Best Inflatable Wedge Pillows for Travel Reviews in 2023

Choosing the best inflatable wedge pillow for travelling should be easier. Travelling has become quite popular nowadays. Who doesn't want to get rid of the monotony of day to day life? Who doesn't love to go on travels or expeditions to do so?

Apparently, everyone does.

But traveling might become tiresome if you fail to sleep while traveling for quite a long time. But you don’t want that, do you?

There is a lot of things that you can do to ensure a good nap, and one of those things is getting an excellent inflatable wedge pillow. It gets more critical when we are talking about patients, elders, and pregnant women. So, here is everything you need to know about wedge pillows.

Quick Comparison: Best Inflatable Wedge Pillows

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Top 5 Best Inflatable Wedge Pillow Reviews:

1. Lemon Hero Large Inflatable Bed Wedge Pillow

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Weighing 17oz, this portable and lightweight blow up triangle inflatable wedge pillow is great for great sleep, anti-snore, nighttime acid reflux and resting your feet.

It's so versatile that you can use it almost everywhere. Moreover, it has so many health benefits. It is 24" long, 24" wide and 8" high when inflated. You only need to push a button to deflate it.


  • Amazingly versatile
  • Great for pregnant women
  • Doesn't normally cause skidding


  • Construction material could be slightly better

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2. WEY&FLY Inflatable Wedge Pillow

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This inflatable wedge travel pillow from WEY&FLY is remarkably lightweight and portable. Its versatility gives it an edge over the other inflatable travel pillows around.

This can be used as foot pads as well as a back cushion. It also supports pregnant women to uphold their feet or knees. More importantly, it helps to minimize snoring to the lowest level. It's also great for those who suffer from nighttime acid reflux.

The dimension of this pillow is 23.6" x 22" x 7". One of its great features is its quick valve for inflation and deflation, which makes it remarkably easy to use. You need not worry about any leakage. It suits your body temperature and improves your sleep.


  • Versatile, comfortable and easily portable
  • Health benefits
  • No harmful chemicals or odor


  • Subject to cause skidding
  • The valve is to be taken care of to prevent damage

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3. Circa Air Inflatable Wedge Pillow

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It doesn't matter if you are looking for a travel pillow or a sleeping arrangement, Circa Air Inflatable Wedge Pillow offers you the versatility. It is lightweight and easy to move around.

Its extra width ensures your utmost comfort. Moreover, it suits your skin as it has a plush feeling. The folding material of this pillow isn't subject to damage, which is excellent for traveling.

It's not the same as the padded pillows as it completely inflates, making it compact while deflating. Finally, it's easy to inflate without any pump.


  • Shell resists puncture
  • Extra width supports the body amazingly
  • Moth inflated


  • Skidding may be caused by the materials

4. Sleepwell Extra Large Inflatable Bed Wedge Pillow

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This item weighs 2.56 pounds with the dimensions of 30"x31"x8.5"x30" when fully inflated. Its extra largeness allows you great comfort while sleeping. Moreover, its premium quality material makes it very durable.

This extra-large pillow is incredibly small when deflated. This makes it ideal for traveling. You can easily inflate it using your breath.


  • Extra-large when inflated, incredibly small when deflated
  • Comes with a great carry bag
  • Easy inflation


  • Skidding may be caused by the materials

5. ObboMed HR-7510 Inflatable Portable Bed Wedge Pillow

[amazon fields=”B01A0AR7PK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”ObboMed HR-7510 Inflatable Portable Bed Wedge Pillow”]

This inflatable travel wedge pillow comes with a velour surface for comfortable sleeping. Its dimension is 23"x22"x7.5" when inflated.

It's ideal for your relaxation as it helps keep your neck, back, knees at ease. It can easily be cleaned and washed. The touch feels so smooth and comfortable.


  • Latex-free
  • Plush surface ensures extra comfort
  • Versatile and portable


  • Skidding may be caused

Why You Need The Right Inflatable Pillow

The right pillow ensures the utmost comfort. You not only can save both space and weight but also can enhance your comfort if you have the right kind of inflatable travel pillow with you while traveling.

These kinds of pillows will be great for you if you are on an expedition or you want to go out camping. They are so convenient as their inflation and deflation are entirely in your control.

Types And Designs Of Wedge Pillows

These pillows are available in two types.

  • Inflatable
  • Non-inflatable

Although we are talking about inflatable pillows here, we think it is good to include some knowledge about non-inflatable pillows. They are of three types.

  • Miracle wedge pillows
  • Medslant wedge pillows
  • Posthera wedge pillows

Miracle wedge pillows are your regular 24x24 pillow. It is hypoallergenic and washable.

Medslant wedge pillows come in 32x24 inch size. They can be used individually and are generally made with 100 percent hypoallergenic polyurethane. You can use it to sleep on your sides and back. Finally, washing them is no big deal according to our experience.

Posthera is designed for people who are far more into sleeping comfortably. They come in three different sizes- large, medium, and small. Your torso will be elevated 30-40 degrees with this non-inflatable wedge pillow.

