10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs Reviews and Complete Guide 2023

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But we can’t be dishonest and inaccurate like other sources of best inflatable hot tubs reviews. We are here to give you the most accurate description of products so that you can personalize and bring out the best value for your money.

Finding the best inflatable hot tub was not easy as they possess a lot of features. We are listing all of those necessities with our top 6 picks.

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Our picks for the best Inflatables hot tubs

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1. Coleman SaluSpa -Best-Rated Hot Tub

Everyone knows this is the best seller in the market. But do you know why?

We are gonna answer that by giving you the Coleman SaluSpa reviews.


For every hot tub, built quality and materials are critical. And Coleman SaluSpa will let 5 of your friends sit at the edges and still stand strong.

Because it is built with three-layer Tritech reinforcement material. The middle layer is a polyester mesh core, and the side layers are heavy-duty PVC.

These state-of-the-art materials are designed in an I-beam construction. This is what gives the tub that amazing rigidness.

Control panel

Yep, this big tub is controlled digitally. Along with the LED display and power-saving LED flash, you will have the following functions in the panel-

  • Lock/unlock
  • Power-saving timer
  • Message system button
  • Unit button (Celsius/Fahrenheit) toggle
  • Heat button
  • Water filter button
  • Two temperature adjustment buttons (up and down)

The tub unlocks when you press the unlock button for 3 seconds. The automatic locking mechanism of the tub locks it after 5 minutes of heating. You can set the heating cycle and conserve energy. The message system has a 30-minute shut-off system.

You know what the rest of the buttons do.


A hot tub is no hot tub if it is not at the peak of its comfort level. The walls and floor are really comfortable and soft. It features an air pad floor which not only enhances comfort but also reduces heat loss.

Tools and accessories

Other than the obvious things here are the add-ons you are gonna get with this hot tub-

  • Pool liner
  • Inflation hose
  • Chemical floater
  • Ground mat
  • Wrench
  • Stoppers
  • Pressure gauge
  • Cover adapter
  • Inflation valve
  • Filter cartridge (x2)

It should also be mentioned that there will be two top covers. A leather cover and an inflatable cover.

Other specifications

If you know anything about tubs, you know that there are a lot of specifications for them. We have only considered the primary intel to include here.

You can click here to have every bit of information about this tub.

  • ETL certified
  • Elite quality materials and design
  • Best accessories
  • Rapid heating
  • Energy conservation
  • Easy control
  • Timer
  • Easy to set up
  • Great instruction manual
  • Bad heat maintenance
  • Below average pump

2. Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person AirJet Spa – Best Family Hot Tub

This little brother of six people Coleman SaluSpais is certainly one of the best inflatable hot tubs for winter. However, don’t think that it is the cheap version of the former. Instead, it has some features unique to it, such as the bubble air-jet technology. Here is the Coleman SaluSpa review.


The design and construction of the tub are exactly the same as our first tub. It’s just a bit smaller than that. Moreover, the previous one was round, whereas this one is square with round corners.

You will have the same three-layer PVC material where the core is a polyester material. As per most of the Coleman tubs, it also has the I-beam construction to have more rigidity.

Control panel

Again it has almost the same configuration as all Coleman tubs seem to have. There will be the following buttons in the panel.

  • Lock/unlock
  • Power-saving timer
  • Message system button
  • Unit button (Celsius/Fahrenheit) toggle
  • Heat button
  • Water filter button
  • Two temperature adjustment buttons (up and down)

This also has a 30-minute shut-off system as Coleman manufacturers believe you should not spend more than 30 minutes in the tub.

Tools and accessories

Here are the gadgets supplied with the product from the manufacturers-

  • Pool liner
  • Pool cover
  • Chemical floater
  • Filter cartridges (x2)
  • Repair kit

Of Couse, you will have the air jet system and the necessary infrastructure. But it is not considered an accessory as most people think it to be.

Air jet system

Using 114 air jets the tub gives you nice and serene bubbles that serve the primary purpose you spend your money for. You can control the bubbles and heat from the control panel.


The floor and walls are well cushioned to give you the best 4-person inflatable hot tub. Other than the rigid walls that give you full support, the air pad system features a very comfortable floor.

Some other specifications

Here are some small facts about this tub-

These are the primary info about the tub

  • Very comfortable
  • Worth’s your money
  • Great air jet system
  • Good control
  • Great repair kit
  • Good built quality
  • Pump quality needs to improve
  • Needs quite a maintenance

3. Intex Pure Spa – Best 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub

There are a lot of Intex Pure Spa reviews out there. That is because there are lots of Intex tubs. It is easy to get perplexed amid all these products. But we are here to clear out all the confusion


When we were doing the Intex Pure Spa 4-6-person inflatable hot tub review, we didn’t expect it to be so well built. Yet it is.

