other ships in this description, it is distinctively unique, because of its capacity to blow up faster especially than you can ever imagine.


With an excellent price, this is a great boat. Well-made and very durable. This boat rocks; portable and small. For a versatile tender boat this boat is ideal, small runabout boat or boat for fishing expedition having huge tubes, which is almost about 18 inches.

Guidelines for buying:

Material: Mostly Inflatable boats are made of Rubber material or PVC — many of the material used for manufacturing these products other than that. For durable and long lasting we recommended PVC and Rubber material. Our all of the listed products are in these two categories.

Capacity: There are two seat boats, four-seat boats, six-seat boats and nine-seat boats are available in the market. Before buying the boats, you should choose your capacity. You can select low capacity boats if you want to spend time with your wife or one or 2 kid.

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Clean and protect your inflatable boat

To clean an inflatable boat is pretty easy. To have the right tools and equipment is all you need. If you use the right tools, you will achieve the correct result, but if you use the wrong tools and equipment, the consequences would be disastrous, because you will end up destroying the boat.

There are some products that one shouldn’t use when cleaning your inflatable boats:

  • Steel wool
  • Highly alkaline cleaners
  • Acetone
  • Ammonia
  • Toluene
  • Bleach
  • Solvents
  • Abrasive scrub pads etc

If you use them, they will weaken, discolor and damage the fabric as well as attack the adhesives. By maintaining it regularly, you will extend the life of your boat. To remove environmental contaminants and dirt, you need to use inflatable boat cleaner.

Finally, always leave your inflatable boat and kayak out of direct heat of sunlight. Keep it safe by folding it, losing it and storing it in a room.


  • This boat is easy to inflate, and this is a great inflatable,
  • This is a very Well designed boat
  • paddles and Tracks so well even in waves and breakers
  • this inflatable boat is Very responsive
  • Guarantees peace of mind and it is one year
  • Great boat for both experienced and beginners
  • The seat is comfortable and sturdy


  • The drink holder as useless as some reviewers have described

Final Verdict:

We have tried our best to inform you about inflatable PVC boat reviews you need to know. At your earliest convenience feel free to go through them. Each of them is high and spectacularly unique. They have been trusted and tested over time.

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