How to Hang a Canoe From the Ceiling [2022 Guide]

As much as we love the water, unfortunately, we can't always be on the water. When you are not using the canoe to paddle around the lake you need to place it somewhere. You can't just park it on a parking lot and hope that it will stay there.

Hanging the canoe from the ceiling inside your garage is one of the safest possible options. So, knowing how to hang a canoe from the ceiling is important.

4 Facts to Know Hang a Canoe From the Ceiling:

1. Hanging Basics

You need to make sure the ceiling you are using and the tools that you are using to hang the canoe is stable and strong enough. Don't try to hang it in a fairly old and worn out ceiling.

Make sure the height is perfect and the ground clearance is enough to avoid and situational hazard. If there isn't any ground clearance then a potential collision can damage the vehicle/person and the canoe.

2. Things to Avoid

Don't hang a canoe form its handles, grab loops, or thwarts. These points are not made to sustain weights. If you do hang the canoe by using any of these points then most likely the canoe will wear itself out and fall on the ground. Don't hang the canoe from one point. Use two points to support it equally. Think of it as you doing pull-ups.

You need to use both hands to do it with both hands or you can't do it efficiently and hurt yourself. The same rule applies to canoe hanging as well. Don't hang the canoe in a heated place. If your garage generates a ton of heat every day, find a different place to hang the canoe. The high temperature will end up harming the body of the canoe.

Keep it away from water heaters, furnaces as well. You might have already heard it from the shop you bought your canoe from, always hang canoe upside down.

3. Slings

The easiest way of hanging a canoe is to use slings. You can use commercial rubbers. To make it even more efficient you can make slings for your canoe in your home. By putting a rope through a PVC pipe you can easily make a sling on your own. Make sure to cut the PVC pipe according to the width of your canoe.

To perfectly hang the canoe without any issue, use two slings. Position one halfway between the end of the canoe and its middle point. 

4. Suspensions

There are S-shaped rafter hooks that provide suspensions and an easy way to hang your canoe. They are super easy to install too. All you have to do is, put the sling hook over the ceiling joist and then tie the sling on the other end of the hook. If you are trying to hang the sling from a fresh ceiling that has no joist, you can install eye lag screws and mount the hook there.

If the ceiling is too high, buy a more elastic sling. This way you can pull it down to your wish. This type of hanger will be the best for a canoe in my opinion.

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