It features a fiber-tech three-ply construction. The built materials have a very smooth and soft finish that comforts you and your family in the tub. The bottom of the tub has an extra cushioning that also insulates the tub.

Control panel

Here are the controls you will have in the panel-

  • Bubble button
  • Filter button
  • Navigation buttons
  • Unit button
  • Heating button

I don’t think I have to explain these.

Bubble jet

Bubbles are fun. And this tub has a ring around the bottom of the tub that blows in water inside the tub to make bubbles. With soapy water, this becomes even more enjoyable.

You can control the bubbles by adjusting the airflow to the bubble ring. The air blower is a 1.1hp, 110-120V machine.

Check out the latest price

Water treatment system

There is a 10-watt water treatment facility inside the tub. People living in places where hard water is a problem can experience clogs in their tubs. But not with this Jacuzzi. Moreover, hard water is very harmful to your skin and hair.

With the help of two filters, the electromagnetic field traps heavy materials from the water. Thus giving you a great hot tub experience.

Tools and accessories

Here is the list of tools you will have with the tub-

  • 3-Way test strip
  • 2 Cartridge filters
  • Floating pool chlorine dispenser
  • Thermal ground cloth
  • Hose
  • Carry bag
  • 2 Headrests
  • LED light

Filter replacements are S1 spa cartridge filters. You can contact Intex for spare parts if you need them in the future.

Some other specifications

Here are some primary specs of this product-

This is the best inflatable hot tub for winter.

  • Great heating
  • Good insulation
  • Easily portable
  • Easy control
  • Great insulation
  • High-quality carry bag
  • Pressure gauge
  • Nice bubble technology
  • Heats slowly
  • The Control panel is poorly built

4. Intex 77in PureSpa – Best Portable Inflatable Hot tub

You might have noticed that we are a little biased toward Intex. That’s because we love this brand. And, it’s just not us. A maximum of the lazy weekenders love this easy-to-use product. So doing the Intex 77” PureSpa review was very refreshing-


Like most other Intex hot tubs this also has a puncture-resistant three-ply fiber-tech construction. This material offers superior structural stability while maintaining comfort. You can sit on the edges without any soggy problems. All of this comes at a meagre price.

Control panel

Here are the functions you will have in the panel-

  • Power button
  • Heater
  • Unit button
  • Navigation button
  • Filter control
  • Bubble control

Again, Intex has incorporated the 30-minute shut-off system that minimizes our lazy time in the tub.


The special breed of PVC material is very comfortable. You will have a special air-padded bottom that enhances the comfort even further. It is also very easy to maintain. Two persons can easily move it around with the help of grab handles.


A special mat is supplied with the tub that sits under the tub preventing the heat from escaping. The top cover is also an improved version of Intex insulating covers.

Hard water treatment

This is why we like Intex so much. They have given us a full-fledged water treatment facility built-in the tub that turns hard water into soft water with the help of electromagnetic energy.

Don’t be afraid. The magnetic field is not inside your pool. It is inside the filter which traps all the heavy material from the water to make it worthy of your hair skin and hair.

Tools and accessories

The add-ons with this tub will be

  • Extra filter replacement
  • Chlorine dispenser
  • 3-way test trip
  • Carrying bag
  • Inflation hose
  • Instruction DVD

The carry bag is of superior quality, and you will have S1 spa cartridge filters as replacements.

Other specification

Here are some important facts that are necessary for your purchase-

Notice that the 4-person Intex tub is absolutely the same as the 6-person Intex excluding the capacity and bubble jets.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Spacious
  • Good jet count
  • Low noise
  • Affordable
  • Easy setup
  • Low maintenance
  • Good after-sale services
  • High-quality accessories
  • Child security lock
  • Slow heating
  • Weak control panel structural integrity

5. Bestway 54155E Hawaii Air Jet Outdoor Spa – Best Inflatable Hot Tub for Garden

According to our experience, this is the best inflatable hot tub for the coming winter.

Continue reading the Bestway 54155E Hawaii air jet inflatable spa review to know more about the product.


This hot tub also has a tri-tech 3 ply construction. The core is a polyester mesh, and the side layers are industrial PVC. This combination increases firmness and also protects your Spa from UV rays.

The wall has an I-beam durable construction. It enhances the stability and rigidity of the walls. The top cover and bottom are also insulated with air chambers for conserving the heat.

Control panel

I personally think that this control module design is the best. Simply because it has some basic things that other brands lack.

Along with the digital display, you will have the following functions controlled by touch-sensitive buttons-

  • Power button
  • Lock button
  • Navigation buttons
  • Unit button
  • Timer
  • Bubble jet
  • Hydrotherapy jet buttons
  • Heat button
  • Pressure setting

Yep, that’s a lot. You will be surprised to know that Bestway managed to put in a box behind to panel to help store hot tub accessories such as dispenser and chlorine tablets.

