How to Select Your Next Pair of Foul Weather Fishing Bibs

Fishing on the boat on rainy weather can be brutal. When the cold weather arrives anglers tend to put on their fishing bibs. But for someone who just started fishing and wants to fish in the upcoming winter. 

Fishing bibs are meant to keep you warm. They also protect your body and suit from getting salted. You have to keep in mind that a fishing bib won't cover your entire body. You still need to protect your arms with gloves and full sleeve clothes. But it will cover from the legs to the chest area. You will still need a raincoat, deck boots, and gloves if you want entire protection. In cold weather, all of those won't that heavy.

Now that you know the basics of what a bib is and what it does, let us suggest how to select your next pair of foul weather fishing bibs.

Things to Consider Before Buying Foul Weather Fishing Bibs:

For the regular anglers:

If you are not looking for anything advance and just want to do casual fishing in warmer climates. You should buy bibs crafted from nylon material. Grundéns all-weather watch fishing bibs are made out of lightweight and tough nylon material. With the Oxford weave pattern, the bib looks and feels good to wear. 

The manufacturer also added a waterproof and breathable barrier with a water-repellent finish to protect you from other elements. 

When you fish in a warmer climate if the fishing bib material is not breathable you will sweat buckets. They also have adjustable suspenders and adjustable ankle cuffs to provide you extra wind protection.

Up your protection:

If you want more water protection and don't care about breathability, then you should look for a fishing bib made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. They are one of the most known fishing bibs among anglers. The material is not made to help you with breathability. Polyvinyl is known to be waterproof and is used in many waterproof components. If you are looking for a PVC bib then you should get one with a double-sided phthalate-free PVC fishing bib. Grundéns have a fishing bibs with these materials. This unique element also eliminates the usage of fabric liner. As they won't generate or catch any bad odor.

That's why they are also super easy to clean.

For the worst fishing condition:

If you are a professional deckhand on a fishing boat or experience harsh weather and waterway too often, a regular nylon fishing bib won't do the job for you. You must buy a fishing bib with PVC coating. Grundéns Herkeules 16 is just the thing you are looking for. Made out of heavy cotton canvas coated with special polyvinyl chloride.

The PVC coating fights against the fish and engine oil. It maintains a flexible temperature even in extremely cold weather. The Herkules 16 has reinforced hems with a riveted seam and it is fully reversible for extended wear.

You have to place yourself in any of the above categories. Of course, the price will vary depending on what purpose you are buying.

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