How to Rig a Fishing Pole For Trout

A lot of new anglers don't know, how to rig a fishing pole for trout. You can easily increase your trout catch rate with this simple trick. But to properly do this, you need to follow some steps. Today we will try to help you understand how to rig a fishing pole for trout easily. The most important key to trout fishing is to find the right rig.

If you are not planting a good rig, then you can't expect good results. In case you didn't know, the rig is a term used by anglers to explain how good their arrangement is.

The right arrangement can lead you to catch plenty of trout's. Don't worry you are going to learn the right way by reading this guide.

Equipment Needed for the Trout Rig:

The most basic equipment is a fishing rod and reel. But you don't need a super expensive rod to set you off. If you are a beginner, don't fall for the marketing team and end up buying a 300$ fishing rod. You can get a pretty good fishing rod and reel for less than 100$. 

1. Fishing Line

You possibly can't catch a fish without a fishing line. That's why this should be the next item to buy on your list. Most of the time your fishing rod and reel will come with fishing line. If it doesn't then you should buy one 5 to 10 lb fishing line. 

2. The Correct Hooks

A lot of fishes doesn't have any specific hooks for them. But when it comes to trout you need to choose your hooks correctly. Depending on the hook you may win the game or end up losing it. The recommended hook size for trout fishing is from 4 to 12. 

3. Consider Getting a Good Bobber

It's not important or necessary for trout fishing. But a good bobber may come handy. If you are a beginner then you absolutely should get one. It will help you catch fish more efficiently. 

4. Sinkers are Important Too

Just like bobbers, sinkers are also an add-on. Not necessary but can help. Their job is to help the bait sink faster and go deeper into the water. This way you can catch bigger fishes that live deep inside the water.

5. Bait

When it comes to fishing, bait is an important feature. You may see a lot of beginners not giving a single thought to bait and goes with random bait to fish. When they fail to catch fishes they start blaming the rod or something else. 

You can't forget that trout's favorite foods are insects, fish eggs, minnows, and crawfish. Get any of them and turn them into the bait. 

Setting Up the Rig: Step by Step Guide

You need to start by tying the hook to the end of the fishing line. You can set for a simple tie knot. But don't come to us when it fails. You can find plenty of guides teaching you how to tie the end of the hook. Once you tied the knot of the hook, insert one end of the split line and reel it all the way in.

You need to make sure that the distance of the line from the hook is at least 15cm. It will produce the best result. This is an optional step. But it's quite important. You need to attach the bobber to the fishing line. It will sit directly on the line above the fishing hook. You need to make sure the fishing line is running around the bobber.

It should be anchored by the hooks on the line. If you did everything correctly and the place of your fishing has trout in it. Rest assured you will come back with a bucket full of trout's.

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