How to Set Up Instant Tent For Family

The campers need to arrange their beds outdoors tonight. It’s time to sit and enjoy the bonfire. Almost the worst situation ever, if you forget the directions for fixing the tent at this moment. To prevent these unpleasant and time-consuming attempts at the campsite, you need an instant way out. The instant tent is the best solution and a life savior product to avoid this kind of situation. Today we are here to solve every problem starting from its specifications to How to Set Up Instant Tent For Family everything.

How to Set Up Instant Tent For Family

What is an instant tent?

In the camping world, instant tents are very popular, and there is no second guess as why either. As the name suggests, instant tents are quick and easy to fix. An instant tent comes with poles attached to its body, which takes 60 seconds or fewer than that to pitch. The techniques of pitching are so simple that no need to read the instructions even.

3 simple steps to follow to fix it: unfold, extend poles and lock everything in place.

Why do you need an instant tent?

  • Instant tents are pre-assembled for rapid pitch and remove.
  • Dome and cabin, available in both styles.
  • Available with a wide range of seasonality.
  • You get different budget ranges.

Types of instant tents:

Instant Cabin Tents

Cabin tents are the bigger ones. It can accommodate 6-12 people. This tent is a square or rectangular shape. The design of the walls of cabin tents is to be straight. It gives as much space as inside the tent and to provide users comfort. Even the roofs are high enough for an average height person to stand and walk around inside the tent. The material for the roof is usually a net. It provides stargazing experience to the users from inside the tents. Though the tent is big and rectangular it is strong enough to face the wind force. It can survive in a high wind.

How to Set Up InstantTent For Family


  • Setting up and taking down is quick and simple
  • One person can pitch the tent
  • Most of the time user can pitch without the help of instructions
  • Poles of this tent are more powerful than shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • Can handle tough wind force very well


  • Heavyweight, so little difficult to carry
  • If broken, it’s hard to fix
  • Hinges are prone to breakage
  • Should pitch when getting dry

Instant Dome Tents

The smaller-sized instant tents are the instant dome tents.

To pitch this tent, 4 steps need to follow: unfold it, open up the corners, pick up the centre and then press on the switch.

As it is smaller and compact in design, this dome tents can use as a bag pack. This is not possible for cabin tents.

The poles of this tent are heavier than shock-corded poles. So sometimes this tent weighs heavier than other tents of the same size.


  • Pitch time is one minute
  • Lightweight than instant cabin tents
  • Every part is attached so you don’t lose parts or get confused
  • No need for instructions
  • Can stand well in a strong wind
  • One person alone can pitch it


  • As it attaches the parts when backpacking, can’t divide the weight
  • Should be pitched when getting dry

How to set up an instant tent:

There are a few steps to follow before pitching an instant tent.

Finding spot:

Select enough wide, flat and open space to fix the tent. In some places, there are designed camping area to set tents. Follow all the rules in the area that manages camping.

Preparing ground:

To prepare the spot for pitching the tent, you need to remove all the rocks, branches, and other rubbish from the spot. If there are pine trees in that area, cover the ground with a thin layer of pine needles. It will make the ground feel softer.

Choose the tent direction:

To avoid the tent work as a balloon, don’t put the door side on wind direction. Try to move nearer to trees and follow the natural tree line to cut off the wind.

Sun path direction is also a factor to keep in head so you wake up comfortably in the morning. Otherwise, you will find yourself sweaty and irritated in the early morning.

Campsite arrangements:

Keep the tents away from cooking and toilet area is very important for safety and hygiene purposes.

Preparing ground:

After all these the pitching steps start. To pitch your tent first takes a good-quality plastic or vinyl tarp to lay on the ground. It will keep away the ground moisture and smaller than the tent so it does not trap water if it rains.

Opening the tent and equipment:

Then open the tent and take all the components of your tent. Next, layout the tent flat on the trap and decide the orientation.


After that connect the poles. Place them together and arrange them across the flat tent. Then put in the poles into the corresponding spaces in the tent. Most of the tent poles cross each other making X form and attach to the top clip.


Raise the tent and fix the tent until straightening up properly. When it stands up well stake the tent to the ground.

Now you can add a rain fly if needed and your tent is ready to use.

Conclusion: So, this is how you can set up an instant tent, the easiest way. The instant tent comes with all the facilities other tents offer with an extra benefit of pre-assembled for fast setting. So now enjoy camping in its fullest and avoid the extra time and effort to pitch a tent with instant tents. We hope that you already learned How to Set Up Instant Tent For Family.


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