How to Repair a Puncture in an Inflatable Boat?


Prevention is better than remedy we know! But we don’t know when we will fall in danger. However, Locomotive or Water vessels which you used as a driver or rider, you need to know some primary treatment for an instant solution.

on the other hand, first of all, you need to find out the problem then you try to the solution. The inflatable boat is not out of these rules. when you want to ride must be trying to learn some primary solution. the puncture is the common problem for inflatable manufactures products.

so try to save from that during the period of using. now we’ll discuss and learn about how to repair a puncture in an inflatable boat. if you learn properly I am ensured that you can repair all inflatable products.

let’s realized that why puncture an inflatable boat? then we learn about the solution. puncture or leak depends on the usage. you can save from leak by only carefully used.

okay! let’s find out the solution.  Do repairs in a low humidity environment only. cut round PVC patch using a cap as a template. you will need,

  • Old fabric 

how to repair a puncture in an inflatable boat?

  • PVC fabric for boats repair

  • round PVC patch

  • brush

  • PVC boat glue

  • old spoon

Working Procedure:

first of all, blessed all the parts to be glued with acetone using the old rag. then wait 5-7 minutes between applicants. cut the PVC fabric like the round as the measurement the puncture spot. then apply the thin layer of PVC glue over both parts to be glued using the acid brush. now wait 5-6 minutes between first 2 applicants. wait 10 minutes after 3rd applicants.

let’s apply the PVC round parts over the puncture spot and take your old spoon. press the spoon over the PVC round parts to remove the air from the middle of both parts. if you can’t remove properly your full work in vain. so carefully press the spoon all side.

after pressing well by spoon, wipe the extra glue around the patch with acetone. now wait 24 hours before inflation.

wow! Done, let’s pump the boats and start to journey again.

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