Inflatable Pontoon Boat Reviews for 2022

Probably you know that pontoon boats are in the middle of a straight-up unless you’ve been hiding under a full-blown dock renaissance. So, do you know what all the fuss is about? Thanks mainly to advances in pontoon new boatbuilding materials, tube design and lighter innovations in outdoor fabrics, besides more efficient outboard engines, these boats are not relatively slow anymore.

What a pontoon boat is the best place to start with. Generally speaking, it’s a kind of boat having a vast, flat deck which can be mounted atop more than one metal tubes which are called boats. Various Inflatable pontoon tubes are found in the market place.

Vessels having three pontoons are mostly known as “tri-toons.” These boats—or “tubes” for short—has a lot of reserve buoyancy allowing designers so that they can create massive deck plans which are fitted with all kinds of accommodations, such as stand-up bars, expansive lounge areas, and sun pads as well.

Better tube design has also allowed builders so that they can put on the stern ever-increasing amounts of horsepower. If you are looking for inflatable pontoon boats motorized then they are also available.

Today we are presenting inflatable boat reviews for you. Our today’s report will make it easier for you to find out the perfect inflatable pontoon boat. There are various available inflatable pontoon boat accessories in the market. So, without wasting any more time lets start our inflatable pontoon boat reviews.

Names of the inflatable pontoon boats:

  1. Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Transport Wheel & Motor Mount
  2. Portable inflatable fly fishing boat dinghy sports raft yacht frameless pontoon
  3. The Pitt Boss. 3 Boats-In-One. Trolling Boat, Row Bow, Pontoon Kick Boat
  4. Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat
  5. ONDATRA Inflatable PVC Fishing Pontoon Boat with Foldable Aluminum Frame & popular Accessories. Weight 27 lbs (12 kg)! Grey


Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat reviews

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Special Features of Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Transport Wheel & Motor Mount: This Colorado pontoon boat reviews will help you to know about following things:

  • You can mount the rod holder in three different positions on each oar stand.
  • You have options to fit the cleat and pulley controls on either left or right side of a boat; Anchor system with a fillable mesh bag
  • There are two detachable foam fly patches
  • There will be a front boat retention cord
  • Customizable storage will be provided by the removable side pockets, having 20 pockets and provided two insulated drink holders
  • There are removable side pockets can combine to create a portable gear bag
  • There is the presence of the transport wheel which allows you for easy access to your favorite fishing spot and stows up out of the way when fishing
  • Extra space is designed for wire rear storage and battery platform
  • For side or over-the-lap mounting, there is removable stripping basket
  • For trolling there is sturdy two position motor mount
  • Colorado inflatable pontoon boat with motor mount is a well-known in the market now.

Some of the Boat Specifications You Need to Know:

  1. This is a 9′ pontoon boat
  2. Its capacity is 400 lb
  3. River rating is Class 1
  4. Assembled size: The assembled size is 108″L 56″W 26″H.
  5. Weight: The weight is 68 lbs.

What Comfort Features You will Enjoy:

  1. There are three oar-lock positions
  2. You will be provided a padded fold-down plastic seat
  3. There is Seat and footrests adjust system for you to a wide variety of leg lengths

Important Safety Features:

  1. As per ABYC standards, there is Safety labeling
  2. For improved visibility, there is Rides high design
  3. There are non-slip footrests for you
  4. You will get a removable stripping basket


Construction Features Available:

  1. This is a heavy-duty pontoon having tough nylon tops and abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms
  2. This boat seems to be a powder-coated steel tube frame
  3. There are Bronze oar-locks for you
  4. There are also Rugged two-piece 7′ aluminum oars
  5. Bladders are cold and heat-resistant
  6. There is a combination of quick inflation/ deflation valves
  7. You will get 2 Year Warranty for this boat.

Portable inflatable fly fishing boat dinghy sports raft yacht frameless pontoon

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Short specification:

  1. Length & Width: The total Length x Width of this boat is :5.57’X3.38′ (170X103CM)
  2. Tube Diameter: The Tube Diameter is: 12”(30CM)
  3. Load Capacity: The total load capacity is 308 lbs. (140KG)
  4. PVC : This is a 0.9mm thickened PVC
  5. Warranty: You will get a whole 5 Years of warranty.

