Intex Inflatable Kayak Review In 2022

This Intex Inflatable Kayak review would explore one of the great product, the Explorer K2 from Intex. One of the excellent activity kayaking would make you spend some quality summer day on the water with your family and friends. Even if, these tools called kayaks are a costly thing to purchase and also they need a lot of space. That’s a lot of promise for some midsummer dabbling.

And the worst part is, not everybody has a garage these days. And so renting out an area would be good for something that you would be using in the midsummer if you live in an icier place just like me.

The point is; however, kayaking can give you loads of different health welfares. The inflatable kayak, for example, the Intex Explorer K2 It is the perfect family kayak to travel and sweep in for some hours. So let’s jump into our Intex Inflatable Kayak review for all the information you would need.

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In the Intex Inflatable Kayak review, we would at first give you a brief detail about the whole product. K2 is flawless for unintentional paddling in calm waters. For example ponds, coves and slow moving streams. It can effortlessly fit two grownups that are not more than two-hundred lbs. As well as a small kid or dog.

It is also a considerable kayak for teens to paddle for the reason that it’s of lively yellow color that makes a vision out from the lot else. This lets parents see their broods quite simply. The Explorer K2 would give you a tad of paddling aptitude as well as grips enhanced than various inflatable tranches. It is also included of astonishingly tough material that could take a few grazes from the lowest of the river.

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Intex Inflatable Kayak: Main Features

Sprightly shape – The K2 is built for maneuverability with a short and narrow hull.
Involved space – To store the basics for a day on the water the built-in cargo storing net give you space.
Movability & ease of storing –There no need of car racks for transport since the K2 doesn’t require any special gear like that. It’ll fit in the chest of your car and can be kept in a closet when not in use since it can pack down to about the sizes of a medium-size suitcase.
Detachable skeg – It helps keep you to move in a straight line and also the removable skeg gives enhanced tracking in the water.

intex inflatable kayak

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Functioning: Three Out Of Five

The form and dimension of a kayak’s hull have a remarkable influence on the system it does in the water. Stereotypically, with traditional hard-shell kayaks, inflatable kayaks aren’t capable of competing, regarding functioning.

The K2 does a respectable job, despite the fact. The K2 is on the narrow side with a width of thirty inches. Which means that it’s better competent to cut over the water and move earlier. And that is why, in our Intex Inflatable Kayak review, we would give the explorer k2 three out of five stars for performance.

It’s built for maneuverability, serving you to make quick turns on the water because of it’s shorter than the standard length of nine feet and narrowing bow and stern. It doesn’t follow a path as well in a straight line which is a downside to augmented maneuverability. The Explorer k2 almost certainly isn’t the best selection if you’re traveling long distances on the water because of its skeg that helps to moderate the side-to-side drive you get while paddling.

Stability: Four Out Of Five

The Explorer k2 has decent stability on the water like most inflatable kayaks. With the paddler positioning close to the water it has a pretty low profile. The K1’s confidence in the water is improved because of the lower center of gravity.

The only cause that it didn’t collect a 5/5 for stability in this Intex Inflatable Kayak review is its thinner than the average hull. Thus, makes it somewhat less steady associated with other inflatable kayaks. It’s conceivable to lower your seating place further by a little deflating the comprised inflatable seat if you also want to increase its stability.

Durability: Three Out Of Five

The Explorer k2 gets three out of five stars in our Intex Inflatable Kayak review for its extended lasting capability. It is constructed out of materials that are strong enough to make it last as any other expensive inflatable kayaks would. It’s amazingly very much durable.

It would be best to avoid hard impacts with sharp sticks and rocks just like any other kayaks. It’s moderately easy to patch-up if it does get stabbed which is one nice benefit of its construction. Polyethene hard-shell kayaks are quite problematic to repair if they do get pierced, not like most inflatable kayaks.

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Worth: Five Out Of Five

The outstanding value it offers you for its price is the point where the Explorer k2 shines. The K1 is going to be one of your most preferable options for getting out on the water if you’re ready to capitalize more than a few hundred dollars in a kayak that performs the best. Its price point makes it firm to compete regarding features which makes it the apparatus with the highest performance and the most durable option around.

What I Liked About It (Pros)

Even if I’ve already mentioned in the preceding paragraphs in our Intex Inflatable Kayak review about the delightful features of the Explore K2, I would still want to stress upon these once more and let you understand some of the best possessions that I respected about this product:-


I am quite awe-struck by the circumstance that I can use this as a solo-user or double-user scheme as and when I need. I can remove the extra seat when I use it in the single-user mode. And that way I get a load of space to store my essentials and also stretch my legs.


You would always imagine if your investment would deliver your returns as soon as you invest your hard-earned money in some goods. I was about to invest around hundred dollars in this kayak from Intex Recreation and I was too thinking the same thing. However, this kayak came with some outstanding and durable features and so I am thoroughly happy with my purchase decision.


These are capable of being removable or adjustable.
Perforation resistant – Also this excellent product is UV-damage resilient, rough vinyl.

I-beam floors

Thanks to the Boston Valves these too could be inflated with comfort.
Outstanding control – This kayak delivers excellent control to the user and this is probably one of the best things that I loved about it. You will joy taking a ride in it as long as you know to paddle the kayak well. This kayak gives you great control over your vehicle since it doesn’t skid or drift off.


It is one of the finest portable kayaks available in the market today since I can easily collapse this in the trunk of my car or my closet as well. I could assemble and dismantle it within 20 minutes and no need for a roof rack which is another bright side of this kayak.


This kayak is safe and one of the best for novices who are trying to pick up to paddle.

List Intex Inflatable Kayak review

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What I Don’t Like About It (Cons):-

Now in our Intex Inflatable Kayak review, let’s put some time to discuss several of the features that I think the company should mull over again.
It should have been longer than just nine feet.
Sometimes the paddles of the kayak are found broken too early.
There are reports that customer care isn’t fast and helpful enough.

Let’s Watch the video Review


We’ve reached the ending of our Intex Inflatable Kayak review. The K2 doesn’t have much storage for loading extra gear since it is nine feet long. This kayak may not be for you if you are in the two-hundred pounds range. Intex proportions its capability at two-twenty-hundred pounds. You can stow a small quantity of spare gear rear to the seat or in the bungee storing area in front if you are under two-hundred pounds.

Yes, some of the customers have pointed out difficulties with the paddles. Particular even found that they are too tiny. While there are a few, who have testified that they have wrecked after just a few uses.

But most of the buyers are pleased with the products and have reported nothing at all. Your experience would mainly rest on your scope and the method you use the kayak. Paddles could be quite costly, running from a hundred dollars. However, they are readily available.

In short, if you are someone who is interested in touring on unwell water kayaking than the explorer K2 is surely for you. It’s a well-build kayak, proper for the novice or the expert. It would please the people who just want to calm down on the water. At this price range, this piece of equipment is finely featured with lavishing creativity and design to get you the most enjoyable way to the lake or river.

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