10 Health Benefits Of Camping – Beyond The Tent

Going into nature can be very beneficial for people. The fresh air, peace, quiet and beautiful landscapes are just some of the things we are missing out on in the big city. So it is no wonder that camping can be a great stress reliever and a getaway from our regular day to day troubles. Spending a couple of days outdoors can recharge our batteries and help us return to work refreshed. Here are 10 ways how camping can improve your health.


Moving Around

Camping is not just about going to nature and sitting around. Just setting up your tent can be a good physical activity. A camping trip usually includes hiking and exploring your surroundings. Also, jumping and climbing on rough terrain and big rocks. More advanced campers use the opportunity of being in nature for some exotic sports like downhill biking or cliff climbing. All of these test your strength, your stamina and keep you moving a lot.  And moving is very good for your health and your body, it keeps you fit and in shape.

Quality Sleep

 The peace and quiet outdoor night offers can be very refreshing. There are no car sounds and horns, no people yelling in nature. Every evening spent camping gives you serenity and every night you sleep through under the stars or in a tent is an amazing experience. The quality of your sleep can influence a lot of important things in your body and mind, like your health, concentration or even mood. Nature itself is a very good provider of quality sleep but it doesn’t hurt having a sturdy tent and a camping pillow to make it more comfortable.

Feel the Sun

Going camping will help you catch some much-needed sunshine. This is especially important for people who work indoors and who sit in front of a computer the whole day. The sun’s rays help us regulate our bodies’ functions and improves the quality of our sleep. They can also stimulate our metabolism, improve our mood and our general health.  But the most crucial thing that the sun gives us is vitamin D, which is very important to our health.

Staying Unplugged

Unless you expect an emergency, try to stay away from your phone or other mobile devices while camping. This is not what going into nature is about. You could have easily stayed at home, tinkering with your phone if you wanted. It is a scientific fact that staying away from social media and phones can reduce your stress levels by a lot. If you give it a chance, you will quickly learn that nature has much more beautiful landscapes or pictures to offer you than any social media can.

Fresh Air 

A good camping morning begins with inhaling the cool fresh air of the outdoors. People simply do not realize the difference between air quality in nature and in the city. We are so used to urban living that we can’t feel all of those pollutants we are breathing in every day. Breathing the outdoor air will immediately improve your mood and lower your stress levels. It will give you a burst of energy that you can’t get in any other way. It is also important to mention that breathing quality air improves our lungs which in turn lets us breathe more properly. This is one of the foundations of a healthier life as breathing properly helps our heart work properly and reduces anxiety.

Sharpening Your Skills

Camping can be a great benefit to your mental health as well. These outdoor trips will usually require you to solve some problems or to discover a way to do something. Setting up tents, lighting campfires, overcoming some obstacle during a hike. All of these activities would be very simple in an urban area or with the right tools. Overcoming these problems on your own will make you feel a great sense of accomplishment, improving your self-confidence and mood levels. You might learn some new skills and tricks in the process.

Health Benefits Of Camping - Beyond The Tent

Get in Touch With Nature

The feeling of getting in touch with nature can be amazing. It is something most of us have lost due to the busy city life. Our day to day activities and work stress changed us. It makes a lot of people nervous and anxious. This is why sometimes you need to just grab your camping gear and go out. Make room in your schedule and plan a trip to nature, at least once a month. You will quickly learn that even thinking about a future camping trip can make you feel better.

Get Some Friends

Camping does not have to be a solo experience. Get your family or friends to come with you. You will have a great time together, away from your busy lives and phones. Go hiking in a group during the day and sit around a fire or play some games in the night. You will be glad for the good company and you will make some amazing memories together that will be talked about for years to come. Why not make it a regular nature outing with your friends?

Feel the Happiness

Spending time in nature and camping will make you happier. Happiness is connected to serotonin, the chemical that our body produces which directly makes you happier. Some of the factors which affect serotonin levels are sunshine, clean air and increased physical activity. Since camping has all of these in abundance it is reasonable to assume that you will feel much better during your camping trips.

Refresh Yourself

All in all, the biggest benefit of camping is the feeling of refreshment once you get back. You will feel much healthier, happier and more confident in the days to come. You will be ready to tackle anything that your work, family or any kind of obligation throws at you. Camping is one of the greatest ways to get your batteries recharged and to get rid of stress and anxieties.

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