Description of the Product:

Weight: The total weight of this boat is 22 lbs. (10KG)

Aire Chambers: There are 3 AIREcell chambers of this boat

Material: The material used here is Urethane

Materials: This is a 0.9mm thickened PVC

Seam Construction: This seam construction is Welded

Valve: The valve is Summit II

The order contains this boat:

  1. Forward Bag: You will get a forward bag.
  2. Slide Bags: 2 pieces of slide bags will be provided.
  3. Portable Carry Bag: There will be a portable carry bag.
  4. Rule: To measure fishes one piece of Rule will be provided.
  5. Foot pump: 1 piece of foot pump will be provided with this boat.
  6. Repair Kit: A repair kit will be provided with the boat so that you can repair any temporary repairs.
  7. Oars: 2 pieces of Oars will be provided with the boat.

For destination anglers who are on the water for more than 30 days per year, this is the lightweight boat, and they want a compact design, simplicity and versatile features. There is no frame to be assembled, what you need is inflate and go. The rockered ends can smoothly take you on moving, or still water— big water —and the Integrated Gear System (IGS)lets you multiple options for your gear and seat positioning.


Overview of the Boat:

This is the combination of 3 Boats in one. This is not only a trolling Boat but also a Row Boat & Pontoon Kick Boat.

The pontoon kick boat is both  (45 lbs.), and the front enclosure is only (25 lbs.) that can be separated for your easy transport and storage.

This boat is built within front trolling motor mount.

If you want to mount the optional rowing kit/accessory rails, there are molded-in corrosion-free aluminum threaded inserts.

This boat is Non-Deflatable, seamless, with durable polyethylene having rotationally molded construction. On front and back, custom carry/pull handles are also available.

Tackle storage is available on the left, and right sides of the seat of each fit a standard 12″x6″ tackle box.

There is a rear storage compartment for the battery and cooler with gear etc. Right in front of the seatIn, the floor area battery placement is best.

There are 4 molded-in cup holders, having two huge enough for your can/bottle having an insulated koozie.

Dependable. Portable. Versatile:

To enjoy getting out on the water for rowing, photography, fishing, relaxation, hunting, water maintenance, etc. the Pitt Boss boat is a great way.  For your specific use, you can customize the Pitt Boss.  That’s why the design is kept simple.

With the trolling motor on the front, this boat is a very stable design; you can get into those hard to reach areas by this Pitt Boss that anything more substantial couldn’t do anyhow. You need to take your fishing tackle and a cooler and enjoy.  From our family to yours, thank you for visiting the inflatables master website!

With these two parts portable single person mini fishing boat, you can use troll row, or you can use flippers. For one person the Pitt Boss is designed so that he or she can quickly and easily access and comfortably float, fish, hunt ponds and strip pits, lakes, rivers, and streams. In design, the boat is two parts that are modular.

For fishing rivers, the principal seat module (essential Pitt Boss) can be used as a kick boat allowing your feet so that they can be in the water. This allows you so that you can move the ship around in shallow rivers as well as put the optional oars on there as well as you have a nice kick boat style fishing boat. Main Seat Module Specs are Length: 54″  with the Width of 40″  having the Height of 23″ and Weight of 45lbs Weight Capacity: The total weight capacity is 275lbs.

For a nice dry ride, the front trolling enclosure can be added or to add an easy so that it can reach the trolling motor. On the sides, there is an additional hole which allows one so that he or she can easily tie off stringers for the fish or rope for the docks.

It can also be used as spud holes so that you can spike down your boat on the edge of the shore when you want to hunt ducks on your desired holiday with your dearest ones and impress her. The trolling enclosure specs are Length of 33″ Wide of 40″ Height of 14″ and Weight of 25lbs.

T Slots and Oars are made optional for you. The t slots are installed tracks for you so that it can allow you for installation of many types of options including oars.

This is a Great little boat:

This boat is a nice and great little boat. You need to take it out to a small lake, and you can fish the coves and in the inlets. With a small trolling motor, it handles well, and for a little boat, this is highly stable. What you need is just at the bottom of the seat put the battery, in between your legs. You will find the side railings and oars work well. You have to watch on this well-built little boat is trolling the ship too fast going backward is nothing but the single thing. The back compartments that are placed behind the seat will fill up with water from water splashing up to you and into the boat as well. You can also go forward as fast as the ship can handle having no problems.

