Indoor Plants in the Office: A Breath of Fresh Air

People would most often enjoy working at a place that has a conducive working environment. Having a pleasant working environment is also one way for employers to show how much they value their employees.Even with the most straightforward plant pot, it can already bring a sense of calm and freshness into the working environment. But are there specific indoor office plants that can be used for decoration?

Ideal Indoor Plants and their Basic Needs

  • Aglaonema
It also goes by the name, aglos, or Chinese evergreens. These are widely known due to the colour of the leaves. They often have red or silver, but they can also develop green-coloured leaves. For the Chinese, it means long life, which is where its name came from originally.The aglaonema likes moist soil, although you would need to wait for it to dry before you water it again. Do not ever let it sit in wet soil for too long as its roots may rot and kill the plant.
  • Cactus
They are known to thrive in the desert and can live on their own even without the occasional watering. They are great for people who forget things like these, although it prefers a stronger light source.It does need water from time-to-time, at least once a week. Make sure it is near a window, or at least where air circulates continuously.
  • Devil’s Ivy
Also known as Epipremnum aureum, it is an evergreen vine; its leaves are large and often heart-shaped. It grows well under different conditions in the office-based light intensity, from low to brighter ones.Similar to cacti, it does not need that much water, but it does depend on the season. For summer, make sure to water Devil’s Ivy once every five days. In the winter, you can wait up until ten days before watering the plant.
  • Philodendron
These have always been known as indoor plants for a long time. They can grow at a temperature of 65 to 680 Fahrenheit, and they can be used with a larger group of plants that can be placed strategically in the office.Just watch out for the leaves as it will indicate if you are watering it right. Yellow means you are overdoing it, and brown means it lacks water. When the philodendron leaves look wilted, it is time for watering.
  • Pothos
These plants have large green leaves, and may also have flowers. They thrive better as an indoor office plant. If indoors, water this plant within three to seven days, but in case you forget, it will not hurt if you water it more than once during that period.

Tips To Add Style to Your Space

  • Combine artful containers that are attention-grabbing along with plants that can be considered as a focal point.
  • Simplicity is key.
  • Include the ceiling in your decoration.
  • Partner your plants with art
  • Choose interesting or unique plants.

Final Tips to Help Choose the Right One

If you are planning to decorate the windowsill where there will surely be a lot of light, it will be good to get plants that are colourful and flowering.If your workplace does not have much light, go for plants with large and broad leaves. Spathes and pothos are some plants that can grow in that environment.Make sure to be aware of the caring instructions for the plants that you will be getting; this can tell you how often you should water them. If the plants need sunlight once in a while, make sure to go for potted plants so it can easily be transferred.

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