How to Outfit a kayak for Fishing

If you are planning to go fishing with a kayak, then you need to prepare your kayak for it. You will be working in a small space. That’s why if you don’t utilize the space your experience won’t be that good. 

 Before you start dressing your kayak, make sure it’s good for fishing and is pretty durable. You will be working with a lot of pointy stuff and hooks. That’s why inflatable kayaks are out of the question.

 Rod holders:

If you have seen videos of fishing on a boat. Fishing rod holders hold the rod for you while you do other things. Rod holders are a must if you want to turn your kayak into a fishing kayak. 

There are different sizes of rod holders. A lot of kayaks come with them pre-installed. 

There are different types of rod holders as well.

 Adjustable rod holders:

As the name suggests, you can adjust the length and grip of these rod holders. That’s why they are the best option if you got a large fishing rod.


How easily and comfortably you can fish on a kayak will depend on the kayak’s seat. If you plan to spend the entire day fishing, then you need to choose your seat wisely.

The same logic behind purchasing a new chair applies here. Depending on how comfortable you are the fishing session experience will vary.

 Anchor rig:

Even a lake will have some sorts of waves. A kayak is a lightweight boat. When if you concentrate on fishing, you can’t bother with the small waves. That’s why you need to purchase a good anchor rig so you can immobilize your kayak on the lake.

 Drift chute:

If you are fishing on the water that is too deep for anchor rig. Then drift chute is your best friend.

Drift suit slows down the movement of your kayak. When you completely stop moving the chute puts your kayak on hold. If you apply them properly even large fishes won’t be able to move your kayak with force.

 Paddle holder:

You need a paddle to move the kayak, as they don’t have any motorized engine. But what will you do when you stop paddling? That’s where the paddle holders or leash comes in. If you mount them on the backside of your kayak, you can hold the paddle there without any issue. 

There are many shops that sell customized paddle leash.

Personal floatable device:

PFD is more of user safety items than kayak decorating. You absolutely need a safety floatable jacket before you even set foot on the kayak. 

No matter how good of a swimmer you are, PFD can save your life. 


Fishfinder is a device that helps you to locate fish. They have built-in GPS that directs you to the location of fishes. There are many fishfinders specially made to fit on a kayak.

 There you go, see that wasn’t hard. Sure, attaching them on the kayak may consume some valiant effort. But it is for your own good. 

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