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For boating and fishing if you and your family share a passion, for you the Intex Excursion 4 boat is perfect. This boat is the most dependable inflatable vessels around; it will surely be more than capable of servicing your boating correctly and fishing needs. Now for you intex excursion 4 motor is also available in the market. In intex excursion four review you will get to know everything. So be with us. You will also get the intex mariner 4 review here.

Constructed from sporting an I-Beam flooring and rugged vinyl, with all the whistles and bells you’d expect for fishing from a boat meant this boat comes packed.

There are various facilities is this intex excursion 4 modifications. A couple of inflatable seat cushions, fishing rod holders, oar holders and for mounting a motor even fittings so that on fishing and fishing alone you can focus– all this at a very much astonishing price.

To take your family and friend out on the lake do you want an affordable inflatable boat? Are you looking for some father and son bonding time fishing on the lake? If so, then it is to inform you that the Intex Excursion 4 might be the boat you’ve been looking for.

For several of your friends or a family, the Excursion 4 is a versatile boat, and this boat is big enough. When you do not need to use you can easily store this boat away in a small space, and another thing is that it’s lightweight. The intex excursion 4 motor mount is the latest version for you.

In this all-new Intex Excursion 4 review, we’ll go over the boat’s construction, best features, all the pros and cons along with what’s included, and more.

Why you should buy:

Durable construction: This boat is made from durable vinyl, to take on the wear this boat is ready and tear from the water and sun and on end serve you for years. The I-beam floor further enhances comfort and the rigidity of the ship. This is a 4 person boat. A user who tested the boat in rough beaches and rocky waters reported that without a scratch it survived.

Low cost: For the family which has just started with fishing and boating this boat is ideal, and you do not need to make the massive investment if you don’t like it. This is a 4 person inflatable boat with motor.

Made for fishing: With features such as rod and oar holders, motor fittings, and inflatable cushions, it seems that for those who go for fishing in groups the manufacturers have crafted this vessel.

Considerable weight carrying ability: Having a carrying capacity of 880 pounds, this vessel can easily sustain the pressure for four fishers and gear and catch you still have room.

Easy to deflate/inflate: There is the presence of Incorporates Boston valves so that you can easily and quickly collapse and raise the boat. It comes to you with its own high output hand pump that with an electric pump of your own if required you can replace.

Easy to carry around: The Intex Excursion 4 person boat weights 49.8 pounds (gear included). This boat is too easy to take my two adult kayakers. Moreover, the gear pouch it comes with allows it so that it can easily be transported in the trunk of your car.

intex excursion 4 review

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This is the assurance for you that this boat is worth its cost and should be considered by those who want to enjoy some casual boating in calmer waters. Maybe it costs low, but on quality, it doesn’t compromise where it matters most – making it highly perfect for those on a budget.

♥ Pros : 

intex excursion 4 review will inform you about these following information.

  • This boat is Super affordable
  • There is quick inflation and set up
  • There are many nice features
  • This boat is Portable
  • The ship is Lightweight
  • This boat is very easy to store
  • This is a good value for the boat
  • All necessary accessories are included with this boat
  • The price is very much affordable
  • This boat is easy to inflate
  • In small spaces, this boat can be stored

Ø Cons :

  • Warranty duration is only 30 days

The durability of this boat is not as excellent as many other more expensive boats. For fishers, small families, and college students who are looking for some weekend fun the Intex Excursion 4 is a great little boat. This boat is compact and versatile, besides this boat is ideal for fishing trips, camping trips, or weekend getaways with friends.

The Intex Excursion 4 is very sturdy and can be quickly set up and inflated by a single person, while this is an entry-level inflatable boat. Having backrests to make your experience comfortable the ship has four seats, and it also comes having two fishing rod holders with it, four welded oar locks and a rear storage pouch.

We recommend that you have the option of adding a small motor to the Excursion 4. To engine to your favorite fishing spots, it will be much more comfortable, and this makes the boat more enjoyable.

For this little boat lakes, rivers, dams, and estuaries are all ideal. Take the Excursion 4 on bird and animal spotting adventures, downriver cruises, picnics, and fishing.

Features intex excursion 4 inflatable boat:

intex excursion 4 review will inform you about these following information.

