Intex Hot Tub Review and Buying Guide 2019

Have you been bearing in mind about buying a new hot tub or in-ground spa for you or your whole family? They are pleasant to have and are a great adding to any patio deck or patio area. Hot tubs are a brilliant way to slow down after a tough day at work. But then again they also are fun to have when celebrating with family as well as friends.

For buying a full hot tub, you should consider the Intex hot tub since they offer some of the best hot tubs. So this article is an Intex hot tub review that will also cover essentials you need to know before making a final purchase.

Why Should You Buy One?

There are many causes to buy a spa comprising health, social and relaxation. Getting a hot tub by worthlessly visiting nearby dealers can be very time-consuming as well as not peaceful at all. Finding a suitable deal on the web can be done from the ease of your own home.

1) Anticipate for winter. The most excellent time to enjoy your hot tub is as soon as the weather is the poorest. A good bath can help dismiss snowed in cabin fever with slight outdoor healing. Do not keep yourself away from using that gorgeous tub during the winter months. A hot tub would let your family enjoy the outside all year long.

2) Rejoin with your loved ones. Is it tough to get your husband, wife, or children off the laptop or TV? Lure them away from the disruptions of the living room with an outside hot tub. If you’re looking for a private retreat without wandering farther than the veranda, a hot tub can be an essential way for the family to get together, rejoin, and chat about their day.

3) De-stress your mind. Hastening from destination to destination with no rest has to turn out to be the day-to-day way of life. We merely weren’t built for the volume of stress we at present endure. Giving ourselves time to de-stress has to turn out to be a very vital necessity that most of us overlook. Hydrotherapy lets your body to discharge tension, slacken stiff muscles, and have the blood flow more freely. Do you get tension pains? Operative hydrotherapy upsurges blood circulation, which can dismiss tension headaches that comes from stress.

4) Soothe agony from injuries besides arthritis. Hot tubs are fun and soothing, but they also have many important health welfares. Studies have given away that they can be accommodating in treating injured joints besides muscles and also have positive results on those who bear arthritis. There are even some studies that connect the use of a hot tub to helping influence diabetes. The resistance of the water eliminates 90 percent of your body’s heaviness. It makes you feel light.

5) Get a sound sleep. Sleep is one more necessity that we regularly overlook. Relaxing before you try to fall asleep is key to refining your chances of falling asleep beside staying asleep. Hydrotherapy helps comfort tension, helping you to calm down. Heat loosens muscle contraction and increases blood flow, helping to dismiss the pain and heartening your muscles to convert loose.

6) Hot tubs aren’t that costly. Hot tubs range in different price ranges depending on possibilities, massage power, maker, and energy efficiency. There are hot tubs that can work promptly into your wall.

Intex Inflatable Spa Portable Hot Tubes

Intex Hot Tub Reviews

There are a bunch of good things that makes Intex one of the most critical hot tube company offering lots of features for users and their rest experiences. Some essential criteria they offer are below.

Strong Construction

Hot tubs are principally cauldrons of hot, effervescent water. In the early days of spa expansion, these pots were made of wood and were typically round. Those of the seventies have a habit of leaking, and since the wood was porous, they were more problematic to keep bacteria-free and spotless.

The Intex uses modern units that are made of high-quality acrylic with several strengthening and backing resources to assure a dynamic structure that will merely contain the water with no leaking through the shell. Shell constituents do differ from one hot tub model to another hot tub model, so it is vital to differentiate between cheap ingredients and the stronger hot tub acrylic materials.

Multiple Size Options

You must be considering how many people would be using the tub. With Intex, you can choose from a hot tub series that concentrates in large-sized hot tubs decent for having friends over, and there are also those that focus in minor sized hot tubs perfect for some alone time. If it is only for the use of 1 or 2 persons, maximum people favor the indoors as the textbook location for the hot tub.

Great Portability

Portable tubs are also obtainable from Intex, and these are perfect if you need to enjoy it all year round. It has the extra benefit of being capable of moving around the house so you can have it no matter what climate it is. Portable hot tubs from Intex are also considerably more affordable than undying fixtures, as well as a lower preservation cost and service bills, as you will save on current and water when these are not functioning.

Easy Maintenance

Intex hot tubs are relatively easy to preserve. As soon as you do the chemicals, you’ll need to check your water levels one time a week and add further compounds if needed. If you are using the tub more than four times a week, then you’ll possibly want to drain and refill two times a year. Units that are usable at outdoors may need cleaning more regularly than indoor ones due to plants, twigs and simple blowing of dirt. It’s vital to keep it water free of fragments.

Extremely Reasonable

The cheapest hot tubs on the market are probably from Intex for as little as $319. These are usually inflatable hot tubs that are complete of a vinyl material, and in the circumstance when the vinyl is out of the air, they can get repairing with kits similar to what is necessary to fix a bicycle tire.

The benefit of these vinyl spas is that they are more transportable than their more active counterparts. They can be portable, effortlessly set up within an hour and plug right into a typical electrical outlet so that no electrical installation is usually not necessary. The drawbacks to these cheaper vinyl spas are that they typically do not have their heater, so they depend on the friction that comes from the pump to warm the water.

It can take over one day on a first warm-up, and the spa might not be able to hold the water warmth at the chosen level when the weather turns cold. The jetting is also frequently incomplete in these kinds of hot tubs. There is also no chairs in this type of hot tubs, as you often sit on the vinyl ground.

Let’s Watch a Video Review:

Top Pick – The Intex PureSpa 4Person Inflatable Bubble Jet Spa Portable Heated Hot Tub

Make your mind soothing in the cozy warm water of this brilliant design inflatable hot tub from Intex. The Intex PureSpa 4Person hot tub comes with all the features you need to have the perfect soak at home.


It only takes 20 minutes for you to set up with the effective pump that the package includes. Also, the deflation is easy and quick to make it ready for storage or carrying. You only need to touch one button, and the tub will be perfect to use for up to four people.

The controls are easily accessible and controllable without much confusion. The 120 power bubble jet makes sure the user enjoys a delicate massage effective to distress the whole day’s pressure. The Fiber-tech construction makes it a durable hot tub with complete comfort and stability. Also, the material avoids puncturing or cracking.

The complete package includes a heating system, water test strips, hard water system, tub units and almost every accessory you need to have to set up a perfect hot tub spa. And all of these comes at a very reasonable price. So the Intex PureSpa 4Person is great portable inflatable tub to have if you are on a tight budget.


  • The tub comes with better portability.
  • It includes cover straps.
  • The inflation hose works on point.
  • The tub makes refreshing massaging.
  • The hot tub is ideal for four-person use.
  • It is an inexpensive hot tub.


  • There’s no seat within.


You see, a hot tub can make your busy life sort out and diminish your stress. If you want to heal painful muscles, want a room to unwind after work, need to share quality time with family besides friends, or want the passive solitude for the curing of your own body as well as spirit all at once, get yourself a hot tub from Intex. We hope that you could find your demand-able information from Intex hot tub reviews.

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