How to Pack a Kayak for Overnight Trips

Planning a kayak trip is never easy. Sometimes you need to plan to stay there for a night or two. When you go to ice fishing you can carry a temporary ice shelter in your bag. But a kayak doesn’t have that much of a space. You need to carefully consider what to pick and what not to pick.

In this guide, I will help you to pack a kayak for an overnight trip. 


If you are borrowing your kayak gears, make sure to test them beforehand to see if they fit. Safety gears are super important. You can’t just say I am good at swimming I don’t need them. You absolutely do.

Weather forecast:

Sometimes even the Finnish weather forecast will turn out to be true. 

Jokes aside, you should follow the weather forecast of the place you are planning on visiting. 

Weather is subject to change. But a 7 days forecast will give you the basic idea that you need to find out whether it going to rain or not.

Safety first:

As much as you enjoy an adventure you have to know when to call quits. Your life is far more important than an adventure. There is no point in risking your life for a bit of thrill. If you understand this then you know when to give up.

What to pack for an overnight kayaking trip:

You need to pack according to the weather. You don’t need to bring a winter jacket on a hot summer day. Make a checklist and mark the items that you packed for the trip. You can go overboard or you can stay minimal.

Packing will also be based on how many participants are going on the trip.

Here is the checklist that I think you should take with you:

You need to cook food on the trip if you don’t want to starve.

You can’t stay on the kayak overnight. You need to set up a camp on the surface. For camping purposes, you need some equipment.

As for personal hygiene and other necessary kinds of stuff. Here is the list.


You may be wondering that’s a huge list. But trust me, most of them will fit in your hiking backpack. I am assuming you will take a car to your destination, you can carry those stuff on the back of your car.

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