The all-new Intex Excursion 4 boat is made of puncture resistant PVC vinyl, heavy duty. Having two heavy gauge PVC outer layers laminated to an inner mesh layer of polyester this durable vinyl is three layers thick. This boat is not only durable and robust, it’s also comfortable with included backrests and the inflatable I-beam floor.

The Excursion 4 is around 124″ x 65″ and weighs 44 pounds when this boat is fully inflated. This inflatable boat can carry 880-pound maximum, and this is the  Coast Guard and NMMA certified. This is a complete boat for those who are looking for something a little bit more spacious must check out the larger Intex Excursion 5.

This boat contains three separate air chambers, having an auxiliary air chamber in the main hull for extra safety and buoyancy. A Boston valve on the two main hull chambers makes it easy and quick to deflate and inflate.

A grab line which goes all the way around the boat is excellent for additional convenience and safety. The ship also contains a grab handle on the bow that makes it very easy so that one can pull the boat in and out of the water.

Boat Design

It is the Intex Excursion 4 that has a maximum capacity of 4 people. For additional support and comfort, the two seats include backrests, and the seats nicely face one another. The inflatable I-beam floor is very much sturdy besides adding additional rigidity to the boat and increasing passenger comfort as well.

The welded oar locks won’t break under pressure because they are highly reliable. The two included oars are sturdy, and they are made of aluminum. The aluminum construction means that they are lightweight, but also rust proof. Each pole is approximately 54in (137cm) long.

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Features and Benefits:

intex excursion 4 review will inform you about these following information.


Out of heavy-duty, durable PVC vinyl which is puncture resistant the Intex Excursion 4 is nicely crafted. At three layers thick along with two coats of plastic as well as one layer of polyester, trying to break this thing apart you’d have a hard time.

For a variety of different boating trips this also makes it ideal, including nautical ones, this is the position where the conditions might become a little bit harder than usual. Some sturdiness to the boat has been added by the addition of the inflatable I-beam floor that makes it easier to enter, stand up, and exit of the ship.


On each end of the vessel, the boat includes two two-person inflatable seats which are comfortable considering they’re made out of the same vinyl material as the rest of the ship. We love to give you some lumbar support by the addition of the backrests. This can make a different world for you, especially if you’re out on the lake for some hours at a time.


The process of deflating or the inflating boat takes only 10 minutes; this means you don’t have to spend a ton of energy or time getting this thing out on the water. After all, there’s nothing which can ruin a day full of fun like hard labor. It contains a Boston valve that is located on the two main hull chambers so that it can expedite the process.

You’ll find a convenient grab handle, On the front of the boat. This makes it much easier so that it can pull in and out of the water than the line. That is being said that the grab line which is tethered around the boat is a highly convenient transportation feature as well an element of safety also add that.

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It comes having packed with some pretty cool features, for the simplicity of the Intex Excursion 4. If you’re eagerly looking to take this baby out for some good old fishing, the two fishing rod holders will make your trip much convenient than ever, as you’ll be surely able to cast enough lines than you have hands to do so.

Having a storage pouch so that it can hold your small accessories like your phone and wallet, and also has four welded oar locks to keep the included 54-inch aluminum oars locked to the boat the Intex Excursion 4 also comes complete, even when they aren’t in need. After all, no one wants to retrieve their only method of movement to dive out of the boat in the depths of the murky lake.


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In your boating experience, a trolling motor can make a world of difference. Inflatable boats need specific motor mounts, and the people at Intex realized that including the Excursion 4 Motor Mount and that is the reason why they have created a line of them.

The reason behind adding a trolling motor to your Intex Excursion 4 is to have a bit more control of your boat. You also have the ability so that you can navigate both saltwater and freshwater environments and You can easily adjust your speed. Sometimes some situations may be more dynamic than others, so having a motor like the one Intex made can surely be helpful in quickly adapting to either.

It is very quiet, and this is the best characteristic of the Intex motor. If you’re trying hard to take a fishing trip, having an engine which is noisy will drive the fish away from your boat.

Complete with the digital maximize control module, this easy-to-install motor, multiple speed control, and cooling water system, an adjustable handle will firmly take your Excursion to the next level, guaranteed.


We have brought every single detail in our Intex excursion 4 reviews. If you feel you need to know something more then feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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