Benefits Of Having An Inflatable Wedge Pillow

An inflatable travel pillow will provide you with so many benefits. Before we walk you through the best-inflated wedge pillows you may buy, take a look at the benefits you will be getting from those.

Providing Comfort

The contradiction with traveling is: though traveling relieves us from monotony and stress, it itself is quite a stressful thing to do. You must take rest during your travels. But when you are on an expedition, it becomes quite hard to find a place to take a nap or enjoy a sound sleep.

If you want to create a comfortable surrounding manually, inflatable wedge pillows are there to help you out. They are made of soft materials and quite pleasant to sleep on. They prevent you from getting neck or shoulder pain as they make sure that the head and neck area in a harmonious position.

Serving Multiple Purposes

Inflatable wedge pillows may serve you multiple purposes more often than not. They can be used in various places and positions.

Apart from supporting your back, neck, and shoulders, you may also use them to help your legs. They can easily be used in tents, mattresses, couches, etc. They are so easy to be deflated and folded. It can be your best friend when you are away from your home.

Preventing Snoring

If you or your partner has a snoring issue, use an inflatable wedge pillow. It will keep your head and your upper body in a raised position so that you won't snore while you are sleeping.

Preventing Nighttime Acid Reflux

Heartburn is a familiar thing to travelers in which the contents of one's stomach crawl back to the esophagus. This condition is also known as acid reflux. It can be excruciating, so proper preventive manners must be taken.

Guess what?

Inflatable wedge pillows can help you prevent acid reflux.

They work in a simple yet effective way. Your body remains in a horizontal position while using a regular standard pillow. But inflatable wedge pillows usually lift your upper body relative to your torso. As a consequence, acid or any other content from your stomach wouldn't usually crawl back into your esophagus.

Inflating The Pillow

The inconvenience that users often have to encounter is air inflation. It is not a difficult job to inflate the wedge pillows, but things get confusing when it comes to the amount of air that should be pumped in the pad.

Users often make a mistake while inflating regarding the right amount. Inflating a hundred percent would not be a great idea. Well, for most people, it isn't. If inflated 100%, it gets quite rigid, and consequently, most people can't sleep on it. Most people don't like the idea of sleeping on a hard pillow.

Besides, the lower portion of the pillow gets a few centimeters high if you inflate it in such a manner. It causes discomfort for many people while sleeping. Experts recommend that the pillow should be inflated fifty to sixty percent. That way, the pillow remains comfortable.

Inflatable Travel Pillow Buying Guide

There are many types of inflatable travel pillows available. Read our complete guide about best inflatable neck pillow reviews in 2021.

So it's quite a confusing task to select one of them for your convenience and comfort. You have to keep some factors in mind before you are going to select your ideal pillow.

Here we will help you with a brief guide. Carefully skim through it and consider all the factors. Then match them with the best available pillows and find your ideal one in that process.

Following are the factors that you must keep in mind while buying a wedge travel pillow:


The inflatable wedge pillows that are highly dense are excellent, most often than not. Its sustainability is longer than usual, and it tends to have a cover that is washable by machines. The foam that comprises the pillow must not be squidgy because if it is so, it will have the tendency to be molding easily. You must also check the inflation-deflation valve meticulously.


An inflatable travel pillow is generally between seven to twelve inches. The size is entirely up to your convenience.

Constructing Materials

Constructing materials play a pivotal role in regard to the quality of the pillow. If you would like to get the maximum amount of support and comfort from your inflatable travel pillow, you must choose pillows made with highly durable material.

The materials which are quite familiar are TPU, PVC, and so on. These materials help the pillow prevent any kind of leakage while being inflated.

Convenience Of Inflation

Inflation of a pillow is not quite a big deal. But it can be tricky more often than not. Especially if you decide to buy a handy pad, its inflation is simple. If you want to avoid the extra load of a pump, you should opt for the pillows which are inflatable by mouth. There are also some pillows with a built-in manual pump to inflate the pillow rather easily.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Everyone would want to keep their travel pillows refreshing and in ideal condition. Taking proper care for maintenance and cleaning it on a regular basis is the ideal way to do so.

You will find many pillows with easily washable covers. They are optimal for keeping the pillows like new ones. Hence the constructing material of the pillow should be water-resistant. Moreover, you should avoid the materials that are subject to wrinkles if you want to prevent air leakage that results from the weak spots.

Bag Or Pouch For Pillow Carrying

If you want to manage your space masterfully, you will have to prioritize keeping the pillow organized. These pillows are small in size when deflated. But a carry bag should accompany the pillow.

There are usually two types of bags, one is a sewn bag, and the other is common carry pouches. There is also another type available nowadays. You can easily attach your pillow with your backpack with this type of bag.

Now here are some carefully picked and reviewed suggestions for your convenience if you don't want to toil for the extra bit of research you would have to do for choosing your ideal pillow.


If you follow this article and take our advice, you may find an extremely convenient and comfortable inflatable wedge pillow for your traveling.

In the process of reviewing the best inflatable wedge pillows, we have found out that all the pillows don't necessarily suit everyone. So, find the one that suits you best in this article.

Have a great journey. Also, enjoy sound sleep and refreshing naps with the inflatable wedge pillow you are going to buy. All the best.

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