How to Choose a Kayak Cart – 2022 Step By Step Guide

Fishing kayak is one of the most important gears in an anglers arsenal. If you want to fish in a lake you can't carry a massive boat to travel to the center of the lake. You will need something you can easily move around. That's where the kayaks come in. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

But how will you carry that kayak to your destination? That's where kayak carts come in. You can buy a kayak cart online or in your physical shop.

But, how to choose a kayak cart? We are here to help you with that decision.

5 Types of Kayak Cart

Type 1: DIY kayak cart

You can take suggestion about a kayak cart from many people. Or you can simply make your own. There are plenty of guides about how to make a kayak cart on You tube. By making a DIY kayak cart you can recycle previously unused items in your garage. But it's not that easy.

You will have to do a good amount of work to make a decent kayak cart. But it's an enjoyable process. DIY is a lot of fun. Whether you are buying a new kayak cart or making a DIY kayak cart, the first thing you need to worry about is the wheel size. Depending on the wheel size you need to purchase the tire. The right size of the tire will protect the kayak from getting damaged while you drag it behind your vehicle.

If the destination is too far away from your home then you should ignore plastic wheels. They will get destroyed from dragging in the road.

You can go for any scooter size tires and you will be fine. Just build the base with a decent amount of ground clearance and even outdoor surroundings can't do a thing to your kayak.

Type 2: Plastic Tire Carts

This type of cart is famous among anglers. The reason is they are cheap and good for the outdoors. They are suitable for any roads except highways. Those roads can seriously damage the wheel. Most of the time the cartwheels are tubeless. That's why you should purchase plastic tire carts.

Type 3: Pneumatic Tire Made Carts

Pneumatic Tire Made Carts are also known as kayak carts. This type of cart tire is air-filled. The pneumatic tire made carts are suitable for any kind of tracks. You can drag them through the highway or off-road.

Type 4: Foam Filled Tire Carts

The best advantage of this type of cart is its flexibility. You can drag it through any surface. On top of that, instead of air, the inside of these tires is filled with foams. So, if puncture were to happen you can easily use the same tire to drive back home.

Type 5: Balloon Tire Kayak Carts

Balloon tire kayak carts are best if you have to drag your kayak through the sand. They don't have any fancy craving in the tires. The straight forward pattern that doesn't get stuck in the sand. If your tire were to get stuck in the sand then there is no point buying a cart.

Which Kayak Cart Should Buy?

You are better off dragging the kayak. Balloon tire carts fix this problem. They are super bad at off-road because if you were to puncture, the tire is dead on track. You need to repair it before you can use it again. That's why balloon tire kayak carts are best for the beach. 

Depending on where you live and where you take your kayak to fish the decision of purchasing a cart will vary. If you want allrounder then you are better off DIY cart. Because you can choose your own tire and wheel size.

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