How to use an Inflatable Lounger [2022 Guide]

What is an inflatable lounger?

An inflatable lounger is essentially an air-filled sofa. Depending on the type they can be a bit tricky at first to inflate. I’m here to help you get the best results.

The biggest advantage is that it is light to carry and can pack up and be taken with you camping, travelling, to concerts etc. Lounge around in comfort wherever you are. At home, it can be used as an extra lounge to watch TV or in a kid’s bedroom perhaps.

The strong material keeps it inflated for hours. Air Loungers are highly used and recommended. Every home should have one!

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Read the full article below to know how and where to use an Inflatable Lounger!

How to use Inflatable Lounger

Instructions to use

  1. With both of your hands, widely open one of the sleeve openings. With your arms straight in near you, move forward to get air in the sleeve.
  2. At the end of each movement trap air by very quickly closing the sleeve opening.
  3. With the top sleeve inflated of your lounger, flip your Wind Pouch over and you should repeat this process to inflate the other sleeve.
  4. With both sleeves inflated, tightly roll up the sleeve openings. Pull the ends of the rolled sleeve of the opening together and secure the buckle. Your Wind Pouch is ready to use!

Tips for you

A windy day is preferable. It may be  A little hard to inflate without wind. If you are at home, you can quickly Inflate with a fan or air-blower. Turn on a fan/air-blower, let the wind get into the air lounger, and then cinch quickly after inflating.

Please be patient at the beginning. All the experienced users inflate it easily. You can search “How to set up Inflatable Sofa” on YouTube to watch relevant YouTube videos or read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Inflatable Air lounger Reviews

You can use it outdoors

You can take it anywhere anytime; especially suitable for your camping hiking and beach swimming, besides outdoor BBQ in the parks or your backyard. This is Not recommended for use in water.

Usage at home

You can simply fill it with air, it becomes your chair or your sofa or your bed. If you feel you don’t need it, just let the air go out and fold the bag, it would not waste your space at all. You can also easily keep the things you most value close by as the lounger comes with a large side pocket suitable not only for your phone but also for your favourite magazine or book.

Easy Inflation 

No pump is required. You Just run against the wind to fill with air. And it is very easy to transport in a handy storage bag with an adjustable shoulder strap designed for being taken everywhere with you.

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa-2

Comfortable and compact

The ergonomic design of the air sofa will assure your body rests comfortably while you enjoy yourself with friends. They are spacious enough and can hold up to 440 Ibs.

Despite its generous dimensions when inflated the hangout sofa can be easily compressed in a carry bag as small as 15 x 7 x 4.7 in. The dimensions when folded and light in weight properties will make the inflatable lounger an obvious choice for your vacations and outdoor adventures.

It comes with 3 different types of stitched pockets (One for your bottle, another for your phone and the other for your favourite book), You will get a bottle opener for your soda or beer, a secured securing stake and an anchor loop that prevents the blow-up mattress from unwanted sliding. The unique design also contains a HEADREST that brings value to the Air Sofa Bed.

The multi-layered material is thick, durable, light in weight and easy to wash. Water  It can be used on any surface like grass, sand, and even rocky terrain.

A Unique Design with Comfortable Headrest: The pillow-shaped head pillow has also been patented, giving you super comfortable support for your back and neck when you want to relax yourself. The new Improved Inflatable Air Lounger, s larger and much more comfortable than the old traditional air hammock.

Air Sofa Inflatable Lounger

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Prevention of  Air Leaking

Some Inflatable Lounger adopts the creative two-port design and has double-layer fabric, this just not only makes you feel more comfortable after inflation but also ensure perfectly that it was sealed better to eradicate air leakage. Once fully inflated, the inflatable lounger can keep the air inside for at least 7-9 hours, which is verified by repeated tests.

The Plastic windproof stake

Below the head rest is a fixed sofa position that you can nicely anchor to the ground with an included plastic stake. It will keep your lounger in place on those windy days!

Nice Travel Bag

There is an included travel bag, there’s no reason why your lounger can’t make it to every single adventure!
Just Simply throw the attached strap on your shoulder, or clip to a backpack and then you’re ready to roll.


Is it very hard to get the air inside the lounger?

Ans: It may look a little bit uncomfortable for the beginners

How to inflate it?

It’s kind of hard to inflate if it’s not another windy day. You may pretty much have to run really fast.

Is there a weight limit?

Ans: The lounger is rated to hold 450 lbs. But we have been 3 people on and no problem!

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