How to Make Juglines for Catfishing

Juglines for Catfishing is quite an old and effective method of fishing. It uses lines suspended from a floating device. Most of the time fishermen can use more than one jugline to catch fish.

Juglines must attract the fish and so that anglers can catch the fish. Even though you can catch many fishes with the help of jugline. The main targeted fish is catfish. Next couple of minutes we will discuss, how to make juglines for catfishing.

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4 Steps to Make a Juglines for Catfishing:

You can use a plastic container to make the floating device for a jugline. Often the plastic PVC pipe is painted in black, white, or orange color. They are easier to notice and catfish can’t stop themselves from getting attracted.

Step 1: Line of the Jug

You should tie as many lines as needed on a jug. You can shorten the length of the line as required. You can wrap one line around the jug and secure it with a tape or rubber band.

Or you can bind the line together with another wire. You can also loosen the washer and the inside of the jug. If you want the jug to tip up when a fish bites the bait then you should loosen the inside of the jug.

Step 2: Hooks

Usually, there are two hooks attached to one jugline and a sinker in the middle of them. Depending on the depth of the water, the gap difference between the two hooks will vary.

Use 5/0 or larger circle hooks. They can accommodate larger baits. Before you attach the hooks on the line, make sure they are needle-sharp.

Step 3: Baits

You should tie a bell sinker above or in between the two hooks. We recommend in the middle.

The bell sinkers will also slow down the movement of the jugline. When a catfish bites the bait it will also prevent the fish from out powering the jugline.

You can use many things as baits. For example, nightcrawlers, stink baits chunks, hot dogs, or fish pieces. Tie them in each jugline and place several juglines. Remember to keep at least a couple of feet difference from one jugline to another.

This way fishes won’t fight for one jugline. They will notice the other ones and move towards them.

Step 4: Ready for Action

You can compare a jugline with big bobbers. They don’t sink and they have a fishing line with hooks attached to them.

But instead of you reeling in the fishing line, you check if a catfish gets caught on the hooks or not.

A catfish won’t give in easy. It will try to drag in the jug with him. But the fish won’t be able to take it that far.

If you notice the juglines are several feet further from the initial place. Then you can be pretty sure about catching some catfishes.

Jugline fishing doesn’t require that much skill. You just need to prepare the jug and place it in a catfish den.

That’s it. That wasn’t hard, was it? Sure, you need to gather some tools and have to wrap some fishing lines. But that’s it.

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