This boat works fine:

This boat is highly convenient and easy for you to handle, you can quickly put it into your van, you can use it in lakes/ponds /river ! this boat is convenient and efficient, this boat wins four stars for two main reasons: these are price can be lower! Besides the seat can be a little higher for you as the legs will stay stretched, if the place is little high it will be better so the knees can be easily flexed for more comfort. Otherwise, the boat is fancy/neat/nice however if you buy this boat you may enjoy a lot.

Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Inflatable Pontoon Boat Reviews

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Some Product Description you need to know:

The Roanoke Pontoon Boat by Classic Accessories is nimble reliable rugged, and rugged. This boat is very Light is weight and highly accessible to maneuver. This 8-foot boat includes aluminum oars, heavy-duty pontoons, temperature resistant bladders, oar locks, and steel tube frame that is a powder coated. Special features contain zippered armrest pockets, an under-seat stripping apron, molded plastic fold-down seat, a rear storage platform, and adjustable footrests. This boat is designed so that it can hold up to 350 lbs of weight. This boat has a rating of Class 1 river, and a one year warranty backs this boat.

Some Special Features:

  1. Mesh under-seat apron: Mesh under-seat apron.
  2. Zippered armrest pockets: You will get a zippered armrest pocket.
  3. A rear storage platform: a rear storage platform will also be available for you.
  4. Lightweight: This boat is very lightweight, so you will find it easy to maneuver.
  5. Durable seat: This boat is very much durable molded plastic fold-down seat.
  6. Footrests: Footrests available in the designing of this boat to adjust to a wide range of leg lengths.
  7. Improved visibility: For enhanced clarity, this boat rides high.
  8. Armrest storage: There is armrest storage that includes small mesh stuff pockets and also two large zippered pockets.
  9. Rear storage platform: There is a fabric rear storage platform available, mesh under-seat apron

Some of the Special Features:

  1. Armrest storage includes small mesh stuff pockets and two large zippered pockets
  2. There is a fabric rear storage platform
  3. There is a mesh under-seat apron
  4. This boat is easy to maneuver because of its lightweight
  5. You will get a durable plastic fold-down seat


Some of the safety features:

  1. There is a Safety labeling as per ABYC standards.
  2. For improved visibility, this boat rides high.
  3. Under the seat, there is stripping apron available with a fish ruler which allows you entry and exit without unclipping.
  4. There are Non-slip footrests for you.

Construction Features:

  1. This boat is a heavy-duty pontoon having tough nylon tops and abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms
  2. There are a heavy-duty oar-locks in the ship
  3. This steel tube frame is Powder-coated
  4. This boat is Rugged 6′ with two-piece aluminum oars
  5. This boat has heat-resistant and cold bladders.
  6. There is a combination of quick inflation/deflation valves so that you can quickly inflate or deflate your boat.

ONDATRA Inflatable PVC Fishing Pontoon Boat

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In the row of its existing foreign analogs, ONDATRA boat favorably stands out. It is highly compact so that without any tools it can be folded and unfolded in a few moves and into your car trunk it fits easily. The weight of ONDATRA boat is not more than 27 lbs (12 kg)!

original Collapsible Pontoon Boat includes 2 Bags for accessories having a Soft trunk and Solid shelf for heavy things along with the Soft seat. Besides Standing shelf, Motor Mount and Pump is also available.

Reasons for choosing:

  1. Because of the foldable design of this boat, you will feel comfortable.
  2. This boat takes up little space so that you need to worry for extra room for this boat.
  3. As the size of the bag-backpack is 34″x 24″ x 10″, this boat is very convenient so that you can store and transport this boat with ease.
  4. The frame of this boat is made from the Aluminum solid frame. This is a Tube Diameter of 1″. This boat Weighs not more than 32 lbs!
  5. There is a Possibility to install convenient rod holders for your comfort etc.
  6. This boat is easily manageable
  7. It’s straightforward to move forward, backward or spin around for you, so you need to worry anymore.
  8. There is an adjustable backrest for you.
  9. While on a fishing trip Your back is resting!
  10. This Pontoons 9′ boat is solidly made of modern PVC fabric
  11. And they are protected from rupture. this process is smooth so that you can replace if necessary
  12. The design lets you pull fish as close as possible.

Conclusion: So this was our today’s inflatable pontoon boat reviews. However, if you have any other questions, you are requested to let us know. If you want we will get you some fishing pontoon boat reviews as well. We assure you that we will try our level best to help you with the information regarding any inflatable pontoon boat reviews.

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