How to Set Drag on Spinning Reel [2022 Complete Guideline]

You have set in your line with bait. You wait for the fish to arrive, the fish bites and you reel in the hook. This called drag fishing. You will face a broken reel the most during the learning phase.

To make drag fishing even more simple for you, You are using a fishing rod and fishing reel setup, you put the bait in your hoke and cast the reel on the water. Wait for the fish to bite and you start to reel in the fish. In other words, you start to drag the fish near the land.

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How to set the drag on a spinning reel:

The best way to do it is to, first testing the reel with bare hands. Before you place it on the rod, test it out, and see whether the reel works or not. If it's broken then you need to purchase or replace the current one. Spinning reels are open-faced and you can see it spinning when you reel in. You need to locate the drag adjustment.

On the spinning reel, the drag adjustment is a circular knob located on the front side of the spool. You need to learn the breaking strength of the reel. The drag shouldn't be higher than 25% of your breaking strength. Just divide your breaking strength by 4 and you can find the optimal result for your drag setting.

Before you set the drag you need to assemble the fishing rod first. After tying in the fishing line correctly on the rod and leaning it in. Attach a digital scale on the hook of the fishing rod. Then position the rod as you are supposed to do while sitting idle for a fish. Try to pull down the scale with your other hand or ask someone to do that for you. 

When you start to drag down the reel you will notice that the drag will start to slip. When that happens take out your scale and take the measurements. Then adjust your drag accordingly. We understand the process of setting drag is quite hard for a complete beginner.

But unless you want to buy a new fishing rod every time you go fishing then you need to set your drag accurately. The process is not that hard if you do it once. You just need to assemble the rod and reel in the fishing line completely. Don't worry if you break the fish line on the first try.

Honestly, that means that the fishing line is not that good. Don't be afraid to try a little. Unless you set your drag the correct way, you may miss your chance to catch a big fish on your session. 

Anyway, I hope the guide and the warnings were easy to understand. We hope that you don't make any mistakes during the process. Even if you do it's quite easy to revert the situation. Just take out the line completely and start over.

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