Water Jets

When it comes to water jets, Bestway steals the show.

It is the only inflatable tub that offers eight adjustable hydrotherapy jets. Each of the corners has 2 of these directional jets. These are backed up by 120 regular bubble jet that is located in the base perimeter.

Hard-water treatment system

This is by far the best water treatment system than most other hot tubs. Users have reported that it not only protects you from heavy metals in the water but also improves the health of your skin.

Other than the regular benefits of the system, it can also treat saltwater. The need for chemicals such as chlorine is also reduced.

Heating and timer

Given a compatible ambient temperature, the heater can raise the heat 2°-3°F per hour to a maximum of 104°F. It is 30% faster than most other heaters in the market. Use a solar blanket to increase the heating process.

This heating is supported by a timer that can be set for a maximum of 48 hours. You can do that 99 hours in advance. You can go less with these numbers but not more. This feature is unique to this hot water tub.

Other specification

Here are some other facts about the tub that will be helpful for the purchase-

That is all about this product.

  • Quick inflation
  • Easy setup
  • Drain valve
  • Low noise
  • Timer
  • Best jets
  • Consumer support should improve
  • Hard to fold the deflated tub

6. Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set – Best Customer-Recommended Hot Tub

Another Intex creation that made it to our top picks. And why it wouldn’t?

This is a standard piece of quality. I was amazed when I didn’t find a single mention worthy Intex PureSpa Plus bubble message review online. It might be for the slightly higher price tag.


Again we have the fiber-tech structure. You are having this again and again because it is the best.

It is the same three layer polyester with a smooth finish that comforts your back when you lean on to it. But it doesn’t feel soggy. You can pull and drag this tub anywhere in your backyard, but it won’t wear a bit

Bubble jets

You will have 140 high power bubble jets. This is above the market average for the jet count, which is 120 jets. And more jets mean more comfort.

Tools and accessories

Here are the tools and accessories you will have with the tub-

  • Two headrests
  • A multicolored LED light
  • Carry bag
  • Insulated top cover
  • 3-way test strip
  • Chlorine dispenser
  • Ground cloth
  • Hose

The headrest has the same materials that the tub is made with. The carry bag will last as long as the main tub does. Maybe even more.

Water treatment system

The 10W water treatment system is also quite decent. You will have silky smooth water which is best for your health. Furthermore, it also increases the life of your tub and filter. So less maintenance cost.


You will have four regular cartridge filters. But the thing that is not regular about them is the quality. They are made with high-quality papers that trap and purify your water in the best possible way. You can get the replacement pretty easily online.

Other specifications

Here are some other important numbers that might come in handy in the purchase-

  • Heavy duty
  • Water treatment
  • Four cartridge filters
  • Slightly bigger than regular 4 people tubs
  • Headrest
  • More bubble jets
  • Customer service should be improved
  • Replacements are hard to get

How to pick the best inflatable hot tubs for this winter

Choosing from reviews is good. But it is always preferred to have some know-how of your own. Moreover, inflatable hot tubs are quite an investment.

So here is a checklist you can follow in choosing your winter tub. Read the detail if you need them.

Build Material & Construction

This may be the most frequently appearing part of our whole article. Because every product had the same configuration when it comes to construction and design. It is simply the best design, and we couldn’t pick something else. And, that is-

Three-ply tri-tech construction.

This is a combination of three synthetic materials layered onto each other. The middle part is always a polyester mesh that is sandwiched between two layers of PVC or vinyl.

Construction in this manner makes the tub rigid while maintaining comfort and smoothness. It also protects your tub from UV rays and punctures.

Sitting on the wall of the tub is a habit for some people. Moreover, you will also have to put quite a pressure on the wall when you get in and out of the tub. You don’t want your tub walls to get soggy.

The best solution is to buy one which has I-beam construction. This has parallel string beams that hold the structure of the tub. It supports the air chambers when you get on the wall.

Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

Here are some other important facts-

Floor padding

Your tub floor should have some kind of padding to maximize comfort. Air chambers are the best option.

UV light protection

The outer materials of the tub should be coated with UV-resistant paint. Otherwise, your tub might have a lesser life than expected.


Good quality tubs come in two forms, round and square. Go for the round one if you want to fit in more people comfortably. But if the tub is for any 2 or 3 people, you can buy the square tub.

Control panel

The most important thing in the control panel is the build quality. You don’t want it broken in a few months.

Then come to the controls and display quality. There should not be any complications in the system. A touchpad is preferable. The display should be clear and well-lit. It should not be too much reflective in the sun.

