Inflatable Fishing Boat Maintenance Tips

We made so many things complicated in our life. But knowing the actual ways makes these complicated things easier than everything. Maintaining an inflatable fishing boat (Saturn Boat) is one of these. I’m happy to say that some tips make the maintaining process almost too simple.

There are lots of questions are there which need a perfect answer on the behalf of the inflatable fishing boat owner. Way to maintain, way to store, how to use to keep the boat better in condition, a way to protect, way to cleaning and many more relevant questions need to be answered if you want to maintain an inflatable fishing boat perfectly.  So let’s jump to the topic and pick the answer.

Some basic maintenance tips enlighten your knowledge to be a perfect person to deal with an inflatable fishing boat. Let’s have a glance at them.

Focus on the storage system

First thing first! So, perfect storage is the priority over here. Perhaps this one is the first step to maintain this boat. Before the storage, you will be happy when it becomes dry. Otherwise, there is a great chance of making the boat fabric weaken by forming of rot and mildew.

If it happens then you will discover some leaks in the fabric soon. So, store the boat when it dries completely. But let the confusion clear. You just don’t need to make the boat dry after every single use. The technique is to make the boat dry and the storage bag as well as perfects when you are going to stop using the boat for a long time.

Clean it perfectly

Without cleaning an inflatable boat, maintaining it becomes a disaster. It’s another crucial part to save your boat from destroying. After the uses, there are some bad particles you will notice. So, get the freshwater and rinse it perfectly to remove all these culprits from your boat. Before you dry the boat, you must do this simple thing to tackle some severe damage to the boat.

What about the cleaning product? Get the perfect one otherwise you’ll not able to clean the boat properly. As a result, the boat material can damage. In my opinion, mild dish soap will be better for cleaning inflatable fishing boat which costs higher than normal detergent. One thing you should keep in mind that, don’t need to clean the boat after each use. But don’t leave the boat dirty for a long time.

Repair damages

What do you do after noticing deep damage to the fabric of your boat? It’s a great way to put you in a difficult situation by escaping air. Over time this damage can turn into a bigger problem from a small one. As you are going to need to carry tools and accessories, especially fishing reels as they might have sharp edges and points that can get the boat damaged.

To be aware of fishing reels you can take help from fishing aware expert. So, you better choose fishing reels that can serve you in the best manner without causing any damage to the boat surface.  But in case it gets damaged, take the boat to the expert who can repair it in a better way.

Don’t hesitate about the cost of repair. When the damage is turned into a bigger one, then you may need to pay more than double. So, repair the damage immediately. It will save your boat and money as well.


Right air pressure

You heard right about it. Good and cool tip to keep the boat functional for a long time. The right pressure is everything when you are pumping air. Don’t burst the pipe with the overpressure you put into it. Don’t make a mistake. The best way to keep the air pressure right, follow the manual which comes with the boat.

You cannot tell exactly how much pressure your boat needs. It depends on the brand and model of the boat. Maybe your boat required different air pressure settings, which is not similar to the other boat floating in front of your eyes. The right air pressure also depends on the weather as well. Let some air out in the summer season. It will prevent your boat from over inflation.

Keep it cool

Heat is not a good thing for an inflatable fishing boat. You may know that temperate can expand the air pressure easily which can be dangerous for your boat, especially when you are middle of nowhere. This expanded pressure can affect the material easily. Some people leave their boats under the sun directly after the uses.

This childish attitude can decrease the lifespan of your boat dramatically. The suggestion is to keep the boat cool, place it under the shade if it possible in any circumstance. The UV rays can damage your boat overtime, even it comes with UV protection facilities. Remember boat fabric is everything to keep the boat alive in the water.

Final Words: After damage, buying a new inflatable fishing boat is not the ultimate solution, but maintaining the old one is the better option for every inflatable fishing boat lover. Proper maintenance is the ultimate weapon to protect your inflatable fishing boat from any kind of damages. I hope these tips I discussed earlier will help you a lot in such a case.

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