How to Tie Two Fishing Hooks on One Line [2023 Guideline]

There are various methods of tying a hook on the fishing line. But there aren’t many methods or tutorials that show you how to tie two fishing hooks on one line.

The reason behind using two hooks over one is to increase the possibility of catching fish. There are other reasons behind this too. One of the major reasons behind two fishing hooks is to catch more aggressive fish.

Most aggressive fish will fight their best to get released from the hook. If there are two hooks on the line and the fish can catch in both or one of them.

Also, two hooks help you to use larger baits. If you use a full fish to bait larger fish then you don’t need to worry about the fish coming off the hook.

The tying process:

Depending on the size of your lure/bait, you need to add a few inches extra on the fishing line.

Take out the first hook, and wrap the fishing line around the hook 5 times. No more, no less. Exactly 5 times around. While you are doing that you need to make sure the tension of the line is tight and not loose.

After wrapping it around, insert the line through the hook eye and pull it from the other side. Leave at least a couple of inches of the fishing line on the other side.

Once again maintaining proper tension wrap the working end of the fishing line around the hook 6 times.

Hope you didn’t forget about the extra line on the other end of the hook. Pull that line with full force till you feel like it has a nice and solid knot.

This way you secured your first hook on the fishing line.

What about the 2nd one?

You need to slide the leader line through the other hook. Make sure to leave a couple of inches gap between the two hooks.

This will make the hook more effective and you will the space to tie it too.

Just like you tied the first hook, wrap the fishing line around the hook 5 times.

You have to keep the tension correct to make a tight knot.

Now insert the line through the hook eye and pull it from the other side to leave a couple of inches.

Just like before wrapping the end of the line 6 times around the fishing hook.

Now pull that line residue that you had earlier. Remember to pull it with force. Or else the knot will be loose and your hook may get knocked off.

That’s it, you successfully tied two hooks in one fishing line. Don’t be in a hurry to close the tab. You need to know some rules before you jump on the double hook band.

Hook size plays a big role here. Depending on the hook size the gap between the two and the fishing line size will vary.

Big hooks can be difficult to set on a lightweight rig. But on the other hand, smaller hooks can easily be attached with tons of accessories.

If you are fishing for big fish then the bigger hooks make sense. But if you are just a casual angler looking to utilize your time for the best then pick suitable smaller-size hooks.

Depending on the hook size the bait size will obviously also vary.

We hope that our guide was easy for you to understand.

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