How to Store a Kayak in an Apartment-[2022 Complete Guideline]

Kayak is not a small thing. Even for a solo boat, it is quite big. Not every one of us lives in their own house. A lot of us also live in apartments. For them storing the kayak will be a bit of difficult. That's why today we will try to provide you the best way how to store a kayak in an apartment. 

There aren't that many ways of storing a kayak in an apartment. Depending on the space you have you will have to leave it in an open place or lean it against the wall.

First thing first, before you even take the kayak inside. Take out the water hose and clean it with fresh water. If you use your kayak on saltwater then you absolutely need to clean it with soaps and lukewarm water.

4 Ways to Store a Kayak:

1. Hang it on the wall

This is the best possible solution if you are single and have a big enough wall in the living room. Most of the apartments are designed in such a way that the bedroom doesn't have that much space. In the living room, you can hang it beside the tv or behind the sofa. The way you like it. But I doubt your wife gonna like it or not.

You can always buy kayak hangers and hang it above the TV like a trophy. But honestly, you will have trouble taking it off from the wall next time you go kayaking.

2. Store it in the Balcony

As much as I hate to say this. But this is an option. If you buy a kayak cover and check on the kayak often. Then you can leave it on the balcony. But like I said this is not an ideal option. This shouldn't even be on your priority list. Nonetheless, this is a solution.

If you don't take care of your kayak, it will rot away on that balcony. That's why you should purchase a waterproof kayak cover that will cover the whole kayak when you store it. It will be easy to take it out of the balcony as well. You can tie a rope on each end of the kayak and slowly release it on the ground.

3. Store it in a Friends House

You might have a friend or relative that owns a house with a garage. Ask them nicely to let you store the kayak in the garage. If they decline try giving them a bit of rent monthly.

No one declines money. But before you go storing the kayak in their garage, make sure there isn't anything that generates tons of heat in the garage. Overheating will cause melting in the kayak.

4. Buy/rent a Storage Unit

Many places sell storage units. If you can't afford to buy one then rent one. Rents aren't that high compared to apartment rent. You don't need big storage for your kayak.

Space, where you can park a motorcycle, will be enough to place the kayak vertically.

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