How to Keep an Above-Ground Pool Cool in the Summer

Do you know! How to Keep an Above Ground Pool Cool in the Summer? Every year the summers get hotter and the heat waves keep us awake on long and restless nights. With global warming no longer an issue just on the news but more prevalent in its presence, our pools aren’t getting any cooler either.

The last thing you’d want is your pool turning into a body of molten lava in your backyard. And if you happen to own an above-ground pool, you do have a cause for genuine concern every summer. With in-ground pools, because they’re built-in, they don’t heat up as much. However, with above-ground pools, their exposed edges leave the body of water prey to the hot air and high temperatures.

Ways of Above-Ground Pool Cool in the Summer

So as summer approaches, let’s get proactive and vigilant about how we can turn our backyard pools into cool retreats.

How to keep an above-ground pool cool in the summer

Waterfalls, Fountains, Aerators, what have we?

This is perhaps one of the most innovative ways to get the job done. You not only get to cool down the heat of the pool but also make it appealing. Kill two birds with one stone and get a waterfall, or a lovely little fountain, and even an aerator, whatever you please. When you’re sitting by the pool relaxing in the calm and quiet, the sound of the waterfall pouring will just add to the experience while also cooling down the temperatures.

Radical Refill!

Why even bother thinking about extra steps when you can just unleash the pragmatist in you? Friends coming over later in the day and your pool is scorching hot? Just drain about half or more of the water in your pool and refill it with fresh and cold water. The cold half will drastically pull down the temperature of the pool and very quickly as well. Just make sure you bring back the equilibrium of the pool water by adding necessary pool chemicals. Yes, the method is leaning toward ‘extreme,’ but you need desperate measures for desperate times, and this is definitely one.

Keep The Sun Out of Sight!

Next up on our list is yet another practical option, and this one comes with added benefits too. Many houses come with shades over the pool to avoid flying debris in areas prone to hurricanes and tornadoes while also keeping the sun away.

A pool shaded from the direct sunlight protects the water from UV exposure and saves you money on chemicals by keeping chlorine loss at a minimum. While landscaping is a time-consuming process, consider canopying to prevent direct exposure to the sunlight and you’re good to go.

Nighttime is the Right Time to Filter

The nighttime is your pool’s best friend in the summer. It is cooler and the smart time to do things easily. One of the most economical options is to use the pool filtration at night. It is convenient and just out of your way when on one’s using the pool. The air is cooler and acts as a natural evaporative cooler for the water.

However, the temperature drop won’t be as substantive as it would with a pool cooler and everything would still depend on the general temperature at night. But keep the water running and you’re better off during the day.

Just Buy An Evaporative Chiller!

You could do the pool filter thing at night, or you might as well invest in an evaporative cooler and be done with it once and for all. And if you live in hotter climates, it already becomes a reasonable necessity for you. Cheaper than heat pumps, they function through evaporation, and you get cooler water quickly.

Be proactive and get more benefits by using the chiller at night as the temperature is cooler then. Moreover, it will save you money on chemicals as hot water burns through chemicals significantly quicker than cooler water.

Last Practical Option: White Covers

A white pool cover goes a long way. We use white covers for our cars in the sun, so why not one for the pool? It also keeps the air debris out of the way, and the pool is clean as before. Cover your pool during the day when unused and remove it at night when it’s cooler.

Let’s Get Advanced: Reversible Heat Pumps

Saved the best for the last because a reversible heat pump will bring your temperature concerns to a minimum and give you a literal remote control! They are used to heat the pool but can quickly become the solution to cool down the heat. This is why they are called ‘reversible’ heat pumps. All you need to do is just flip the switch. The water will run through the pump and come out cooled down instead of hot.

But as you might’ve expected, a reversible heat pump is expensive and have maintenance costs. However, owning a pool is costly too and if you live in climates that get very hot in the summer and cold as ice in the winter, this is one for the long run.

Here’s to your summer retreat!

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It looks like our summers aren’t getting any cooler but much the opposite. Therefore investing in these tips will give you fruitful results and keep your pool cool.  But you can look forward to saving precious bucks on chemicals and maintenance that will turn your backyard into a proper summer’s retreat for the BBQ parties, the Sunday dinners, and cooler times.

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