How To Remove a Fishhook From Your Finger [2022 Guide]

Fishing is an excellent and fun hobby. Each year many people take on fishing thinking its a piece of cake. Many of them end up hurting themselves. Getting the fish hook stuck in your body is one of the most common occurrences in fishing. 

Today I am going to teach you How To Remove a Fishhook From Your Finger.

2 Method To Remove a Fishhook From Your Finger

1st Method: Pushing the hook through

Before you do anything with the hook. Cut the hook from the wire and clean the wound with fresh water. Room temperature is enough. If you have ever removed a stapler pin from papers you will know what I am talking about.

You need to push the hook from the top and curve it around the wound. When you push it in a little the curve end of the hook will completely come out of the flesh. Take out your pair of plyers and cut the barb off.

Now you can easily pull it from the other and the whole hook will come off cleanly without any issue at all. Don't forget to apply some antiseptic ointment on the wound and patch it up afterward.

2nd Method: Reverse pliers pull

We all know the barb of a fishing hook is not even. It is made that way so it gets stuck whenever fish bites it. 

When the hook gets stuck in your hand you can't just pull it out without using brute force. 

This is the method of doing exactly that.

You need to use your pliers to pull it out with full force. Don't pull it straight up. If you do that you will end up hurting the wound more than necessary.

When you catch the top end of the hook with a plier, try to angle it in such a way that the bard goes towards the inside of the flesh. Don't be scared, it is going to hurt a little but the pain will soon vanish. 

Now use the pliers to push it outwards. Focus on the point, I am telling you to push it out of the wound. Not to pull it straight up. If you pull it straight up you will tear the outside flesh of the finger. 

 Just apply the necessary amount of force and the hook will come out with a minimal amount of pain. 

What to do after you remove the hook:

After getting the hook removed you need medical assistance to block the wound. It will bleed. Depending on the depth the bleeding will vary.

You need to clean off the wound with clean water or antibiotic. The antibiotic will hurt and burn the wound. Just bear the pain. If you don't clean the wound with antibiotic then you may end up with bigger issues in the future. 

If the hook was old and rusty then you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Be safe while fishing, don't try to imitate tricks that you saw on the internet. You may end up hurting yourself badly. 

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