The control module should be conveniently positioned near the wall so that you can change the settings while in the tub. You should expect the following functions in the panel provided that the tub offers you those services-

  • Power button
  • Navigation button
  • Filter controls
  • Jet control
  • Timer
  • Jet adjustments
  • Unit configuration
  • Test button
  • Heat buttons
  • Pressure settings

You might lack some of these as affordable tubs don’t supply all of the services above.

Tools and accessories

So, what add-ons should you expect in the box? Here is a list of them-

  • Chemical dispenser
  • Repair kit
  • Headrests
  • Multicoloured LED lights
  • 3-way strip
  • Carry bag
  • Inflation hose
  • Pressure gauge
  • Liner
  • Insulated floor mat
  • DVD instruction
  • Filter replacements

You might not have all of them. But all of these are essential for a premium Jacuzzi experience.

Heating & Programmability

The average heating range of the tub is from 68°F to 104°F (20°C-40°C). It is the sweet spot when it comes to heating. The speed of heating should be around 1-3°F/hour. And, this should be programmable 48 hours in advance. Other than the temperature the heating cycle should also be programmable.

However, if you are looking for an affordable tub you might have to sacrifice the programmability of the product.


Ensure you are gonna have the following two instruments with the tub-

  • Top cover
  • Base mat/ floor mat

These two separate the top and bottom of the tub with an insulating border. Thus minimizing the heat loss and reducing the bill. Air chamber padded tubs do better at insulation.

Bubble and Jets

There is one simple rule for this. The more jets the better it is. You should have at least 120 set streams in your tub. The placement of the jet nozzles should also be in such a way that maximizes efficiency.

Water treatment

This is a must-have in modern tubs. These are the facilities that a water treatment system offers you-

  • Healthy water
  • Silky texture
  • Increased life of the tub
  • Less filter damage
  • Low maintenance
  • Lessens the need for chemicals

Magnetic water treatment is the best kind of water treatment for water tubs. These filters create a magnetic field that separates the heavy molecules from the water and fuses them together to make larger condensed substances that can’t pass the filter paper. Thus you have your silky smooth water.


In most high-grade tubs you will have generic cartridge filters. They are cheap, and they do their job well. You should have a minimum of two filters with the box, and both of them should be applicable at the same time.

They should also be readily available in the market. Never choose one that is hard to lock and unlock. One more thing, they should not be placed in a way that hinders your comfort in the tub.


You should have a year of warranty coverage. However, six months will still be fine. But don’t get lower than others unless it is a well-known brand.

Other convenience factors

Here is a list of some other standard facts that you can follow while picking your purchase-

[table id=56 /]

Follow these guide line to have the best inflatable hot tub in the market.

Maintaining the winter hot tub

Now, if you have chosen your tub, you need to know how to keep it in top condition. Because lack of care can reduce the tubs working life and increase your total cost of ownership with failing machines and parts.

Here are five simple steps you need to follow in cleaning and maintaining the tub-

  • Circulation
  • Filtration
  • Cleaning
  • Draining & refilling
  • Chemical testing

The first step is letting the water circulate in the spa. You can add some chlorine or bromine to excel in the disinfecting process. There are also products that regulate the PH level of the water. This all happens in the circulating phase. Use a dispenser to use the chemical tablets better. You should repeat this process every day.

Secondly, you need to care for the filter. If your filter gets clogged or too dirty, it will not do its job properly. So always clean it from time to time. And change it when it gets damaged.

The filter is designed to collect and separate hair, oil, cosmetics, and other debris from the water. These cannot be discarded with chemicals. So you need to keep your filter in top shape. We recommend you use chemical filter cleaners to take out sticky filth and oil and do it every four weeks.

Now comes the most obvious part. Clean your tub with regular soap or detergent once in a month. We recommend using soaps specialized for hot tubs. Give extra focus to the water line because that is where most filth gathers.

It brings us to the fourth step, which is draining and refilling. You should drain and refill the tub once in a month. With time water dissolves minerals that can be harmful to your health and also create odour. So regularly drain and refill your tub.

Finally, how would you know for sure that your tub is clean and safe?
You can do some tests yourself to have an idea about different metrics that tell the health of your water. There are simple test strips in the market that tell you water chlorine, bromine, ph, and alkalinity level by changing color. It is cheap and straightforward.
Follow these steps to have your hot tub at its best potential.

Final Words

I know you haven’t read the whole thing. And you don’t need to.
However, to find your best inflatable hot tub you need to focus on your needs. You can take the help of our guide. But if you did read all the inflatable hot tub reviews, you know that they are almost the same. It is easy to get confused.

So here are two of our favorites that give the optimum value

Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person AirJet Spa

Intex 77in PureSpa